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day 4 using patches :)

hi all, im on day 4 and using patches. just on hear to read everyone elses success stories, i think thats what keeps me going. ive been a smoker since i was 18, im now 31 and smoked 10 a day, im also saving my 4pound a day with someone else so i cant spend it :) and hope to have an amazing christmas or even book a holiday with my savings. i have decided to quit as i just dont enjoy it anymore, i hate the smell, i cant afford it and also for my two little boys xxx

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Hi Di, Big well done on reaching day 4 and deciding to quit. Best decision you can make. Lovely to have you on site and please join in our lovely community. Need any help just shout. :) :)


Hi Di1982, welcome to our online stop smoking community, Quit Support :-)

The patches are a great product and provided you use them properly, then there's no reason why using them won't lead you to a safer and healthier lifestyle :-)

Having your two young boys as motivation is brilliant and I'm sure that the money saved will buy you something nice. Especially knowing the amount you can save!

Based on putting away £4 per day, you will probably be saving around;

£4.00 per day :-)

£28.00 per week :-)

£121 per month :-)

£727 in 6 months :-)

£1,456 in 12 months :-)

£7,280 in 5 years :-)

£14,560 in 10 years :-)


You'll also be doing the best for your health which is priceless :-)

If you can confirm with me your quit date and I'll add you onto our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner

As JillyGirl says, if there's anything that we can help you with - just give us a shout.

Stay positive and you'll do great :-)


hi, i stopped on the 3rd jan at 6pm :-)


All updated now :-)


Well done to you, keep going you will get there with help from this site and the incredible people on it, keeps me going x


Well done DI, you're doing great


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