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Good Morning everyone, bank holiday weekend and the weather looks pretty good here. It will be 21 weeks tomorrow since I last had the evil weed, it is getting easier and don't often think of lighting up. However I still use NRT, but at the moment I really am not bothered about coming off this yet. I am happy just to be free of the flippin stress that fags put you under in places you cant have one!! And I've been in a few of those lately!! Have encouraged my neighbour to give it a whirl, and she is setting a stop date for early September. I won't nag - because you can only do it when ur ready. I have tried so many times before - but never this long. Sooooo . . . . NEVER GIVE UP GIVING UP. I actually don't like that phrase - cos it implies you are getting rid of something pleasurable. I think NEVER STOP TRYING TO GET RID is better . . . has a slightly better slant to it.

Just for the guys out there that know me - not too much detail as I was given the sister site of Roy Castle lung thingy, but just so's you know I start chemotherapy on Thursday to get rid of the Big C - prob caused by my addiction to fags as it has kindly settled in my lung. Going for cure - and that's what the Oncologist says, so will give you an update on the results and not the flippin treatment uuughh! xxxx

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Hi there Vee, Loveley to hear from you. Its amazing how time goes so quick 21 weeks. That's brilliant. :)

Thanks for updating us all on your big challenge. Your like me you will beat it hands down. Good luck for Thursday, I am sure you will be fine. I know I had to be the odd one out but whats new. Some of the others I went with sat down for the chemo as if they were going to the local café. Didn't bother them at all.

Take care and keep in touch. xxxxxxxxx Hugs and positive vibes. :).


Aup Vee its lovely to see ya again gal :) :) and a great BIG well done to you for getting to very nearly 21 weeks :) :) as I have said before, I so so admire you for your guts and determination :) Luv ya gal xxxx My luv and huggs are on there way to you rite now gal, and there will be loads more heading your way on Thursday :)

As Jillygirl has said, take care now and keep in touch eh :) xx


Hi Vee,

Great that you have got to 21 weeks. Very well done. I'm too using some NRT and I'm not putting any pressure on myself to stop using it so I completely understand you in that respect.

I'll be thinking of you on Thursday Vee. A Sally hug on it's way.



Good morning all & esp Vee

Sorry wasn't around yesterday to post but would like to wish Vee best of luck and may the force be with you on Thursday and as you go through the treatment etc.

Best wishes



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