Just put £5.80 in the bin

Somethings are sent to test us....

My sisters are testing my willpower to the maximum

Long story but I am now in a hotel in Shrewsbury so I can see my mum each day...for next 5 days ...maybe longer

Phil drove me down ...3 hours, booked me into a nice hotel

Then he had to go...

I had a walk around town cried and went to waitrose and brought 10 B and H came back to hotel cried and throw them away...all 10 !!!😇

I will not let my feelings ...get to me...

Mum doing okay, off the drip, so that's good news,

Have a lovely evening one and all

And together we are strong


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  • Well done Hezzie, much better in the bin than in your lungs. I'm so very proud of you👏🏼👏🏼 Thing is it wouldn't have made things any better, only worse☹️ Hang in there coz you're doing great🚭😊

  • Thank you for your kind supporting words... this is the reason I have not smoked today... purely because of the support from everyone on here...

    It's been a horrible day but got though it.

    Thank you xx

  • Ah Hezzie you poor thing being there on your own now and feeling like that! That deserves such a big pat on the back for buying them and actually throwing them away. Great your mum is doing ok. Do sympathise with you about sisters!!!! Mine been an absolute pain in the arse on too many occasions now and sadly we don't actually have any contact at all now, long story! I got a great saying about families!! Will take photo on phone and then put it on here for you, hopefully might make you laugh!! (i on my laptop) Sending love and hugs to comfort you while you feeling so crap x

  • Gave up with photo idea! I not very good with anything like that. Anyway it says


  • Hi webbs,

    Thank you so much for your kind words it's been a shity day I hate crying ... but looking back the poor guy at the waitroses till must of thought what on earth... I was crying and asking for a pack of 10 fags... when you

    He asked which brand ... I just said any... o dear ...

    Been to see my mummy... night tired but okay bless her.

    Love the saying about friends,... and thank you for trying to get a pic of it on here.... your like me crappie with tech...

    Thank you for hugs and support, it really means a huge amount to me

    Sweet dreams


  • Oh that's rubbish. Am thinking of you, you're not alone, just come on here anytime. We'll give you cyber hugs😘.

    Well done on binning the fags, it's not going to make anything better.... been there looking after my Mum, I gave up for a year while she was ill.... and going back to smoking was the worst thing I ever did. You'll get through this, smoke free😊.💪🚭🚭

  • Hi frostie

    God it's never easy is it,

    Thank God for this site... and everyone on it...

    It's so nice to know there is nice people in this world...

    One bonus... I have a double bed to myself... nice TV remote control to myself... and biscuits to go with cuppa....

    You ready for tomorrow

    If I can deal with my sisters I know I can deal with cravings for cigarettes and naughty yummys

    Thank you so much for your support

    Sweet dreams


  • Hi Hezzie just on my way to bed but saw your post and didn't want to to miss sending you hugs xx

  • Hezzie, Hezzie, Hezzie, bugger your sisters, whether they are older or younger than you :o you are you Hezzie, its YOUR LIFE and not theirs eh :) :)

    You are one of an ACE of a Lady and I love ya ta bitts for it gal :) :) I really really doooo :) :) I'm soo happy that your Mum is doing well now :)

    Sending ya loads a warm, comforting sweetdreaming huggs :) :) :) xx

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