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Maybe it's just old age !!!

So, like the good person that I am I took myself off to the gym this morning.It helps take my mind off the cigs and tomorrow is weigh day at Slimming World, every little helps !!!!yDid my bit walking n stuff and set out to walk home got nearly to the front door (another half hours walk from the gym) and discovered I'd left my trainers In the gym, so off I went again.I'm finding that since I quit sometimes I just can't concentrate & forget even the simplest of things.Is it just me ?? Old age ?? Or is the dreaded nicotine partly to blame ?? In case you're wondering, including my walk on the treadmill I've covered 11 miles today and can no longer feel my feet!!!! Truly hope everyone's had a good day. Hugs H

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Aup H :)

I think a lot of us quitters have had ermmm how shall I put it, funny things happen, that didnt use too when we were smoking :o :| I think thats all part of the package when you quit smoking, it affects different people in different ways :o but it gets back to normal after a bit :) mind you saying that, I still get senior moments gal :D :D but I think thats just age on my part !!

Stick with it H, cos your doing swell gell :o :D :D


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