Good morning all you lovely people,

Well today is April fools day, what I can say is none of you are fools, as you are all non-smokers. or at least potential non- smokers. So when you get a craving or urge to go and get a cigarette think to yourself I am not an April fool. I can beat this.

Its Mr Nic that's the fool. :(

Whatever your plans are, stay positive and enjoy. xxxx :)

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  • Good morning everyone.

    Happy April Fool's Day to you all and who can forget the one with the spaghetti tree?


    I don't think we're the April fools though cos we've "seen the light" and done something about it.

    Have a good day.

  • Hi Jilly, it happened again! :o Funny how the post takes ages to show on the home page sometimes so I deleted mine today. :)

    Today the weather seems worse than ever! :( I got up early to go for a walk round the Head. Yesterday there was such a nice sunrise at 6.30 but I went back to bed. No sun today and the wind cutting through you like a knife - colder than ever. :o So glad I went back to my warmest winter coat with a furry hood to keep my ears warm. Lots of bird watchers there then the dog walkers appear. Nice to get back to the warm and have my brekkie. :)

  • Hi Andi, I will let you open up tomorrow, I am up and away by 7.30am. Going to the hospital with my daughter , for her scan. have a super warm day. :) xx

  • Good morning Jilly, Andi and peeps yet to appear!

    Am feeling lots brighter today, but appetite is still 'missing'! Have sprung in to action and cleaned the kitchen, done a couple of loads of washing in, tumble dryer being used, tis still too chilly to 'peg it out'! Next is the living room...then the bathroom and that'll be it methinks. I can't remember the last time I did so little!

    Hope everyone has a great smoke-free day....Ooooh tis mi 7 month anniversary! Woo Hoo, that deserves a few twirls in mi computer chair!


  • Morning Jan and congratulations on getting to 7 whole months! :)


    I gave up hanging out washing in the winter years ago - hate that being freezing cold with your hands nearly dropping off! :o Don't know how you can do all that housework after being so poorly. :o Just enjoy a duvet day in front of the tv. :) :D

  • Ha Andi- how did you manage to find a pic of me in my computer chair!

    Re pegging out washing it has to be warm and sunny for me to peg it out and I don't care if I'm not being eco-friendly using the dryer! I know what you mean re freezing hands! My neighbour pegs out all the time, she even has frozen washing! Can't see the point of pegging it out if it aint going to dry, plus I can't do with washing strewn all over the house on radiators. We all have our pet hates.

    Re the housework, I can't do with it when it's a bit untidy, plus I need to motivate today, might help my appetite!

    Right I must make a move and get that living room dusted and vacced and the sofas plumped!


  • Hi Chickles, Glad you feel a bit better. You are just like my daughter she has been busy cleaning her kitchen etc. Although I think she is in a bad mood with her ex partner. Long story. :(

    7 months is brill you deserve an award for that. :)


  • Hey Jilly,

    I must admit I do find cleaning very therapeutic! Ooops re being in a mood with her ex- tis easy done! My ex hubby has improved over the years but he still could do better! He lives in Scotland and my daughter is lucky if she sees him twice a year, plus he has a wife and 2 more children now. He still thinks my daughter is under 10, even though she'll be 18 at the end of April!

    A very big thank you for my award!

    I hope that your daughter's scan goes well! Remember to wrap up warm!


  • Good morning everyone, i love your pic this morning Jillygirl, love that Mr.nic is the fool :)

    The weather is freezing cold here as well Andi, unlike you i stuck one foot out the bed and promptly put it back in again :D don't know how you managed a walk :)

    Well done on reaching 7 months Jan, your a star :) i'm glad your feeling a little bit better but how are you managing to do all that housework :o :D :)

    Have a great day everyone :) xx

  • Hi Sue, hope you are ok love, You stay nice and warm. not much to do outside in this weather. have a lovely day. xxxx :) :)

  • Yoo Hoo Sue,

    I hope that you're having a good duvet day!

    Oooh I'm a star! Why thank you kind lady!

