Morning all - some great posting / comments yesterday

& "Thank you" for positive feedback.

Just want to say I made it to 4 weeks - wow, who would have thought it - I went through all that madness & craving and I am at last feeling better in the head & body + levelling out, calmer etc .....

Feels like I have been lost at sea and at last have found land !! Monkeys in the trees & beautiful parrots eating exotic fruit (sorry going off on one again!!) ....

So to anyone thinking of giving up and wondering if it is worth it I am pleased to say "yes" x 1000% .... get away from cigs and free yourself from this horrible smelly dangerous addiction (two fingers to the tobacco companies & they are taking all your money).

We are all winners (thanks Emjay - understand this now) whether about to quit, just quit, 1 month quit !!, or long term NON smoker.

Have a great SMOKE free Saturday.

best wishes



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  • Morning Jonathan. Congratulations 4 weeks is brilliant. Your well on your way now to becoming a permanent non smoker. Have a lovely day and no going back now. :)

  • Good morning Jonathan, Jillygirl and all :)

    Yes congratulations Jonathan on your 4 weeks quit, and am glad your finally coming back down to earth :) :)

    Jillygirl, what you up to today then :o not stripping again !!

  • Morning Jilly & Pete

    That was quick ... sorry for taking the daily chat spot (if it worked).

    Like the sound of permanent non smoker & Jilly / Pete your congratulations mean a lot to me - THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

    Have a great day


  • Jilly, Pete or anyone

    Do you know why my / our posts have not gone onto the daily chat ??

    Have I been sidelined ??


  • Aup Jonathan,

    We are on the Daily chat now !! well I am anyway and your posts are on here too :o :)

  • Ahhhh you mean on the News Feed page !!

  • Yes - news feed page or latest activity.

    We are not on this ??

  • Sorry if I have messed up today's posting ....

    Oh well - whatever ... going out now !!

    So happy to be a NON smoker, honestly I feel so much better but it has taken all this time.... 4 weeks + those 20 days before that 1 day relapse.

    Best wishes


  • Hey Jonathan, I think it was Jillygirl's fault, cos she was the last one on the - latest activity page :o :D :D

    Enjoy your smokefree day out :) speak laters

  • typical blame me. :P

  • I think you have to go on to home for latest activity and news feed. :)

  • Have bin their already :o

  • Good morning Jonathan, congratulations of your 4 weeks quit, you sound very happy, positive and proud and so you should be, long may it continue :)

    Good morning Jilly, Pete and everyone. Am feeling very sad at the moment, don't know why, I think its that September feeling. Yeah, few more days to go but August Bank holiday kind of signifies the end of summer, bloody hell doesn't seem two minutes since summer began - just the other week wasn't it? Anyways I've lost another 2lb so every cloud and all that..... I have given myself a new name - Mrs Grumbleweed, now I need another name for feeling a bit more positive? Any suggestions for a nice positive new name.

  • Oh cheer up Mrs buttercup. :) we luvs ya.


  • Aww, that's nice Mrs Buttercup. I like that. My daughter loves that record Build me up Buttercup

  • Hey Sinfree, cheer up Superwoman :) :| cos I reckon you are for whizzing up them there hills on ya bike gal :)


  • :)

  • Actually I dedicate this song to my daughter - she's a superwoman.

  • Ha ha ha have fell off my chair gal :D :D :D just love it

  • Haha, I love the cat one Jilly, how many times have I done that when eating out "aww, wish I'd had that now"

  • Pete putting up cupboards today. just for a change, :)

  • I suspect hubby is putting cupboards up, while your saying - left a bit, up a bit, right a bit :P :D :D :D

  • Flippin not. he is a pain in the ********* I am holding them up whilst he gives the orders.

    taken me ages to write on here as he keeps shouting of me, "give me a hand" then he will want lunch, then I will tidy up. Argh!

  • Dont you get over doing it gal, I suspect you will get your feet up this safta eh :o :)

  • 8 o`clock this morning hubby says I (not we) will put up those wall cupboards , won`t take me long about 1 hour.

    Its now nearly 12`o`clock and he has nearly finished them Oh there were only 2 wall cupboards not loads.

    I shouldn't moan, but I cant get on with anything else. Typical he always needs me for support. :O


  • Right made some lunch , then I am off to do my supermarket exercise. with or without you know who. :)

  • Hmmmmmm Well !!

  • Good Morning Johnathan , well done on 4 weeks..thats brilliant :) and great you're feeling the benefits. have a great day

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