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Good morning , Tuesday people. or should I say choose day people.

Choose what you have planned for today.

Choose not to smoke. Choose a day to quit.

Choose to come on site and shout , scream , or laugh.

Whatever you do is your choice.

Quit support will be here for you. :)

Have a lovely day. :)


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Whoof whoof ... Good morning to you all

Love the photo & your words today...

"I choose not to smoke today."

Would like to go back and get those 20 odd days I lost but never mind, will have to accept I still have my "L" plates on.

Interesting that yesterday afternoon and in fact for the rest of the day I was craving something / anything and I now think this was brought on because I was tired and not feeling great and I just wanted something / anything to make me feel better ...... next time this happens I will try and accept I don't feel great etc. rather than just crave / crave / crave the whole time, so uncomfortable !!!

Have a great smoke free day everyone and this site is a MASSIVE help.

Non smoker Jonathan

Day 4 or is it 5 (not enough anyway)

NOPE ever again this time !!


Good morning Jilly and all.

Have you noticed how the site is flowing so much better now. The posts, at least when I look at them flow from the oldest at the top and the newest at the bottom, like they used to. I haven't had to click on the tiny arrow. Perseverance pays, I guess.

I choose to have a good and productive day Jilly.

You have a good one

Sally... :)


Morning Sally and Jonathan , I am having a sinfree day today. clearing out all the rubbish that we have from all the workmen . Hubby said we must get rid of the old boiler today. I hope he didn't mean me. :D Jonathan

I think your L plates are these


However a few months later on you will be ;-


have a super day. :)

Sally your right the site is flowing pretty well at the moment, not as many gremlins appearing.

hope you have a lovely day. xx


Well that made me laugh big time !! "Thanks".

Have a great sinfree / smoke free day.

Many thanks



Hope your day is going well. :)


Good morning everyone, a beautiful sunny morning - quite surprised by that. I love your profile pic Jillygirl and your intro to the day. Good luck with your rubbish clearing Jilly and hope your hubby is cooperative in throwing EVERY bit of rubbish away. Haha, I have a husband who hoards, I think they're all the same.

I love your attitude Jonathan, to just accept you don't feel good and that's the end of that. I know what you mean and what its like to just dwell on how much you would like a ciggie and how totally rubbish you feel, I suppose you do have to just tell your mind, yeah fine so you don't feel too good, -easier said than done though.

Anyway must crack on, I too have a boiler man coming today and my daughter is calling for help. She's having a bad time at the moment with fractious babys and a bored toddler. So have a lovely day everyone and hope we don't have too many showers today.


Hope your day is going well. :)


Thanks Sally, it was OK. I would say its been a bit of a wasted day really but I suppose not, at least I provided some company for my daughter, nothing worse than feeling isolated and on your own with two young children to care for and I did get to spend all day with my two grandchildren. I know lots of grandparents miss out so I do feel lucky in that respect. I also managed to get some cycling in by riding to her house and back home.

How was your day? Did you get some sunshine in the end?


Most of the day has been wet and grey but the sun is shining now so it's a lovely evening. I've had a quiet day but it's been nice. I'm off work at the moment and making the most of it.

Sounds like you had a nice time with you daughter and grandchildren.


Good Morning Everybody,

JillyGirl, I love your photie, so cute! Mr Spaniel really dons that cap :D I'm sure your old boiler will find a good new home, there are many people on the look out for them. We left ours out in our path and it was gone in a couple of hours!

BunnySue, I hope Barney dog isn't missing Noir too much and is giving you extra furry snuggles :-)

Sue, I hope you're finding some quality 'Sue time' after looking after Mr Sue :D

Jonathan, at least the 'L' plates you have are the green ones as opposed to the red, this means that you are a tad more experienced :D I agree in that it's better that you acknowledge and accept the times when you don't quite feel great. You can then move on from the feeling and then don't have to battle with trying to push it to the back of your mind. Here's to a positive outlook for today :D

Sally, I feel like I'm finally getting there with this site too. I had an update from HealthUnlocked yesterday and there are still a few things that they are looking to iron out, but I think we're on the right tracks now :D

Sin, have you tried keeping lilies? You either 'luv 'em or hate 'em'. I 'luv 'em! The white ones are my favourites and they smell beautiful. I usually get a good 3 weeks or so from mine, especially by using Pete's tip and buying them just before they open. You can definitely smell them all round the place once they do open.

Andi and Pete, I hope you are both having a good day - Pete in work and Andi exercising somewhere - or threatening to do a bit of gardening :D :D

Have a happy Chooseday everyone :D


Hi EmJay. Yes it is definitely much better. :)


Hi Emjay, no I don't like Lillies. Only ever had them bought me. I don't like the smell, its a strange smell reminds me of cigars a bit. Maybe I just have a weird sense of smell.


Hi again. Rubbish gone , :) spare bedroom tidy. :) Hubby scraping wallpaper off :( mess to clear :(

never mind will be ok soon. I don't think my hubby is normal sinfree , he throws good stuff away too. At least its an excuse to get new things. As for the old boiler Emjay son in law works for the gas board and said he would have condemned it. Even mr snail had dried up inside it

. fc06.deviantart.net/fs38/f/...


Sue how is hubby hope he sticks to his exercises.

Sally hope your having a good day.

Sinfree, the only flowers I seem to be able to keep are the ones in pots. fresh cut not so good.

Jonathan I hope your still on the positive driving mode. :)


no excuses like this one. :D



Hi Jilly, not to bad thanks. It's a bit of a grey day here at the moment which is a shame because I have been sitting outside for a while in the afternoons and watching the butterflies. They seem to be in abundance at the moment.