    If I was on proper top form, the house would be cleaned from top to bottom, all the ironing would be done and I'd be cooking a lovely dinner.

    I have just been to check the neighbour's house again. They're way and their alam went off the other night, in the early hours. I went out and checked the house, but I didn't check the back of the house (it was dark and my personal safety came first lol). Long gone are my daft days when I'd have been there like a shot! I did 30 years in the police force, a majority of my time was spent as a Detective! I 'retired' nearly 5 years ago, but after 6 months I had exhausted my projects and just had to work! I could have stayed on, but after my serious illness, they had me wrapped up in cotton wool, even though I was well on the mend!

    Oops, soz for rambling, meanwhile back at the neighbour's, I rang the police, who arrived within minutes of my call (rather impressive for a small town), the house was okay, phew! Just checked it again though because the light is still flashing and there might be some opportunist burglars out and about! It's still okay!

    Snow, rain and very, very cold weather are excellent 'natural' methods of crime prevention!

    Here's hoping that we have a bit of good weather soon, I'm itching to get out in the garden! I don't like it too hot though, there's no pleasing me sometimes :)


  • Hi everyone,

    Although I haven't had the tv on or been paying any attention to the radio in the background, I haven't heard an April fool yet.

    My daughter at 14 (next week) has finally forgotten for the first year ever.


  • Hi J, I haven't heard any April Fools either, mind you my son still has to come in :D :D it's not like your daughters age group to forget, bet your glad :)

    have a great day :) xx

  • Hi jpars, You`ve been fortunate not getting .fooled, with a 14yr old. Like you say not heard any on the radio yet.

    have a lovely day. xxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • Hi Jillygirl and Sue52,

    Thanks for your best wishes, hope you both have a lovely Easter Monday too.

    I bet I get a double/enormous fool next year!!! :) xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi everyone. You know that we are officially in summertime...lol. It could be worse. Anyway, well done to everyone on their various journeys and enjoy the rest of the day.


  • Hi sally, summertime! I think the weather is the april fool. don't you. its only 4 degrees outside where I live. Ooh the sun has just made a brief appearance might be 4 1/2 dg now. :D

    Enjoy your day. xx

  • Hi Sally, I hope we get summer this year or i'm going to a warmer country lol, hope you have a great day :) xx

  • It's quite warm in Cyprus at the moment. ;-) :) :D :D

  • Lol..Jilly. I reckon you are right. Me too Sue. We definitely deserve it. You both enjoy your day too.


  • Hi Jillygirl,

    I hope everything goes well for your daughter tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you both :)

    Love and hugs to you both :) xx

  • Just been over the shopping centre, they're all flocking there now - only thing is that it's not even indoors! :o Everyone's looking so fed up, cold and dreary then you spot the odd weirdo in shorts or tshirt with bare arms. :o Are they bonkers or what? :D :D

  • Yep, definitely bonkers :o :D :D

  • There bonkers Andi, but they cheer up my day when i see them :D :D :D

  • Afternoon everybody :) I hope your all well :)

    Jan !! a big well done to you gal for getting to 7 months quit :) :) and am so glad your feeling better :)


  • Gosh another award, I am doing well! Thank you so much Pete! I couldn't have done it without everyone on here!

    I've finished doing my jobs for the day, I'm shattered now! Am having a mushroom and spinach bake with a bit of salad, hopefully I'll eat it all!

    Tis far too cold for shorts, but there are some people who wear them all year round! I don't like being cold! Am here in mi fleecey jim jams and fur lined slippers. Am warm as toast!

    Am going to watch Jonathan Creek tonight, I rather like that! Am looking forward to Wednesday as well, Scott and Bailey, tis quite realistic for a police drama, plus I like the characters!

    I was meant to be going out Friday night, but have cancelled it. I want to get myself right, with early nights!

    Hope veryone is having a good afternoon!


  • Jiilygirl, love the pic gal :D :D

    I hope everything goes well for your Daughter ( Sarah ) tomorrow :) :)

  • Hi Pete, thank you for caring about Sarah. It will be a couple of weeks before she finds out what`s going on.

