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Good morning one and all

Good morning one and all

Well, it's another absolutely beautiful day but very cold around the ears if you forget to put your hat on before you walk your dogs (yes, you gather correctly that's exactly what I did!) but never mind, they'll soon warm up - eventually probably by tea time if I'm lucky.

Photo today is looking up the road from where I took yesterday's which was looking down and a bit across. I think that makes sense but no doubt if it doesn't someone will let me know. This, dog walking, is about 15 minutes from where I live (can do it in half that time if I don't have two hounds with me) so not smoking has given me the added benefit of being able to look instead of trying to juggle two leads and not trip over two dogs and light a ciggie and the views, hopefully you will agree, are worth it.

Had a good nights sleep again last night (so far so good) and could cheerfully have turned over this morning but daylight beckoned and I would have had to get up at sometime I suppose.

Now into day 4 and still can't quite believe that I am doing this and succeeding to boot. In some respects I do miss the cigs but that is far outweighed by the fact that in a lot of ways I don't. I used to buy my cigs for the from the supermarket on a Saturday so consequently didn't realise (know this sounds stupid but is very true and I am sure that there are others like me who don't realise) how much 1 (ONE) packet is - even a pack of 10 is nearly £4.50 with 20's going on for £8.00 - obviously depending on the brand you smoke. When I work out that I was buying at least 300 every week (for the two of us I hasten to add) and sometimes 400 but I can admit now that at least half of these were 'consumed' by me. That's a thought, if we had to physically eat the cigarette to be classed/called a smoker, how many of us would still smoke? I don't know if I would and certainly don't intend to eat one to find out what they taste like!

It's nearly time for me to get ready and go to work so I wish everyone an extremely good, smoke-free day and remember, saying NO thank you is not that difficult and does not offend.

Looking forward to tonight when I can relax and hopefully read the comments you nice people leave so until then, take care everyone and remember, TIME IS PRECIOUS, WASTE IT WISELY.

Best wishes,


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Morning buttons,

Day 4 well done. Its amazing how coming on to this site helps you stay focused. I know it certainly helped me in more ways than one. Have a good day at work. See you

later you non smoker. :)


I love the waste it wisely comment! Exactly what I plan to do!

I'm very happy for you and keep going it's worth it! :)

I actually decided to quit for lent, which seems pretty random but it totally took the pressure of quitting off because when I told people I was quitting they weren't expecting it to be permanent, obviously my plan is to never smoke again (fingers crossed!) but I'm a uni student and everyone around me smokes and there's a lot of pressure to do it so it has been a really difficult ride... especially on nights out!

It is great to see what a knock on effect quitting has though..! One of my housemates has majorly cut down and is thinking about quitting. I smoked for about 8 and a half years and went cold turkey so I think she realised if I could do it she definitely could.

I'm going through the stage of feeling pretty physically crap at the moment but despite that, all my clothes smell lovely, my hands don't get so cold, I joined the gym, I've done lots more uni work and loads of other little things! It's really been a positive move for me so I really hope everybody else feels the benefits as much as I have been!

I also hope that if you are at uni and think it's an impossible time to quit, it's not!

I'm 21, in my second year studying fine art, all my friends smoke bar maybe 2 or 3 but I'm still going strong since pancake day! (12th Feb)

Stay positive and keep up the awesome work :)


Hi Jessica, what a lovely comment you`ve posted. Encouraging others to quit is really good. If you have any of your fellow friends who doubt you, go on to the tag jillys story. It may make them think. But a big well done to you and I hope you do well at uni. xxx


Buttons52, you are doing great :-)

I'm sure that with the fan attitude that you have, your day will sail by and you'll be heading fast into day 5 before you know it :D

Hi Jessica, welcome aboard and well done to you :D Let me know your quit date and I'll make sure your name goes up on our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner :D


Hi Buttons, well done for being so happy about it all. Wish I could be that happy. I must admit, metaphorically speaking I could quite easily eat a cig I sometimes think. I know what you mean about the money. I keep meaning to go ask at the cig counter in Asda how much the brand I smoked is now. Although I only bought my last packet in January, I am sure they will have gone up by now or I could wait until the budget then I'll be even happier. I love walking past that counter, looking at the queue which is sometimes really long and its so much easier now because they're all behind closed doors whereas the other two times I tried to quit I used to walk past gazing longingly in their direction.


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