SUNDAY/ December 1st. 2013 / DAILY CHAT

SUNDAY/ December 1st.  2013  /    DAILY CHAT

Good afternoon , December the 1st crikey where has this year gone? Very quiet today must be everyone is Christmas shopping or decorating the trees.

well this year will be good for most of us as we wont have to wonder where the next ciggy break is, at work or partying.

Welcome to Jules and Matlock who have already made a very good start on quitting.

Enjoy the rest of your day . Will bob back on later. )

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  • Hiya Jilly, I'm going shopping for tiles for my kitchen floor, cos I can now afford it! Yay, haven't even thought about Christmas yet, well not really may be at the end of the week. :) Have a good, if grizzly and grey day :)

  • Enjoy your shop. :)

  • Goooooood evening Jillygirl, Friez and everybody :) :)

    Jillygirl, does the pic mean you have put your Chrimbo tree up then ?? :D :D

    Friez, erm am just wondering, :o who's xmas pressie are the kitchen tiles going to be !! :D :D

    I hope everybody is having a lovely smoke free day :)

    Speak soon :)

  • Hi Pete, thought you had fallen asleep in your shed. Or trying to get rid of the lumpy gravy.

    Got the tree out but not decorated it yet. will do that next week.

  • Hmmmm, so that tells me, you've got the tree at this flat, Butttttttt, the decors are back at the other flat :P :P :D :D :D

  • Hey we have nearly emptied the other flat now. Only got about 3 bits to bring down. Got all the decorations here so may start on the tree tomorrow.

  • Tomorrow never comes :P :P :D :D

  • Hey Pete! where have you gone now? how many tinnies have you had? cant keep up wth you. :P

  • Ha ha ha ha love it Jillygirl :D :D

    Erm, erm, how many have I had, 2 :P :D :D

  • Do you mean 2 too many. :)

  • Hic hic, what you trying to say Jillgirl ? burp, whooooooops, sorryyyyyyyy :D :D

  • Allright allright then, 3 + a half ;) :|

  • If you can`t beat em join em. :P

  • Ha ha ha ha Jillygirl, your a typical flippin Woman :o but I loves ya to bits gal :) :)

  • luvs ya too :) :) :)

  • time you had a haircut.


  • Oy, you said a hair cut, not a flippin tach cut Woman :P :P

  • Hey Jillygirl, you had a postcard from Andi yet ??

    Huh, I bet she's enjoying herself in the flippin sun eh :o :)

  • Not heard anything. What a lucky lady all that travelling to different places. Yep I am jealous te he. She does right . Wont be long and our Sue will be off too. Ah well I just move house all the time , :D :D

  • Yep, am jealous toooooooo gal :P :P she shouldnt be allowed to go jetting off like that, well not without us eh :) :D :D

  • Think I will ask santa for one of these.

  • Jillygirl, you and me both gal :) :) bugger the horses, I will pull it, as long as you dangle a carrot in front of me eh :o :)

  • :P :P

  • What shift you working tomorrow? Hope its not the nasty one.

  • Yep, am on 9am till 9pm, :P :P hopefully just the 1 week :)

    It will be easier driving home, but I still wont get home till about 10pm :( but I will leave messages for you to read in the morning :)

    Dont you even think of staying up that late gal, you got that flippin Woman you :) :)

  • You sound just as bossy as my hubby. Don't you work too hard either.. :) :)

  • Right going to sign off now getting bog-eyed so take it easy tomorrow. Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams. luvs ya. xxxx :) :) :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, erm, sorry, bogeyed Jillygirl

    :D :D nitey nite Jillygirl, although I wont see you next week, you will be in my heart gal :) Hey, and you watch what you do with them ballballs on the xmas tree eh, cos if hubby starts talking high, erm, you've put something on the xmas tree that you shouldnt have eh :o :D :D

    Take care Jillygirl, loves ya ta bits gal, a dooooo :) sweet dreams to you too :) xxxxx :) :)

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