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Good morning,

Bank holiday Sunday, and most of you will have a sleep in, knowing your

not working tomorrow, My sleep in didnt happen, Hubby got up first, then came into the bedroom and said its not 8.00am. its only 7.00am. Yes i said yesterday he couldnt manage without me. He had turned the electrics off yesterday, then when it was back on he put the clocks right. In his case wrong. :( Never mind going to take it easy today.

Hope you all have a lovely smokefree nope day today. :)

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Good morning Jilly and all,

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend in spite of the change in weather.

Hope you do get a restful day Jilly. Sounds like you and your hubby are really making great progress with your new home.... :)

Pete, I have continued to send out positive vibes and know you will succeed because you have the determination to do so and because you deserve to... :)

Jonathan you are doing brilliantly. Congratulations on reaching 4 weeks + 20 days. You continue to inspire... :)

Sue, I hope you are okay and have you along with others in my thoughts when I'm not around.. :)

Sin, great that you are doing well with your weight loss... :)

Andi I hope you enjoy the time with your sister... :)

Have a great day.

Sally... :)


Hi Sally. It's been a lovely day here today, summer has returned, though only temporarily I think. Still I can't even remember the last sunny August bank holiday, so it makes a pleasant change.


Hi Sally , good to hear from you. I was thinking it must be about 6 or 7 months now for you or am I wrong. Whatever it is its good to still be smokefree, Think everyone has gone off for the day seeing its a bank holiday. :) take care. xx


Hi Jilly,

Yes, it was 32 weeks last Friday so am on my way to 8 months now. Doesn't time fly... :) this site and everyone I've encountered on it has helped enormously. I'm back at work now but will still pop on from time to time.


Good afternoon Jillygirl, Sally and everybody :)

Thats dins cooked and washed up :) its turned out lovely and sunny now here in Derbyshire 8-) so I may have to frighten the neighbours again, as in - shirt off and don my shorts :o :| :D :D

Jillygirl, I had a lovely lay in this morning gal, 9 flippin 40 when I climbed out of my pit !! lovely flippin jubbly :) :) You get your feet up today gal, and hey, dont you be tooooo hard on poor hubby eh, cos he's a bloke and well, us blokes get it wrong now and again :o :P :D :D

Sally, I hope your feeling a bit faster this weekend eh !! :D :D :D and thankyou soooooooo much for them positive vibes you've sent me, cos I tell ya gal, I've needed them, cos the weekends are always the hardest for me :o and a massive well done to you for getting to 7 & a half Months quit :) :) just ACE gal, just Ace, cant flippin fault ya :) erm, just wondering if you would be having a party when you get to 8 Months, cos I could do with a good booooooze up gal :o :| :D :D

Take care everybody and speak soon :)


Pete you are always very welcome and you'll be top of my list at party time, that's for sure... :)


Hey Sinfree, got a new name for you, Betty Boop :) :|


Hmmmmm nice pear of pins you have gal ;) :|


haha, there's a woman who walks down our street who we call Betty Boop, she actually looks like the picture you've put up. Her and her husband used to live in a house on our street, like together? as only husband and wife do, then her husband moved out and bought a house on a street further up from us. They go out together on Sundays to the pub, have done for the last few years - haha weird or what?


Oh no! he`s taking his shirt off. don't look.


Time for a beer.



I can see you Pete. :)



:D :D :D


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