Good morning everyone, Friday at last another week nearly done. Another week of non smoking for lots of you.

Good luck Macko(Chris) for today, dont forget to let us all know how you get on.

Sinfree you may be slightly mad but not as mad as me. so here you are :-


You know your always a winner.

LilyMay, nice to see you back on site. The more the merrier.

I didnt come on site yesterday evening due to company we had and couldnt get rid of. After yawning at 10.30pm they decided to go.You know how it is. Anyway have a lovely non smoking Friday. :)

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  • Just a quick note to welcome our latest member MrEdd. Nearly 5 weeks as a non-smoker :)


  • A great welcome to Friday jillygirl, thanks for posting that. I love Fred Flinstone.

    Well, where did that week go? This week has been a blur for me its been so busy. I went to the House of Lords on Tuesday and I promise once we have our official photos I will put a link on here and tell you all about it. Just not got time to do it at the moment.

    How is everyone doing with their Stoptober? we're half way through now so well done to all those of you who started your quit that way. Keep strong for the weekend, don't let Nic creep into your head but if he does give him a hefty kick out again. Come on here and tell us all whats going on in your weekend.

    Looking forward to my evening as I am going for dinner after work and then on to see the Illegal Eagles in concert. Have seen them before so I know I am in for a good night. Anyone else an old Eagles fan? Takes me back to my sixth form days when 'Hotel California' was the album you HAD to have.

    So....Take it Easy.....Take it to the Limit....I Cant Tell You Why....but ...One of These Nights.... The New Kid in Town.....may take you to .....Hotel California (come on, can anyone else better that with songs from their favourite artists)

    Happy Friday everyone :)


  • One of my songs I like is Hard days night . summed up my evening yesterday. :P

  • House of Lords eh, do we have to curtsy now.

    Go on pete have a go . :D :D


  • :D :D :D

  • Oh go on then....if you must....have you got your kilt on?

    Beatles hey jillygirl....good choice :)

  • too cold for kilts. :D

  • ha ha ha

  • Jillygirl, kilts are for wimps :P cos all they get is 1 draught up em, whereas us blokes who wear trousers, get 2 flippin draughts eh :o :D :D

  • love it . :D :D

  • Hi ya Jillyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Hey Pete is this your brother? :D :D


  • Tell ya what Jilly, its flippin close gal, cos av got more hair than he has, and I'm older than he is :P :) :|

    He's the same age as my youngest Sister :o

  • Trouble is the hair you have is under your nose. Just gonna hide for a while :P :P

  • How was your day. any plans for the weekend? we are TILING! Yeah. :P

  • :D :D :D again :D :D

  • I think I've fixed mi van now, cos had a bit of bother with it last night :o so will go for a test drive tomorrow morning and se how she performs eh :o

  • Drive up to Yorkshire and bring yer tile cutter. :D :D

  • Which tile cutter shell I bring do you think ??


    :o :D :D

  • Got to be the red one. its prettier than the others, :D

  • Where is Andi tonight normally on before now. Have you noticed Vee is doing ok.

  • I bet Andi's flippin gallivanting about tonight, cos you know what these young ens are like dont you :o :D :D

    Yep, have seen Vee, and are going to post her now :)

  • She wont fit through the letterbox. :P

  • post toooooo her then :P :P :P :

  • let you off te he.:D

  • Are you going shopping before you do the tiling :o

  • Yes supermarket run as this damp weather doesnt do my lung any good. If its sunny (if!) i am off conkering with granddaughter.

    much more fun than tiling.

  • Conkering yeah you bet gal :) just watch they dont fall on ya head though eh :o or the flippin sticks you throw up at em :D :D

  • All the more fun.

  • I will have to say nite nite now jillygirl, yep you've guessed it, am off up the flippin wooden hill again, hmmmm I shall have to fall out with er-in-doors, then I would have to sleep on the settee eh :) :)

    Speak tomorrow Jillygirl, you take it easy eh, and get a lovely nights sleep xxxx Nite nite everybody :)

  • Going to sign off now as getting tired now. See you tomorrow night night loves ya. xxxxxx

  • snap!

  • snap!!

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