Daily Chat: Tuesday 26th February 2013

Daily Chat: Tuesday 26th February 2013

Good morning everyone.

First of all, big well done to Sin for managing to survive her first month smoke free. Let's hope the next month gets easier for you. :)

We've got another cold grey one down here on the south coast, hope it's better where you are.

Have a good day and when those pesky cravings come just shout at them and kick them out of that door! :)

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  • Good morning Andi ..a grey one here too in more ways than one..Ive blown it !! 12 days and i blew it..guess most will know how im feeling..ill make myself scarce to pick myself up..a puff ,even one i count as a slip..3 i count as a fall .Not happy with myself..and ionly i can fix this..right now i want to cry and scream HELP !!

    Well done Sinfree , im really really chuffed for you :)) I hope to join the wall of winners xx jan

  • Oh dear Jan, so sorry for you. I know you really want to do this but maybe your just not quite in the zone yet. You'll get there I'm sure. Maybe when the spring finally arrives and we can get out more you'll try again and be in a better frame of mind for it all. You can still come and join us though like before.

    Good luck whatever you decide, Andi :) xx

  • Hi all, Jan I'm so sorry this happened to you, I know the feeling, like Andi said your maybe not in the zone yet, but you can do this, just take time and set a another quit date. Still come and join us on here

    Good luck :) x

  • Thanks Andi and Sue...I thought I was,I felt I was,I was feeling good,but obviously for some daft reason i let nic take over.

    On the plus side I more than doubled my quit time :) lol...no seriously..I want to get back on track.Need to regroup and strengthen the troops (.thinking about it I let myself become overwhelmed,with all thats going on,felt out of control and like juggling too many balls )

    Hope you all have a good day..I have electrics happening today so day in :) coffee but ill forgo the cakes ..john can have mine :)xx

  • I know that feeling Jan, that's what happened to me the last time I started smoking again, it wasn't doing my stress levels any good either, so i sat down and decided what was important, dealt with that first and ignored everything else, I try to still do that, although it's not always easy.

    I hope your electrics go okay today, have a great day :) xx

  • thanks Sue the messy ones are now sorted ,thankfully..so now the original sinking in can start :)

    Hope youve had a good day..im about ready for bed lol no i will wait :)x

  • Hi Andi,

    I nearly forgot about you :o :D :D we have sunny weather here again, sorry, hope your weather improves especially if your going running today :) whatever your doing have a good one :) xx

    Well done sinfree, one month smoke free, that's brilliant :) :)

  • hey Jan, sorry it got the better of you but you know the saying - no good crying over spilt milk, just gotta clean it up, keep calm and carry on (god I hate that saying). Anyways you had some ciggies and I had some lozenges but its over now. I'm back on the wriggleys and the polo mints so you need to get back on the lozenges or whatever it was you were taking. Together we can beat this. And we're gonna have to beat it too because on 1 April the good old tories are putting every single medical service out to tender - the beginning of the end of the NHS. So if we carry on smoking and get some horrible disease in future years, unless we're well insured we're going to get rubbish treatment if any treatment at all so best start looking after our own health. Yup am off on a rant again, family skirmish was yesterday, today its SAVE OUR NHS. Am feeling very much like doing my own single handed protest outside our local hospital to get the ball rolling to be honest, otherwise everyone will sit round and let it happen.

    Anyways in other news just seen a photograph of a 3D scan of my little grand-daughter who is due in May. OMG, they are so realistic, its like a picture of a real new born baby, so cuuuute. So am happy for the time being anyway. Oh and I got a certificate today when I went to see my smoking adviser, I am now an official Department of Health 4 week (carbon monoxide verified) quitter. I must admit I'm a little bit "well woopdiwoo" kind of, am so ungrateful. Although to be fair I was asked if I wanted a certificate, she seemed a little shy of asking as some people I suppose might find it a little patronising and think I'm not a child, I don't need a certificate. Well what the hell, I'm just a big kid so I thought why not?

  • yeah why not you deserve that tificate :) WELL DONE you :) another reason to celebrate this day along with seeing your grandaughter :) they've come a long way havent they those scans ! Im so pleased for you..I can feel you smiling from here .

    xx jan

  • Yes scans have come a long way. Are you not having any ciggies today?? Have you got back on the straight and narrow, hope so. It would be a real shame after you have come this far, when you were doing so well. Again just ignore yesterday, forget it ever happened, I think that's the best way to go. Lots of good luck Jan :)

  • you spying on me again :) lol not quite straight away but yes Im not leaving long ,dont want it all undone. And Ive figured out what occured..being a woman of a certain age i am imformed meno,,hormanes out of whack ! will have to watch out for them ,ive been through every emotion today luckily ending on a happy more balanced one. I just thought id lost the plot totally lol (so thanks doc)

    I will be starting again from day 1 . Thanks flower xx :).

