Daily chat: Friday 14th December 2012

Daily chat: Friday 14th December 2012

Good morning everyone.

A very wet and windy one for most of us, I think, with all the usual flood warnings in place in my part of the world. Take care when driving out there and don't succumb to everyone's favourite fag time of lighting up when you get in the car or stuck in traffic. It's horrible when the rain comes in the window and even worse having the car all fugged up!

Happy Friday, the weekend's just around the corner. :)

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  • Morning Andi, i love you pic :) we have the horrible rain here as well, think it's on for the day

    bet your glad it's your day off from pt, you can stay in all warm and cosy :) hubby got a phone upgrade so i'm gonna have to help him set it up, a bit like the blind leading the blind :o :D :D

    so will chat later, have a brill day :) xx

  • Hi Andi and Sue,

    Well, we have sheet ice here! Horrendous driving, accidents galore, it rained on ice and then froze, the roads are like skating rinks!! I can't get to my first job of the day, as the motorway is closed and the traffic is gridlocked locally! C'est la vie!

    I'm sure it will improve throughout the day. I prefer driving in rain to black ice/ice any day :)

    Have a great day, keep warm...

    Kazz, I hope that you get your new computer soon!



  • Good Morning :-)

    Wet, wet, wet.... all that money that you have been saving from stopping smoking, if you've been putting anything away for a rainy day - then today could be it! :D

    Another weekend upon us already, we'll be bringing in the New Year before we know it :-)

    For those of you who have stopped smoking already, stay strong and remind yourself of your reasons for wanting to continue to lead a healthier smokefree life.

    If you are still thinking about quitting, how about braving up and putting a quit date into your calendar. Stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health allround :D

    We'll always be here to support you throughout your stopping smoking journey :-)

  • Hi Chickles and Emjay,

    I hope your nice and warm Chickles, your weather is terrible, best to stay in and have a coffee , don't want you having any accidents :)

    See you have rain like us Emjay, at least it's safer to walk :D :D I hope your pulled muscle is continuing to heal :)

    have a good day both of you :) xx

  • Hi there ladies. :)

    Sue, good luck with the phone - does that mean that he has to play on the phone when you've got the computer now?

    Chick, hope everything's melted up there for you now and it's safe to go on the road.

    Emjay, just letting you know that I did W3R2 this morning. The forecast was for the rain to start before 6. I woke at 7, looked out the window and it hadn't arrived yet. :) Went out just after 7.30 in the dry then it started within a couple of minutes. I had a hood up but I think you can only run like that at the beginning of the programme - any longer than 3 minutes at a time will be too hot. So, finally did my first run in the rain! :D

  • Hi Sue, I'm not 100% but am a lot better, I can do left and right turns now :D

    Andi, you are very good. I think I am a tad jealous. As soon as I am muscle pulled free again I shall hit the ground running :D I think it's quite refreshing running in the rain, as long as its now propely bouncing it down.

    Hey Chickles, it is absolutely freezing here, feels like ice but just wet! I hope you are somewhere nice and warm :-)

    Cup of tea time if anybody fancies one ;-)

  • I'm sure you'll be at it again my Christmas - these muscles! I can feel some today that I've never felt before - must be something I did yesterday at pt session! :o :D

  • Hi Emjay, i'm glad your feeling better :) there's nothing worse than that pain, i'm sure you'll be back out running in no time, just in time for the snow :D

    a cuppa sounds great right now, i need something to waken my hands up :D :D xx

  • Hi Andi, hopefully i'll get the computer, but he's on it just now downloading stuff :o at least he's at work today :) :D :D

    You must be keen, running in the rain :) hope your cosy and warm now :) x

  • Had to be done at some stage! I was mainly running in the trees so didn't get the full force of the wind and rain fortunately. :)

    Am off out for a Christmas lunch shortly with the Friday aqua group so I'll get one turkey dinner over the season. :)

  • As long as you stayed away from the stump that tripped you up 'D :D

    have a lovely this afternoon :) xx

  • Have a lovely day as well John :)

  • Hey John, you have a lovely day too :-)

  • Hi everyone:) wet wet wet here too, my garden birds are eating for england, but so nice to see them, Wednesday I picked up a baby greenfinch by my back door :( couldn't see anything visually wrong with it but it died in my hand minutes later :( not sure if it was the cold but very sad :( Hope you all have a nice weekend and you will be pleased to know it will be 6 weeks for me tomorrow :) well done to everyone on the quit smoking journey x

  • Thanks John, I counted 42 goldfinch at my Niger feeders a few weeks back, and I have a budgie she is 10 now, her buddy died a few months back ;( so half expected to lose her too :( but she was very quiet at first but is back to her old self. I love feeding the birds and squirrels. You did well John to smoke for a day then get straight back into your quit, I am not going to get complacent as I know how easy it is to be tempted, just going to make sure I have an e-cig handy over the festive period :) after a few whiskeys I don't want to be tempted into smoking :)

  • Hi everyone.

