DAILY CHAT /SUNDAY/ 18/08/2013

DAILY CHAT /SUNDAY/ 18/08/2013

Good morning to everyone this sunny morning. well sunny at the moment.

Last night it decided to pour down, so no i wasnt having a bath or watching telly i was looking for a bowl to collect rainwater which was leaking in above the window.

Yet another job to do. :(

Anyway i hope everyone is ok and resisting those nicotine temptations.

Keep focused and positive you will get there.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone.

    Crikey, are you sure you did the right thing with your move? I hope the flat was a "bargain". Next job then, phone up the double glazing people? :o I'm sure it'll be lovely when all's done, then hopefully you won't have to worry or do anything else there for the rest of your days. :o :/

    I was going out for a run this morning but my watch had run out of juice. I put it on to charge for a bit then it started drizzling. The sun's come out now but I'm feeling dizzy so think it best not to go at the moment - maybe later. ;-)

    Have a good smoke free day. :)

  • Hi Andi, Yes we did get the flat at a bargain price. We knew it was iffy above the window but hadn't realised it was the rendering or bricks outside that were faulty. luckily that is covered by the buildings insurance. The window itself is fine thank goodness.

    Hope your dizziness goes quickly. started to rain here now. hope it isn't too heavy. get the bowl out in case. have a good day. xx

  • Good morning Jillygirl, Andi and everyone,

    I hope you don't get rain today Jillygirl, it can't be good for your walls to have rain coming in.

    Take it easy Andi, dizziness can be a sign of low blood pressure. I had the same thing, and although i'm on tablets for high blood pressure it's starting to go low :o docs keeping an eye in it now.

    I'm off out a walk in a bit, we have the sun today, after the monsoon yesterday :D

    Have a great smoke free day :)

  • Hi Sue ,sorry I missed your post earlier. Been out with daughter. Hope your doing ok. How is Nairn? Off to bed soon so catch up tomorrow. Love and hugs. xxxx :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, Andi, Sue and everybody :)

    Jillygirl, thought you might have pinched one of hubbys hats to catch the rain drops in, cos that would have been used to catching drips eh :D :D :D

    Andi, I always thought you were a brunette gal, not a dizzy blonde :P :D :D :D Hey, joking apart Andi, you take it steady gal, maybe its your body saying have a rest today eh :o speak soon :)

    Sue, its lovely to see you gal, I hope your well and enjoy your walk in the sun 8-) :) see ya later :)

  • Hi everyone,

    just back from my walk, went down to the burn, saw the cranes, there beautiful birds, so elegant looking.

    Hope your having a great day Pete, whatever your up to. I hope your cravings are away today, your doing brilliantly and deserve a break from them :)

    I hope everyone else's day is going great :)

  • Good afternoon all.

    Hope you're enjoying your days. Well I've been doing practically sweet fa today, just spent most of it on the sofa watching tv. If I bend down to do anything I nearly fall over. :o I need to go out for a bit of fresh air though so I think I'll go for a little walk over the golf links to the pond before tea.

    Were you on lumpy gravy duty today Pete?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm still having a quiet time but you are all in my thoughts.


  • Hey Sally, please dont be on ya own with them quiet thoughts, eh :o cos am here with you gal :)

    Please please ex-plane, why your getting these thoughts :o Sally, you are not alone gal, cos am here, for a starters, whether you like it or not, you've flippin got me gal, so you either jump off the cliff, run in front of a BIG lorry, orrrrr I will come and flippin chase ya about gal, you wont like that :o hmmmm well normal Women dont anyway :P :D :D :D

    Sally, I ve got a lot of time for you gal :) if you do need help, I will try my best :) xxxxx take care now gal :)

    Pete :) xxxx

  • Hi Pete,

    I am so sorry if I my choice of words caused any concern. I just meant that I am not very talkative right now. I've been of work for the past 8 weeks and am going back tomorrow. I'm dreading it to be honest. One of the things I miss since I gave up smoking is the company of the other smokers. I seem to be a no go area. I still go out for a break when I'm working in the office but usually alone. Those times used to help alleviate some of the stress from the job. It's really hard to know how much giving up smoking has affected me. Anyway, I am really sorry. I am sure I'll be feeling a lot better soon and thanks so much.

    I hope you are okay.


  • Hi Sally lovely to hear from you. Like Pete says we are here for you. I know everyone helped me

    through my bad times. Especially Pete, always made me laugh and cry. :)

  • Hi Jilly.

    I feel really bad now. I didn't mean to cause any concern. You are all such lovely and supportive people. I just wanted everyone to know that I'm still around but not very talkative.

    Thanks again.


  • Sally I know what you mean, but when Pete replied to you I thought perhaps I had got it wrong. Pete cares about you and everyone on here. our super hero.