  • Oh no, or that's not good. I have been so lucky in that respect but I did suffer PMT all my adult life and if I'm honest that was the undoing of me the last two times I tried to stop, I think that's why this time seems a little easier - no PMT to make me insane lol haha, ah well but hey I myself wouldn't call it day 1 I'd call it umm Part 2 - Day 1.

  • I meant 'aww that's not good', been listening to some music on Amazon that I am going to download, it must have sent me sleepy :) The Trevor Nelson Collection. There's some brilliant classics on there. 60 tracks for £7.50 now that's not bad.

  • i knew what you meant :) Wow thats a bargin ! go for it . i love my music ,a right mixed bag but couldnt be without it .I also had bad pmt ,so i should have guessed id have dips but i thunk it was the suddeness of this.thought aliens had landed lol.

    yes I like that Part 2 day 1 :)

  • i have quitstop thursday eve so will have to come clean lol

  • oh yes and to top it off..i got offered the job at ONS the telephone interviewer and now cant find my passport or birth certificate and i only had them the day of interview ! grrr lol

  • Hey Jan, just slow down a bit eh :) what you have to do, is trace back to what you did the day of the interview and what you wore, have you got more than 1 handbag, did you leave them at the interveiw for photo copying :o !!

    You will know when you are ready to try to quit again Jan, you just come and shout about it on here OK :) :) :)

  • Hi Monky :) yes i know been one of them days lol. To be honest i cant remember, i did have to take them in but im sure they gave them back as have the other bits. Knowing me ive chucked them in the recycle bin lol..so cant do anything about it now..wil don marigolds and search bin in morning before dustmen cometh :) oh it s laugh . Thanks monky ..i do appreciate you guys xx :)

  • You keep strong Jan, you will find them :)

    Pete :) :)

  • Oh and PS. in all the excitement of baby scans and political rebellion I forgot to say thank you to andi for your mention of my 4 weeks quit in your opening of the daily chat this morning. Thank you Andi :) that was really nice xx

  • Well, happy tuesday people.

    Oh Jan, are you sure you are ready to give up smoking? Not that I want you back with nic but you seem to really be struggling.

    Im with sin dont cry coz whats done is done........

    Sounds like you have had a great day sin with scans and certificates and reaching 4 weeks, well done

    I am at my 6 weeks today so can officially say 'I have stopped smoking' and anything after this day is the longest Ive gone :)

    I am still taking each day as it comes because you never know how you are going to feel tomorrow...... Im focusing on saving the money and seeing it build up for our possible holiday to Florida and so far I have saved £270 (thought it would have been more!!)

    We have a busy week again this week if the weather stays good and Im really wanting it to stay nice for Sunday because we have 2 tables at the boot sale and we have LOADS of stuff to sell so hopefully people will be out in force and buying loads from me lol

  • WELL DONE sarah thats brilliant :) you also deserve a whoopwhoop. x jan

  • That's brilliant Sarah, bet you're really excited now because that means you're closer to being a none smoker than you've ever been before - well done you! :)

  • Well done Sarah, that's fantastic :) I hope the weather is good for you on Sunday :)

    Visitors and have just arrived, I'll be back on later, have a great evening everyone :) xx

  • Sarah, it's great to see you so upbeat and well done on getting to 6 weeks now. :) You've come through a bit to get here and now you're through that milestone of yours lets hope you manage to stay on track. Just think of all the nasty times you've manage to survive without a cigarette and was it the end of the world? No, cos you stuck with it and I can see you glowing with pride down here on the south coast! ;-) :)

  • Here Here :) :) :)

  • Poor Jan, Don't beat yourself up, it really is hard work. :)

  • I think the weather helps you be upbeat, better no speak though coz it is bound to turn!!!!

    Jan you have been doing well too, we ALL have wheather we are at 1 day, week, month, year or even just coming on here saying you want to stop so well done us!!!!

    It sure is hard work eh Fags, this last weeks have felt lime a lifetime, I looked at the cleck yesterday and it was 1pm and thought 'rubbish, 9 hours till I can go to sleep at the earliest' and it did make me feel a bit crap so I got getting on with stuff which passed a hour.

    Its the dreaded Wednesday tomorrow...... I HATE Wednesdays, have since I was a kid.