    I've had a busy day today so haven't been able to come and say hello until now.

    I am going home in a few minutes so just wanted to say good night and I hope you all have a great weekend.

    Love & hugs Kaz xxx :)

  • Goodnight Kazz,see you tomorrow, you have a great weekend to

    luv ya :) xx

  • Hi everyone, I've just been invited out to a party, so although it's not the weather for it i'm gonna go, i've not been out for months and months, so i won't be on here tonight, I'll be leaving shortly

    hope you all have a good laugh tonight, will see you all tomorrow, at some time, who knows when :o :D :D :) xx

  • Hey Pete, are you home or have you gone out gallivanting? ;-)

  • Evening Everyone :D

    Just popping on to see if anybody is around :o

    Have a lovely night out Sue, shall have the alkaseltzer ready for when you surface tomorrow :-)

    Have a lovely weekend Kazz :-)

    I bet Amor and Vida are both fast asleep now with their little lovebird head beneath their wings John :-)

    Lovely to see you on the daily chat Delina :-)

    Hey Andi, hope you carried on your Turkey and Tinsel lunch through to some kind of evening social gathering :-)

    Where's that Pete one, hope they've not kidnapped him in that there workplace! :o :o


  • Hey Andi :D

  • Hi Emjay, no I came straight home. Apart from the instructor and his partner I was the youngest person there. :o

  • Hi ya am home now at flippin last :X :(

    Good evening Andi & Emjay i hope your both well :) :)

  • Hiya, oh no! what happened then?

  • Andi are you ok gal ??

  • :o ? I'm fine thanks, why? :o

  • Sorry Andi, its me !! must of had a senior moment :o :D

  • As for me going out galivanting like Sue has, i've got no chance :( :( and got to work tomorrow :( :(

  • So, ............ what happened tonight? ........ and why've you got to work tomorrow? :P

  • We've got very busy so had to stay late ''again '' and he wont take any more staff on to help us :P :o

    He said i've got to be there for 6 in the morning, so i told him i will be there when i get there, almost told him what to do with his job :(

  • Is he like this with all his staff?

  • Yep !!

    I think he was bullied at school and taking it out on us :o

  • He should have booked yo uin to a local hotel then! :D

  • That would cost money :o

  • Did you enjoy your meal out Andi ?? even if you were with a load of OAP's :D :D

  • The occassion was nice but the food wasn't up to much - it was a chain pub - Sizzling, you probably don't have them up north.

  • Sizzling Hmmmm i cant remember seeing one, but most of the pubs do meals nowa days dont they :) :)

  • What is a pub these days? :o They are all restaurants - they are either the cheap, crap food variety or the fancy, unnecessary, flowery, padded menu of the 'gastro-pub' which is highly over-priced - and not always that good either.

  • Yeah i agree with you 1000% Andi, plus you get kids running around and shouting, just when your about to nod off :D :D

  • They didn't have kids in pubs in our day! :D :D :D

  • People used to leave them in the car with a packet of crisps and a coke! :o :D :D

    That would probably be something to call Childline about these days! :D

  • Yes i can remember that :D :D and yes some do gooder would report them now :D

  • They all came on the bus - I told them that I wasn't eligible for a bus pass yet! :D :D

  • Ha ha ha nice one gal :) :)

    That was a pearler gal it was :) :)

  • Was going to put the crimbo decors up tomorrow toooooo, that will have to wait until Sunday now :( :(

  • Does that mean you've got to be there all day then? :(

  • Not if i can help it :o :)

    I've got Chris working with me, he's the best one out of the bunch, so we wont hang about, we'll get the job don :) :)

  • You won't be able to do the shopping - that's a bonus isn't it? :D :D

  • Huh,

    I will have to do that on the way home tomorrow :P :(

  • Am tired now and I'm sure you need to get to bed so I'll say nite nite and try to sleep well. Hope you don't get stuck too late and see you tomorrow. xx :)

  • Nite nite Andi and God bless you gal :) thank you for the chat gal :) :) speak tomorrow xxxx :) :)

  • I'm very sorry Andi, but i will have to go now and get some kip, erm would you mind opening the Daily chat, cos i just wont have time gal :(

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