Good morning all, Hope the weather is ok wherever you are. Get all your shopping and chores done today , before we get the horrid storms they have forecast. At least you dont have to try and light a ciggy up in 80mile and hour winds and rain. We have all done it.

Enjoy your Saturday no matter what your up to. Be a happy non smoker. :)

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  • Good Morning All :D

    JillyGirl, I hope your day has started in an extra positive and less challenging way than the past couple of days :-) You've dealt with everything really well and your response has shown that you are a roper non-smoker now. Many people would ave used all your past events as an excuse to have 'just that one smoke'. You're a real winner :-)

    I'm on Aunty duties today but will pop on in a couple of hours and join in with any antics :-) ;-/ :D

    Have a lovely day everyone and watch you don't get blown away! For those of you living in Florida.... ;-) well, see if you can blow some of that nice weather our ways :D

    Today is a good day to think about all your reasons for wanting to stop smoking or to stay stopped.

    Don't allow your reasons to stop turn into your excuses to start again....

    See you all in a bit :-)

  • Whooooops, Good Morning Emjay :) I must have been writing when you posted :o Hmmm on Aunty duties today then, I expect you will love every minute of it :) how's Agnes & Girtie ?? they still laying :o

    Speak soon, I think its about my turn to put the flippin kettle on eh :o :)

  • Good morning Jillygirl and everybody :)

    Love your opening Jillygirl, but its flippin raining here already :( Huh to Sinfree's weather forecast last night :P :D I hope you've got the wiring sorted now Jilly :) and enjoy your weekly trolley exercises eh :o :)

    Hmmmm, think maybe I will do some pottering about today :o speak soon :)

  • Very good morning to you all....

    Jilly "yes" I like that about more work = less worry.

    Had a good evening out last night and among smokers !!! So I preached the good news about quitting and tried to explain that smokers are suckers & how the addiction works etc etc... doubt any of them will be speaking to me again !!!! Mind you quite a few were impressed I had stopped and just in case you did not know I will be 3 months NOPE tomorrow...

    Big thanks to everyone on this site because the knowledge picked up & SUPPORT has made all the difference. Knowing that Cravings will pass and however mad you feel in those early days it does get better, also it is a massive help that we are all going through the same thing.....




  • Tsk, now what did we tell you about preaching, it won't be well received then someone will 'accidentally' blow smoke in your face if you push it too much. ;)

  • Yeah Sinfree, how did it go ??

    It will end in tears :o :D :D thats what my Grandma used to say :) bless her :)

  • Haha I still say that now.

  • :D :D Who too, your hubby :o :D :D

  • Hi everyone,

    It's dull and grey here today but at least there's no rain. Love your opening Jillygirl, it made me laugh at myself as i remember trying to light up in gale force winds :D :D

    Thankfully i feel a bit better today, another trip to the docs is on the cards i think, if i do disappear it's cause i feel ill again.

    Having a lazy day, whatever your all up to I hope you all have a great NOPE day :) xx

  • Hi ya Sue :)

    Its lovely to see you again and am so glad your feeling a bit better today gal :) Yeah, I can remember pulling my jacket over and ducking my head in it to try and light a fag in the wind :D :D the bad old days eh :o :D :D I aint half missin you Sue :( You take care now, and keep warm, speak soon :)

    You enjoyyyyyyyy your well earned lazy day eh :) xxxx

  • could move to japan.

  • :D :D :D

  • I am a bit late in the day but this did make me laugh...x

  • :D :D :D :D :D

  • Hi everyone, jillygirl you can't half make me laugh, the vision of trying to light up in gale force winds haha.

    Sue sorry your not feeling so well, hope you pick up soon,

    Jonathan ...3 months NOPE...amazing. Well done for braving an evening with smoking friends and not being tempted.

    Pete enjoy your pottering. Emjay is the perfect Aunty, those kids are in for a fun day.

    I have just done the supermarket battle so safely tucked up back home now, sky very grey, looks like the heavens are going to open any minute. An afternoon of ironing for me......I know how to live! Off to Manchester tomorrow afternoon with my sister, going to see Jamie Cullum at the Lowry, staying overnight and a day off Monday so that will be nice.

    Rev21 you are in the right place....Florida Sunshine.. divine.

