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Just to let you know nic that before I kick you off my shoulder, yet again, I know you are responsible for me having to come home from work at dinnertime today. Not because I had that cig yesterday which was my own fault for listening to you in the first place nor is it because I have had a further cigarette, which I have NOT as you are well aware, but because that one fatal cig caused me so much heartache coupled with not sleeping at all well last night that the stress caused an attack of my illness meaning that I had no choice as I couldn’t stand up let alone do any work. So, just so everyone knows what sort of a ‘pal’ / ‘friend’ you are thought this blog would help them to see you for what you actually are – a devil disguised as a personal friend! So, as I have been doing all day, which I have to say is not just tedious but boring as well and because you are nothing if not bl***y persistent, take that (biff) and that (bang) and this (almighty shove), and good I see that you have not had a great landing - ahhhh, that's a shame one of your horns is bent - diddums - and yes, I know exactly how far it is from my shoulder to the floor and no I don’t care if you report me to the SACLD (Society Against Cruelty to Little Devils) because I shall tell them in no uncertain terms just exactly where both they and you can go and the sooner the better! And just so you know, with friends like you I certainly do not need enemies and please don’t bother coming back as you’re definitely not wanted anymore!


Urban dictionary definition: (a) Used to show you have no sympathy towards someone and (b) can be used to the same affect as ‘so there’ (hence the smileys above – not put on the heading as I don't know if they would work). Does anyone know if they work in the headings, please?

Oracle consulting definition: Obscure insult which evidently is an offensive English slang phrase.

Day 1. Well, not quite a replay of the first 24 hours in March – definitely not as easy as the first time but got there so never mind. At least I’ve got through the day with my hair still attached to my head, no bumps or bruises that can actually be seen but I do have a few on my left shoulder from that there little black devil who kept stamping his feet when I wouldn’t take notice of him. Plus the little swine, before he climbed back up (persistent chap he is) from being thrown off, I’m certain sure he went and put hobnail boots on specially and on purpose ‘cos they sure do hurt! Having an attack does have it’s compensations as I felt that c**p I didn’t want to smoke so am now looking to Day 2 and ready to throw him off again tomorrow as and when necessary and to hell with the consequences, if he reports me then he reports me. Whinging, moaning little s*d, sorry that should be devil – I am not going to let him get to me – not now and not ever! Busy day at work for me as not only have I to catch up with Monday and Tuesday's jobs with being off but also got to do what didn't get done today! Keep my mind and hands busy which is always a good thing.

Oh, by the way, nearly forgot to say that although I haven’t been away that long one of our number posted this – wouldn't I miss you even if only a little – well, think it's a question so to answer it I would say YES I would miss you all but no not by just a little but AN AWFUL HELLUVA LOT and it’s only just been over 24 hours so just think how long this would have been if I had been away longer (but I do have a blog in work-in-progress for you lucky, lucky people who are and always will be my special friends!).

Have a great evening everyone and whatever you do, take care,

Kath (Butts)

Hug and x for each

PS Pic taken last week when it was nice weather - cold, grey and 'orrible today just like that little black devil's mood but it serves him right - pain in the b*m that he is!

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A big big welcome back Kath :) :) we are allways here for you if you need us :) :)

Ps love the pic gal.


Thanks Pete Nice to be back and ready to fight the foe! Pic shows a dawn breaking near where I live - so hey what do you know - new dawn, new day, new me.

Kettle on, cake and biccies and pies and rolls all set out and there's cannies for them that prefer! Although a little birdie tells me that you are getting rather too fond of these here cannies or is that just a nasty rumour? My understanding is that you're trying to grow you own in your greenhouse to save having to buy them - true or false? Honest answer please!




Kath you little warrior. Congrats on day one and remaining unscalped. Take a day at a time and although work is a drag it can help in keeping you busy and occupied. Looking forward to the next "Butts Blog". Stay strong sweetheart you ARE doing it. :-)

Sue xx


Thank you. As I'm a proper warrior then does that mean I can use weapons, please, please say I can use weapons cos my other half has a lovely lump hammer so that when you-know-who is on the ground I can make him feel like a golfer's tee! Oh, I feel better about tomorrow already and it will save my knuckles from getting sore again!!!

Promise not to keep you waiting too long for the next BB!

Will let you know how the day goes - if it's as good as today then that's all I ask for as I've coped today and come out the other side.




Hey Kath on this occassion I will agree with advocating violence to the little blighter, please give him 6 of the best for me too :-) If he does try and persist then you could also set your hounds on him :D :D :D

Sue xx


Hi Mad

Like the pic - definitely the devil but I'm sorry just not my type any more thank goodness.

He's bigger than I thought actually, so probably a good job that one that keeps climbing on my shoulder is a miniature version!




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