    But I suppose its downhillmtill the weekend :)

    Whats keeping me going at the moment is the florida holiday and I can see my pickled egg jar getting slightly fuller every day and thinking it shouldnt be too long till its full and I can start the next one ;)

  • :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D love it JC :D

  • I bet Sarah is having to think about that John :o

  • Aye, you no heard about the gold eggs you get in them???? Lol

    Hubby eats the eggs, I clean out the jar and super glue the lid on and make a slit in the lid so I cant get money out without smashing the jar!!! Its a cheap teramundi pot lol

    Cant wait to eventually count all the money in it :)

  • I reckon you like clapshot John :o :)

  • :D :D :D

  • I agree with you Sarah, the weather definitely makes a difference, am thinking we should move to Scotland because you certainly seem to have had better weather than the rest of us recently. It's been the usual freezing cold today and one of the greyist days ever.

    That's a strange day to hate Wednesdays, its usually Mondays for most. You're doing really well now aren't you, great that you're saving up all that money.

  • I havent had the heating on since 8 this morning, had to switch it off coz house was roasting, it was saying it was -1.5c on way home at 8.30pm so god knows what it be in middle of night, but it was a lovely red sky tonight again so fingers crossed.

    Got a busy day of eventually getting car hoovered out and chopping up lpads of veg for a stir fry and pizza dough kneeding. That will be my morning gone before work then a sit down in the afternoon or maybe go out a walk with ipod in to keep me company!!!

  • Hope it warms up a bit for your car hoovering then. Wish I could keep that busy, though planning ahead like you might be a start :) I tend to get up, do a bit then sit down to have a quick look on the internet and never get up again.

  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    Jan, you know what we always say when somebody has had a erm blip :o that was the practice run :) and if you dont succeed the first,2nd,3rd,4th,5th time then try try again :) until you get it right :) :) I know you will do it gal, when your ready and strong enough to do it :) :) As Fags just said, it is very hard to do :o but it can be done :)

    Sarah, a bid well done to you for getting to 6 weeks gal :) :)

    Sinfree, a big well done to you toooo for getting to 4 weeks gal :) :)

    Andi, a big well done to you for getting to 9 weeks gal, or is it 10 weeks :o :P :D :D

    Emjay, erm cant seem to find your quit date on the wall of winners :o :D :D :D

  • And a big well done to you too Pete, isn't it 4 weeks for you too?

  • I aint counting this time, cos thats were i think i've bin going wrong before, as in tooooo much counting and my 1 brain cell goes a bit looooopy :o :| if you see what I mean :D :D

  • I don't think it's the counting that makes your brain cell go loopy! :D :D

  • :P :P

  • Well, we don't appear to be winning the football, ain't that a shame - not. I don't like football it's really boring.

  • Yeah, yawn yawn :P :D

  • OMG, :o a man who doesn't like football????? Yay I found one. Mind you my son doesn't like it either, wish my husband didn't. Oh well have been sat with my headphones on all night listening to music so it has its advantages.

  • Where ????? :o :D :D

  • Oh my, everyone's doing so well... Jan you'll be back on track in no time, everyone's allowed to slip up xx

    Majorly early night for me, banging head not sure whether to blame the work over load, miserable weather or patches. Maybe all three!

  • Hi Bella, yes it does seem quite upbeat around here at the mo doesn't it. I should blame all three, maybe not the patches though, I never remember getting headaches with those, got very sore arms though, how's your skin coping where you stick the patches on?

  • Hi Bella, if your head's banging a bit maybe try a different track. :) The thing I always recommend for a headache is drink more water - it's often a sign of dehydration. :)

  • Or a can a lager :o :) :)

  • Evening all, have been out for a bit but now need to go to bed as up early tomorrow.

    Nite nite all, sleep well. :)

  • Nitey nite Andi and you get a good nights sleep eh, erm to late I can hear her from here zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D :D luvs ya gal xxxx :) speak tomorrow :)

  • hello and good night Andi - sleep well.

  • Am going now, I want to download an album with 60 tracks on it, so could take some time. Night everyone, sleep well.

  • Nite nite Sinfree and enjoy your downloading, cos I know you will be listening to them as thay download :) sleep well Sinfree, luvs ya gal xx :)

  • No John, I watched it but thought it was quite boring really. The Trevor Nelson Collection. R and B club classics. Some really good ones, I loved dance music from the 90's, sadly I was born too soon to actually go to clubs and enjoy it but there you go.

  • More likely the wine Monky ;-)

    Skin doing ok thanks Sin, using Boots own clear patches, they're not very sticky and fall off in the shower, they don't seem to have a chance to do skin much damage!

    Think headache probably due to tiredness followed by long day at work. Having the most bizarre of dreams, of which i'm sure only Fags could comprehend ;-) :-) and waking up a lot during the night. Hopefully that will improve with time...

    Anyway, time to sleep, nite nite all and thanks again for you're support today xxx :-)

  • Nite nite Bella, sweet dreams gal and luvs ya xx :)

    I found the 16 hour patches better, for sleeping that is :)

    Pete :)

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