    Eye x

  • Aup Eye :)

    I hope you enjoyed your ironing this afta :) or aint you finished it yet :o :D :D

    hey, Eye, you and your Sis enjoy Jamie Cullum at the Lowry, erm, here's a little starter to get you in the moooooooood :)

    See ya soon :) xx

  • Aw thanks Pete. That was lovely. We have seen him many times, once playing in a jazz club in New York, he is brilliant live. We're in for a good night

  • Hi all,

    So much for a lazy day, had to go out for milk, couldn't go a whole day without a cuppa :D :D

    I hope you have a brill time in Manchester Eye :)

    I've missed chatting to you as well Pete :( hopefully my health is getting better now. What you up to today? hope your having a bit of a rest, knowing you you won't be :D

    kettle's on if anyone wants a cuppa :) xx

  • Hi there all, Sue is the kettle still on? will join you for chin wag. Hope your feeling better and on the up now.

    Pete done the supermarket run. + D.i.y. shop too. New Bathroom light in this aft without any hitches I hope.

    Pile of ironing staring at me . Eye did you say you were ironing (fancy a bit more) :P

    Jonathan 3 months is fantastic well done you nope guy. :)

    Emjay enjoy your auntie duties. I have grandchildren duty on Monday and Thursday next week.

  • Hi Jillygirl, one cuppa coming, i always have the kettle on :D :) you'll be needing that now after all your shopping :)

  • Hows your flat coming on, hope its better than mine has been. :D

  • Things are really good Jillygirl, just a carpet to get, I really hope you can get yours sorted soon, you've had a horrid time with it, never mind, if i win the lottery you can live where ever you want to :)

  • If I win the lottery your first on the list. :)

  • HUH !! what about little old me then :o Hmmmm, I suppose us old boys dont count eh when it comes to £££££ :P not bothered, am not so there :P see, am not am I :P ermmm, well maybe a little tiny weeny twigly little bit then :o :D :D :D

  • Don't you worry Pete I wouldn't forget about you :)

  • Sue, hmmmm, your my kind a Womannnnnnnnn oooooooooo :)

  • Hey Sue, when you off on your hols gal, cos weve got to make sure your rite for then eh :) :)

    Am so so glad you havnt had the erm, set backs that Jillygirl has had with her flat eh :o :) I hope its nice and cosy for you, and ready for the winter :)

  • Hi Pete,

    I go on holiday in February, for a month, can't wait to sit in the sun.

    My flat is nice and cosy, just have to sort the garden out, don't know what to do with that other than cut the grass, maybe i'll sit the hubby in it like a garden gnome :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • HI peeps. Never did make it out on my bike today, yes Pete it was foggy and raining and drizzly this morning, sorry about the weather forecast last night, blame the numpties at the BBC, personally I wouldn't pay them in bloody tap washers :D

    I just had to share this, it has absolutely nothing to do with smoking but I have found it absolutely fascinating. Its a website where people who's hobby it is to roam around derelict factories and take pictures and then post them for all to see. It's sad to see how industry has declined so much over the last 50 or so years, it's fascinating to see these huge factories and to imagine what they were like when they were buzzing in their hey day. Also some of the graffiti that's hidden away in these places is brilliant, so much wasted talent......but maybe not, maybe they're just practising.

    I've been browsing ever since. Urban decay in pictures. This links to the inside of a brewery in Sheffield that used to brew Stones Bitter. When you go on the link, scroll down to the pic of the pink elephant, absolutely brilliant. Also the hole in the ceiling where the brewing vat once belonged - a great picture.

    Who knows, maybe one day tobacco factories may end up on this website - having become relics of the past ;)

  • Hey Sinfree, just had a quick looksy, bin down to the pink elephant :D did you notice the letters on the bottles !! it spelt, '' dflirium tremens '' which in Latin means -- '' shaking frenzy '' :D I dont think I've got that bad yet :o :D :D

    There's some good artists about, if only they would put it on canvas eh :) but, hey, it brightens the place up a bit :D :D

  • wow, you speak Latin?? I did notice the letters but didn't understand why they didn't make sense. Truth be told, cos they didn't jump out at me as words I could read I just ignored them. Thanks for interpreting :)

  • SEE, us old boys are useful sometimes eh :o

  • ;) bet you had a little help from Mr Google, mmm?

