DAILY CHAT / SUNDAY / 10/11/2013

DAILY CHAT / SUNDAY / 10/11/2013

Good morning everyone, although it`s almost afternoon.

I hope everyone is okay and hopefully got rid of that cold or flu bug thats going round.

Remembrance Sunday today hence the poppies picture.

When we get a craving may be we should get our brain to remember what poisons are in those ciggys.

Whatever you have planned for today enjoy and be happy. :)

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  • Beeeoootiful picture.x

  • Good afternoon, Jillygirl, Friez and everybody :)

    Jillygirl, looooooove your picy gal :) Its lovely and sunny here today :) 8-) again :o hmmmm something aint rite eh !! 2 nice days in a trott :o

    I hope your all having a lovely smoke free day, with your feet up :) :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, Friez, Pete and everyone,

    Love your pic Jillygirl :) we've had a sunny day here as well, and a bit warmer :o a bit odd for November :D :D

    I'm exhausted looking after Nairn, getting to old for babies waking up at night :D :D I do miss him now though :)

    I hope you've all had a great smokefree Sunday :)

  • Hi Sue, Glad your ok and baby Nairn. Nice day here but veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cold. 1 degree now. brrrrrrr!

  • Hi Jillygirl,

    Wow have you got cold weather, i thought mine was bad enough at 6 degrees, hope your nice and cosy :)

  • Hi ya Sue, yeah, you've got it nice and warm up their gal :) cos its about 2/3 down here :o as Jillygirl says Brrrrrrrrrrrr !!

  • Gets any colder I will be moving again!


  • Hey Jillygirl, that shed looks quite nice eh :o :) dose it have a freezer in it ??

  • :D :D :D

  • I think the rates on an igloo are very cheep.. although in a thaw the water rates may be a bit higher.


  • :D :D

  • Hiya Pete,

    yeh the weather does seem to be topsy turvy, it's usually up here that gets the coldest weather :D :D

  • Sue, I flippin hope you've got your feet up now gal :) :)

  • I sure do Pete, i'll sleep like a log tonight :D :)

  • Hey Sue, is that like a chocy log :o :D :D :D


  • Hope not, i'll eat myself if it is :D :D

  • If you dont I will, :P yum :P flippin yum :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • I need to get to bed now, i'm nodding here, sorry i've not been on much lately, problems with my brother abd my health, but i will try to get back on everyday now.

    Nite nite Jillygirl, Pete, and all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxx

  • Sue, you take every day as it comes gal, if you cant get on here for some reason, then we will understand :) You take care gal, cos your No 1 eh :) :)

    Nite nite Sue, sleep well huggs and a loves onn their way gal :) xxxxx

  • Nite nite everybody :)

    Just try to stay focused and positive on your quit eh, cos if you dont, then Mr nic will get in :( I bid you all a lovely nights sleep and get them batteries charged up for the week ahead :)

    Nite nite people, luvs ya all :) xxxxx

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