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Hi guys gals, just letting you know that about 5 hours after my last post I ended up on the fast track to A&E!! Thought it was the chemo making me feel rough - but seems my heart rate decided to drop to around 37 beats per minute - and as I pointed out to the paramedics and docs - its not because I am healthy, sprinters and long distance runners get very low resting heartbeats - errrrrgh!! Totally different issue to the lung cancer jobby. Anyway I am now home after 3 days in the old hospital - non the wiser but feeling a little better - beat is up to 48/50 now.

What I am so grateful for is the fact I really didn't have to crawl out for a fag - or even discharge myself to get one (anyone out there guilty of that feeling???) I HAVE DECIDED I WILL BE THE ONE IN 4 SURVIVOR!!! My sense of humour is returning as is my appetite - which is still miniscule as is the window of opportunity to get sommat down my gob before the urge to eat is overtaken by nausea. I think it is around a 10 minute window to eat so - have now got the quickest meal plans ever in place! GREAT NEWS - NO THOUGHT OF A FAG Yo Yo Yo!!!

Soooooo!! if you don't succeed the first time - don't ever quit trying to quit! Apart from my health issue - did you know that ONLY people who have smoked get that COPD - to which oxygen tanks are the last resort - it may not be the big C - but in some ways it must be worse - just being stuck for years in an arm chair with oxygen to help you breath. Don't waste time beating yourself up cos you have had a fag, we are our own worst critics - just get back to it asap. God knows how many times I tried and failed.

I am hoping in the New Year - when all my zapping is done to have a coffee morning for all you folk - I shall do the brews but all you cake makers will have to get in shape because I dust my cooker (but the kettle's always on!!!)

Veecatz xxxx

Ps for all those who know that my cat has had to be rehomed cos of the infection risk - he has settled down and is now sleeping all day on the bed and playing out at night. I am in touch on his doings by facebook, his new owner posted his picture from his new home - and for all intents and purposes he looked like he had been slapped with a wet fish (never was beautiful - only to me!!!) lol ;) :)

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Hi Vee. Sorry you're feeling icky all the time and hope you manage to enjoy whatever you have to eat. Glad your cat is doing OK and that you can still see him, if only virtually. Hope your windows of opportunity to eat get a little bit longer each day. Good to hear from you.


Hi Vee, Wow your really having a roller coaster ride. Glad you got sorted out. Hope your next chemo isn't too harsh on you. Keep thinking positive and you will get there. More Vibes been sent to you. :) and more for the cat. :) xx


Hi Vee, so glad you came through that episode unscathed. I make this most delicious chocolate cake - no flour either, so even good for coeliacs. ;-) :) Great that Ollie's settled in okay. :) xxx


Aup Vee :)

So the flippin chemo's giving you some jip :o sooooooooo give the big C some flippin jip tooooo !!

Vera, you are one hell of a young Lady, just like Jillygirl :) and a strong one too, so with all the love, huggs and positive vibes from us lot on here, who the flippin heck needs chances :o cos your just going to kick big C into touch eh :) :) and tell him who's FLIPPIN BOSS around here :D :D :D

Am so glad Ollies ok and your keeping in touch with him :) speak soon Vee, and yes yet again, my love and huggs are on there way to you rite this minute gal, well if you dont want em, then get flippin better quick eh, or lock ya back door :o :D :D :D

Pete :) xxxx


Nice to be back - u guys keep me going and yup will beat the barsteward C - hope ur ok - u sounded a bit down the other day(post) Don't let anyone muck you about or they'll have me to answer to - I'll cut their knicker elastic . . . . . so there !!!! :)


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