    Anyway how dare you get flu, that's not like you pete. I thought alcohol kept it at bay. :D

    Sorry been missing you on an evening, but I am getting worse for nodding off.

    Enjoy the rest of your day. xxxxxxx :) :) :)

  • Hi Chickles,

    My uncle was a detective as well, he retired about 30 years ago though, quite right not to go round the back of the house, you never know who might have been there, me i would have been to scared to check the front :o :D :D

    Hope you enjoy a nice relaxing day now, you've done enough work :) xx

  • John don't disguise youself as a panther whatever you do. :D


  • :D :D :D :D

  • Hello everyone. I used to be a visitor here for a while last year, but lapsed back into smoking - the odd one or two to begin with and by now am back to 20 - 30 a day. I really want to kick the habit once and for all - and today I plan to have my last cigarette and have a bloody good go at getting smoke free again.

  • Hi ya Finley, a massive welcome back to this lovely quit site :) :)

    I'm sorry you have had a relapse, but these things happen gal :o I too have had a few since you were here last, erm am Pete by the way :o

    Like you say, just 1, but 1 turns to 2, and before you know it, you are a full blown smoker again :( You've obviously thought about your quit date, and hopefully got it well and truly embedded in your mind for tomorrow :) Good luck Finley :)

    Are you using any NRT to help you this time ??

  • Hiya. Thanks for the good luck JohnUK

    Pete - lovely to see you again - would do a smiley but have forgotten how! I chose 01 April as my last fag day because it's the first day of a new month and even though I'm not at all religious, there's something about new beginnings around easter so I thought that was a good time to have a go. Am a bit confused mind you because I chatted to an online NHS counsellor earlier today who suggested I didn't quit now but wait until I've been back to the clinic and talked to the counsellor there. Hmmm. Well, I still haven't bought any fags but have two left so reckon the best plan for me is to finish them, have a bath and an early night. I sooooo want to make it properly and finally this time. Am saving to go to Tunisia in early July and just thinking about the lovely spending cash I could have in my smoking jar is quite an incentive! Catch up soon xx

  • Thanks John. I think I will do that because I've been 'psyching myself up' for the last couple of days to make today my last ciggie and I'm worried that if I put it off, I'll then not end up at the clinic and will just carry on smoking.

  • Evening everyone hope you are all having a smokefree day and not suffering too much. Chickles my hubby did 30 years as well in the Derbyzhire force.

    Jillygirl wish your daughter all the best from me

    Sue 52 hope you are still on the mend

    Pete like all the pictures

    Johnuk glad Amor and Vida ok

    Buttons where are you

    Finlay welcome to the site

    Had 8 adults and 7 children on Saturday for dinner and daughter who lives in Burton on Trent several miles away decided to stop with 3 grandchildren until yesterday so still recovering!

    Everyone have a good evening suecx

  • sorry nodding again so nite nite all. luvs ya. xxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Jilly, hope everything goes well for Sarah tomorrow.

    Sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxxxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, missed you again, hmmm will have to train to be quicker, so I can catch you :) :) You enjoy your nod Jillygirl, and build yourself up, so that your fighting fit again :) sweet dreams gal, and luvs ya xxxxxxx :)

  • Finley, welcome back and good luck with your quit this time. You've had some practice so it should be much better this time. Looking forward to seeing you here over the next few weeks and beyond. Andi :)

  • Nite nite Andi, you take care now gal :) and have some lovely dreams in nod land :) luvs ya too gal xxxxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Pete, sleep well, You going to work in the morning? You should have some time off sick or flexi-time.

    Sweet dreams. :) xxx

  • Yep, am working tomorrow, dosnt seem 5 minutes since I clocked out :o :(

    You have a good day gal :) :) you enjoy :) :)

    PS, sorry I snogged you goodnight, I forgot :o erm you will just have to wipe them off so you dont catch the lurgie off me :o :( :D :D

  • Thanks Andi xx

  • Nite nite Finley, and all all all the best for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you gal, quit day 1 of many :) :)

    Take care now Finley and sleep well xxx :)

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