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Just checking in

I don't post that often anymore, sorry for that but I do read every day for continued inspiration from a great crowd of people. You should all be very proud of yourselves as I am of me.

I now feel ready to lose the extra weight I have gained (hopefully). My new mantra is I must not eat Chocolate.

Looks like another nice day in Norfolk so off out now. Have a good day

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hiya KC great to see ya and 15 months quit is a fantastic achievement, well done 😃

Good luck with quitting choc and don't forget to keep us posted 👍 😃 x


Hi ya KC its lovely to see you :) and doing soooooo well tooooo :)

If you can quit the smokes, then you can dooooo anything :) including quit the choc :) I have full faith in you KC you can do this :) :)

See's ya soon :)


Hi KC, good to see you :) :) I agree with monky, if ya can quit the cigarettes, you will be able to lose the weight too :) :)..all the best xx


Hi KC. Good to hear from you, your doing great :-)

Don't worry you will soon lose the weight, I have lost the 6lb I gained when I quit, and I'm sure the ' Spin fast ' on my exercise bike 3 times a week and power walking, are all helping ;-)

I still have a choc treat, but now I eat it really slowly as to savor the taste !! :-D

NOPE, xx. :-)


MrsSunnyside only 6lbs??? I did that in the first week....you must have been very disciplined 😁 thinking about going back th o slimming world..... I have gained 28lb and I was no slim Jim when I kicked the habit 😲🍺😥😥😥


Well DroopyJ, I have never been a big girl, ( Lucky I know ) so even putting on a few pounds showes on me.

I was diagnosed with an ' Underacive Thyroid ' last November,and I know that can cause weight gain too, but thank god all under control at the moment :-) I was thinking the weight gain was all due to quit smoking, but now I'm not sure !!

Invest in an exercise bike Droopy, it's so easy and cheap, just pop on it whenever you want.

Well I'm going to have a ' Chunkie Kit-Kat now :-* :-D :-D

Byeeee xx


Well mrssunnyside I may just do that and get myself a bike..... 😁 as for the chunky kit Kat..... I prefer the original but hope you enjoyed it 😁😁😁


Hi KC fantastic that your now at 15 months quit....Well done hun that is a great achievement and better to have put on a few pounds or 28...... than be a smoker 😀😀😀😀😀


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