Sounds like you have been busy.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Sally :)


Hi Sally, the weather must have swapped around the country as all we had yesterday was lots of thundery showers whereas today has been a lovely, mainly sunny day. Unfortunately the weather forecast omitted to tell me it was going to be nice so bit of a wasted day really :(


Hi Sally , your right there are lots of butterflys. My eldest daughter loves them.


I'm trying to identify those that I have seen. Commas and Holly Blues. The Holly Blues are really pretty. I've tried to photograph them but it's difficult because they don't stay still for long.


Hi Jilly, Emjay, Sin, Sally & all

3.10pm update - is I have gone back into space driving territory (but you will NOT want to hear this) and I am aware that last time I came crashing down to Earth .... Never mind to everything ... think I am lightheaded ( Oh not this again) - No Cravings (at the moment) !!

"Yes" to Green L plates as delighted to hear I have been promoted already.

Just posting this makes me more positive ...

From: Non smoker Jonathan

Green L plates



Jonathan I am so pleased with your attitude to stay positive.



Never mind Jonathan, I feel lightheaded most of the day from being hungry. The only time I'm happy is when I've had my evening meal. Anyone know what I can fill up on during the day that has not many calories, or at least calories that actually last. Being hungry makes me almost as tetchy as nicotine cravings, so not good.


Found this if its any good to you .


Your stomach is growling, but it’s nowhere near mealtime. If you’re looking for snacks that will fill you up without bulking you up, the key is to pick foods that are high in protein, fiber and water content. Here are 30 great ideas for healthy snacks that will fill you up.


A recent study published in the May 2011 edition of the online journal Obesity showed that higher protein intake led to greater satiety, or feeling of fullness, throughout the day. Increased protein consumption also led to decreased appetite both late at night and in the morning, compared with a normal protein diet.

Here are some high-protein snack ideas to fill you up between meals:

Cottage cheese with fruit

Almond butter on apple slices, drizzled with honey

Oatmeal with banana slices

Protein bars

Hard-boiled egg whites


String cheese rolled up in deli turkey meat

Plain Greek yogurt sprinkled with almonds

Hummus with celery sticks

A handful of raw unsalted almonds

Learn why you should go for the protein at breakfast, too >>


Fiber-rich foods are digested slowly, so they keep you full longer. According to the Mayo Clinic, in addition to keeping you full, fiber promotes good health by keeping you regular and lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Be sure to drink plenty of water to aid in fiber digestion.

Great high-fiber snack choices include:

Dry high-fiber cereal

Whole-wheat tortilla spread with peanut butter and banana

Whole-grain crackers and soft wedge cheese

Whole-wheat toast with ricotta cheese, cinnamon and raisins

Instant oatmeal

Fresh raspberries and strawberries

Popcorn (buy plain kernels and pop in a brown lunch sack in the microwave)

Sunflower seeds

Sliced apples with peanut butter

Homemade fiber bar

Read more about the health benefits of dietary fiber >>


Foods with low energy densities also make excellent snacks. Low-energy-density foods contain fewer calories spread over a greater volume of food – and typically contain a much higher water content. High-energy-density foods pack a lot of calories into a smaller amount of food and typically are lower in water content. So basically, with low-energy-density foods, you get to eat more food while consuming fewer calories. Fruits, vegetables and broth-based soups are all great snack choices with low energy density.

Go ahead and fill up on these water-packed snacks:

Watermelon cubes

Cantaloupe wedges

Garden salad with tomato slices

Orange slices




Celery sticks

Fruit smoothies

Broth-based vegetable soup

Learn more reasons why high-water-content foods are so good for you >>


How to make homemade healthy granola bars

These low-cal, low-fat, high-fiber granola bars are the perfect snack with no preservatives and lots of good stuff all in one bar. Make them your own and add in whatever you want.


Aww, thanks gillygirl. I will have a read through to see what I can have. I know protein based foods are good cos just a couple of slices of grilled bacon and a fried egg (I know fried and diet don't go together but I always had a fried egg when I was on weightwatchers diet) eaten at lunchtime seem to last quite a long time.


I love hummus with carrot sticks too.


I've never tried hummus but I don't really like raw carrot.


Well I didn't like raw carrot until I tried it with hummus. Hummus is nutty and can be garlicky, depending on where you get it. It really is filling, just like it says in Jilly's list and takes a while to eat unlike some snacks. My favourite hummus is from Sainsbury's basic range because it is not too garlicky.


Hi you all ( American.. but felt like saying that, against the grain I know!!)

Thanks Jilly & Sinfree for your support / understanding - yes I am positive ... I must do this, must must must ......

Have a great smoke free evening everyone....

Whoof whoof


NON Smoker

Green L Plate (as NOT enough days yet!!)

NOPE ever again (this time)


well folk about to call it a day. so have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow, Night night sweet dreams, :)


Nite nite Jillygirl, I love your new pic and your opening today :) :) hmmmm even might try some of them there snacks tooooooo :) I hope you have a lovely sleep, and a nice and relaxing day tomorrow :) just let hubby do it all :o :D :D :D

Speak soon Jillygirl :) xxxx


Hey Sinfree, so you think lilies smell like cigars then :o hmmmm thats different :| am just wondering if you like the smell of freesias :) or maybe you think thay smell of trumps :P :D :D

Sinfree we all like different things, thats a good flippin job really isnt it, cos otherwise we would only have 1 plant,1 tree, 1 hobby,1 make of car, 1 Woman, 1 bloke, then where would we be, back at the beginning I tell ya gal :o :D :D


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