  • Erm, erm, ok then, but I had to type it in eh :o

  • Sin those pics are fantastic. I nearly expected the lads from full monty to appear aswell. :)

  • :D

  • Pete if we win the lottery your the first fella who can pack his job in . Treat you to a life of luxury. :)

  • Now your talking gal, sun-sea and lager :o hmmmm something like that eh :D :D

  • Hi sinfree,

    That's a brill website, love some of the pics, it is sad to see the decline in industry though, hope your right about the cig factories, they could turn them into something else so that people keep their jobs :)

    I hope you don't get that hurricane that's meant to be here tomorrow, maybe the weather men got it wrong again, hopefully :)

  • Hey Sue, its flippin windy here now gal, I mean OUTSIDE, not inside, before you start opening your windows :o :D :D :D

  • :D :D my windows are shut Pete, and the heating is on :)

  • Hi Sue. There are all sorts of places on there. One being a biscuit factory in Glasgow, Gray, Dunn and Co? I think the worst of the wind is supposed to be in the South and South West. I hope we don't get it. I would be very upset to lose the roof as we had loft insulation put in on Friday and its taken 12 months to clear out the loft ready :D

  • :D :D I see your loft is like my cellar :D :D

  • haha, it was. Now its empty and my sons old bedroom is the top :(

  • My spare room would have been the same if i'd not moved house, had to throw loads out cause i don't have the space now :)

  • haha, maybe if I threw hubby out I'd have tons of room, he's the hoarder, I'd just fling, fling, fling. Only messin, I love him really. ;)

  • Sooooo, where does your poor Son sleep then :o I expect you've chucked him outside in a tent ;)

    Huh, call yourself a Mam :P :D :D

  • noooo, as if I'd put him in a tent. He's in the garden shed.......:D :D

  • Just starting to get windy here in Yorkshire. I think it was worse last night as we had thunder storms. Still not rained here yet. Bet we dont miss it though. :O

  • If you want some rain gal, I'l send you some :P :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Yeah and me. Why is it when you only live just up the road from me that you have no rain :o

  • I hope you miss it Jillygirl, we're not getting it up here, for a change, if the weather forecast is right :o

  • Brrrrrmph, whooooops sorry Sue, I think you've got some :o :D :D

  • What has Sharon Osborne got on her head :o I should sue the hairdresser if I was her.

  • haha, did anyone just see that Specsavers advert? hahah I love their ads. Actually is anyone actually watching ITV? if not I'll be quiet :)

  • ITV, whats that then ??

  • Well tonight the adverts are better than the programs. A few have been quite funny tonight.

  • Aup Sinfree, I've just had my hair done, what do you think ??

  • :D :D :D That is stunning Pete, a vast improvement on Shazza's

  • Anyway, on a smoking note I need your help?? I have not had a lozenge for 24 hours :o :o I have just had a glass of red wine and now I really, really need a lozenge.........but I haven't got any heeeelp, hubby wouldn't let me get any today. Keep puffing on my e-cig but its just not the same.

  • Tuff :P :P

  • Tuff ??? That's not very sympathetic :(

  • Am a bloke, what do you expect :o

  • huh, just wait til you have man flu

  • :D :D erm, too shee :D not sure whether I have spelt that right :o

  • I'm getting sore now so i'm away to have my shower and go to bed

    nite nite Jillygirl, Pete, Sinfree and everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxx

  • Night Sue, enjoy your shower and sweet dreams. :)

  • Nite nite Sue, its been really lovely to see you and have a chat with you again gal :) :)

    You look after No 1 yeah :) cos you deserve it :) :)

    Hopefully speak soon Sue, I wish you the most loveliest sleep ever :) xxxx

  • Sinfree, hold in there gal, just look how Sharon Osbournes hair, erm, sucks eh :D :D take some nice deeeeeeep breaths, maybe think what your going to bash hubby with when he nods off :o :D :D

  • haha. He's awake. He's ebaying again. Seeking out a car for our Son. He's found me my bike so now his mission is to find a car that actually lives up to its sellers vivid imagination that seems to take a hold when they write out the ad :)

    Am actually going to have to go and make a brew, then I will have to go and sell my turnips in my animal crossing game before the shop shuts, otherwise they'll go rotten and my investment will be lost :) So I will bid you a good night Pete and Jillygirl if you're still around, sleep tight and see you tomorrow, provided we've not been blown away or sunk under a deluge of rain.

  • Nite nite Sinfree, I hope you sell all your turnips, erm, not quite sure what animal crossing is all about :o but am sure you dooooo :)

    Enjoy your cuppa, and I hope all your dreams be sweet ones :) speak tomorrow, even if from my ark :o :D :D

  • Sinfree, you can do this gal, flippin sit on ya hands, shout at the telly, kick the dog, spank yourself, do something different :o you have to get them out a your mind :)

    Just tell yourself, you ARE stronger than them, and no matter what, you aint going to have one cos you DONT need one :) :)

  • Andi, I hope your having a whale of a time in Coventry :)

    Nite nite Jillygirl and everybody, you all take care now eh :) just shut your eye's and dream of the most loveliest things in life, like sun-sea and lager :o :D :D not forgetting smoke free too eh :) sweet dreams everybody :) xxxx

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