bad day today

I cant take these friggin headaches!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRR my day to vent I guess. Sweating like a bitch after paying 20 bucks for Estrogen cause Im still MENOPAUSING for f---cking years, men shld get something its not fair. I need sleep forgive my outburst, Im going to my bed with my dog and tv and pout my ass off. Cant wait to not fall asleep. I need a baseball bat to knock me TFO please. How I long to be one of those who get to sleep all the time. God I wish

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  • You can vent any day you want :) :) if it keeps you from lighting up :) :)

    Quitting smoking is hard enough without having to cope with other health issues :) :)

    You truly are doing brilliantly :) :) - Have you had your blood pressure checked as this often causes headaches too..just a thought :) :)

  • yes I did have it checked and its normal, I am still in menopause which was a shock it too seems to never end and the Premarin (Estrogen) takes a week to see if it helps so HI HO HI HO its off to sweat I GO LMAO I dont feel brilliant and hearing that 3 months will not be the end for me really sucks and I honestly dont know if I can take this pain and no sleep for another 3 months. I dont think so. Now Im trying accupressure. I will try anything. Hit me witha bat knock me TFO plse

  • Hiya Debbie, as Lin says it does help to write it down in a post and it stops you lighting up. At the moment I'm sure it feels like wading through treacle but it won't always feel like this. Remind yourself how well you're doing and be gentle with yourself. Give your body time to heal and it will. You're doing brilliant so hang in there💐😊

  • I so want relief, I cry because of pain and no sleep. Its not healthy to be like this. F-k smoking never hurt like this and now tell me 4-5 months not 3. I dont know if my body will physically take more time. Ive tried the self talk but the nagging pain in my head says give in no more pain whether that be true or not I dont know. My poor body has been thru so much I think its really pissed at me for depriving it of narcotics and nicotine. I did check and the narcotics would be well out of body by this time.

    I remember I had withdrawl fro Seroquel an antidepressant I took for yrs to sleep and I stopped it cold turkey never thinking I was addicted. I was so sick throwing up, fever, pain. I had never experienced withdrawl so I thought I had the flu until a friend asked did I stop anything and instead of taking the full dose back again I cut it down in half and as soon as I took the pill I was fine like a miracle, so Im thinking if I put back just a little nicotine maybe the symptoms might stop and give my body a break. I dont know Im all confused and getting to my wits end

  • Aw Debbie, things are very difficult for ya right now and this is my suggestion for you. Although you've been without nicotine for 10 weeks and it really is out of your system at this stage but if you feel a small dose of it would help your suffering, then perhaps get a nicotine lozenger to suck on in a very low dose or even a low dose nicotine gum to chew and see if that helps you. It's only a suggestion but it might help you. You're doing really well and obviously I'd suggest hanging in there a bit longer but the option is there for ya. Hope your day is less painful hun💐 Take care💜

  • I can hang in for 12 weeks but not 4-6 months that would kill me. My friend mentioned e-cigs never tried them but she said it helped with the headaches cause she too gets them. Madame and are r in the same boat only she sleeps I dont.

    When I first told 12 weeks that was my goal to get there and I can, but when I heard 4-6 months thats a different story altogether. If the nic is out of my system why am still in withdrawl. What am I withdrawling from I dont understand and quickly reaching my breaking point.

  • It's great you and Madame are helping one another to get through all this and you will get through it hun😊

    One day at a time and there is sometimes no answer to why you are suffering so much but all I can say is, hang in there as this will pass💐 Be very proud of yourself coz you're doing really well👍🏼

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