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SUNDAY,/ DAILY CHAT/ 17/11/2013

SUNDAY,/ DAILY CHAT/ 17/11/2013

Good morning,

I hope everyone slept well and feeling good today. Remember stay positive and any niggly cravings, get straight on to this site, one of us will shoo them away.

So Sunday, relaxing, exercising, cooking, walking ,football, cycling,off to the pub (suit someone we know :D ) whatever your plans are stay smokefree and happy. :)

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Good day Jillygirl and everyone :)

Jillygirl, I hope your having a relaxing day today, as your pic suggests eh :) I'm going to relax later, as got a bit of pottering about to do first :o :| so hopefully speak soon :)


Hi Pete, hope youv`e done your pottering, I went clothes shopping today (nightmare) Had to get something for my Sarahs 40th next Saturday. bought some christmas pressies too. :)


Nightmare :o huh, I bet you spent all poor hubbies money :P :D :D


Happy Sunday Jilly, Pete and everyone. Another dreary, drizzlybob day here in th'ills, no cycling for me, tho I might just drag out that turbo trainer that I've only ever used once.

Looked after the little people this morning while their frazzled mum went shopping. Little monkey Olivia had her up for 3 hours on Friday night, that little lady really doesn't do sleep.


Hi Sinfree, your right it dull and miserable here too. hope you manage your turbo training. I know what you mean about little ones not sleeping. Think they would be worn out. :)


Aup Sinfree, good day to you gal :)

Erm, I'm a bit baffled :o you say drizzlybob day, did you mean a drizzlydumbblond day :o :P :D :D

Hmmm, I thinks its time I found a hiding place !! SUE you got your oven door open, cos am cummin gal :) :)


Hi everyone.

I haven't posted for a while so thought I would today. I'm 10 months into my quit and still can't quite believe it. I'm still using my e-cig and will do so for as long as I need to. It's been the thing that made it possible to quit. I feel so much better. Definitely more energy. I have managed to lose the half stone that I put on and am walking daily. Usually 5k. I'm planning a 10k walk in the spring. Walking has always been my biggest form of exercise so it's great to know that I am finding it so much easier to do again.

All the best.



Auuuuuup Sally, its great to hear from you again gal :)

10 Months now eh, that is just fantabaleeeesoooooooo Sally :) :) AND you've managed to loose some weight too :)

You are one ACE of a Lady :) :) I would love you to write a post, on how you quit the cigs, AND got rid of the weight too !! Cos it may help soooooo many others, erm including me eh :o :)

Its entirely up to you Sally, if you decide not to, then thats ok gal, cos we will just keep on getting bigger and fatter, moaning and groaning, kicking the cat-dog, bashing hubby-missus, and generally becoming a nuisance to everybody in our path :o :D :D

Sally, you have worked wonders gal, and I hope you hold your head up high now :) and are proud of yourself, cos I know I would be :) :)

All the best to you toooo, Pete :)


Hi Sally, Lovely to hear from you. I cant believe its 10 months, Wow! you must be so proud of yourself.So good your keeping fit at the same time. :) Take care. xx :)


Hi everyone,

Grey and gloomy down south today too, but no precipitation. Got on my bike this morning for an hour to work up an appetite for Sunday roast at my friend's - mmmmm, beef, spuds, sprouts, yorkies (unfortunately frozen ones - just not the same as proper ones) followed by apple crumble and custard.

Glad everyone's having a good day staying off those ciggies and nice of you to pop in Sally and let us know how you're getting on. Great, all that walking you're doing - that's something that anyone can do. I always try and find a couple of good hills to walk up while I'm out if possible. If I'm on the seafront, I'll try and do a couple of zigzags - some of them are killers. :o

Time to put up the heating and curl up in front of the box methinks. See you later. :)


I cant fault you one little bit Andi :) you get your feet up in front of that box gal :)


Hey Pete, How'd your lumpies go today? ;-)


Aup Andi :)

Yep, you guessed it gal, flippin lumpy :o although it is a lumpy Indian today :D :D :D folowed by an apple & blackberry crumble, the last of the blackberries though :(

It sounds like you've had a good day Andi :)


Nite nite everybody,

I've got an early call tomorrow, so have got to climb up that flippin wooden hill again :o :( just before I go, I would like to thank all of you lovely people on here, for helping me and other people get through our quit trail :) :)

Have the most sweetest dreams ever :) :) xxxxx


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