    As long as your ok , we understand now. Just make an appearance now and again.

    take care . xx :)

  • Hey Sally, we try to look after each other if we can :) so dont you worry gal, if your feeling a bit that way, I read it wrong :o that is just me gal :D :D :D

    Take care now Sally, speak soon eh :) :)

    Pete :) xx

  • Hello everyone

    Back from holiday ..... "yes" would you believe it still a NON SMOKER and it is now day 22 great / excellent & so glad.... BUT .... always a but, have been somewhat out of control !!!!!!

    I think I will not go into it all but being positive I may have got the result I so badly wanted about something !! (sorry) - just got mad and it lasted for 3 days !! (shit).

    I do so hope everyone is doing well & managing to stay smoke free.

    Best best wishes



    NON SMOKER (day 22 + 20 more before that 1 day relapse).

  • Hi Jonathan and welcome back. :) I was wondering and hoping that you'd come back intact so well done to you. Wow, add those days together (ignoring the blip :o ) and you get to 6 weeks! Isn't that just amazing? Time's just whizzing along now.

    Look forward to hearing a bit about your holiday, Andi :)

  • Aup jonathan, its great to have you back pal, and smoke free toooooooooooo :D :D

    Ermmm not quite sure what you mean about 3 Days of shit though !! but i do know that you are sticking to you r quit :) :)

    Come and shout about it :o :) :|

  • Hi Jonathan, Well done on staying quit on your holiday. You will get there, trust us all on here. Like Andi says 6 weeks its brill. Have a look on the questions section about cravings you might find something you can pick out, take care. :)

  • Hi Jonathan, glad you had a lovely time. Welcome back.

    Sally... :)

  • Hellooo everyone. Hi Jonathan, that's really good that you managed to stay stopped smoking on holiday so early into your quit. I remember my first holiday which was in April after I stopped smoking in January. It was awful. I didn't enjoy it one bit as everything I did I kept thinking I used to have a cig when I'd done this, oh and I had a cig when I did that, it was like torture and was glad to come home. So well done.

    That dizziness doesn't sound good andi, you should go Docs next week if it carrys on. Maybe that mad masseur has disrupted something in your spine or your neck, they do sound a bit brutal those massages you've been having. Or did you get lots of water in your ears when you went swimming in the sea? Maybe that?? Anyway do take care.

    Glad to say my son arrived at his final destination yesterday. Tent up and been having a jolly time today so that's a good do. My daughter has spent the day with her Partner, which is a novelty for her as he's always working, so all in all had a nice peaceful day today. Until hubby decides we should go on some marathon bike ride. Am worn out now. My poor old knees have had it from all those ridiculous hills, 900 piggin foot we've climbed this afternoon. My head hurts when I stand up too, I think I've probably bust a blood vessel with all the exertion. I do know that if I hadn't stopped smoking there is absolutely no way I could have done that bike ride today, I would have keeled over I think.

  • Wow! I am exhausted just thinking about cycling let alone up hills. 900 feet no wonder your head hurts. lack of oxygen :D


    I think your brilliant doing all that. like you say glad you don't smoke.

    Glad the family are settled today. you deserve a good rest.


  • ooh that chair picture looks like a good idea. I didn't walk up any hills, I rode up them all, if a little slow sometimes. But yeah probably is a lack of oxygen, thought I was climbing to the moon :)

  • Hi Andi, Pete & Jilly + everyone else

    Yes it is great news that I am NOT killing myself with the smokes and I am feeling better & better - my asthma is almost not bothering me at all (amazing) - I look & feel so much better (sorry rather vain!!).

    My problem is that I smoked to dampen everything down / dull everything and now I do not smoke it is all so REAL, bright, vivid, loud, timeless ....... and I got in a rage about something and it has stayed with me for 3 days - after an explosion (BIG BANG!!) ... things have now quietened down !!!!! Maybe this just had to happen and I was hiding behind the smoke ??

    Best Jonathan

    P.S. Pete printed off your article on "Discomfort" looks good / great - will read it over a few times.

  • Hi Sally & Sinfree

    Thanks for the welcome back .... I am so glad I did NOT smoke (despite the rage!!).



  • Hi Pete and Andi not ignoring you . just don't get my timing right. What shift is it tomorrow Pete, hope its not the nasty one for you. Hope you managed your walk this afternoon andi. I managed the tarn this afternoon.

    well off to get ready for bed so nite nite everyone. sweet dreams. :) xx xx

  • Night Jilly, see you tomorrow

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, loves ya ta bits gal :) :) I'm working on early shift this week, so hopefully wil get a chat or two with you :) :) xxxxxxx

  • Hope you have a good kip Pete and see you tomorrow. Stay strong. :) xxx

  • Nite nite Jilly, sleep well. :) xxx

  • Here is a picture of the worst hill, it went on for ever.


  • Hiya Sin, back in a mo.

  • Blimey, this looks like a really long drag up. Were you on the new bike? I'm getting better at the hills now. I think by the time I can do them a bit quicker it'll be winter then I'll have to start all over again next year. :o Did you get top woman on Strada for all your climbing today? :)

  • haha, I got 23 achievements, but only one Queen of the Mountain and that was because I was the only woman, I'm sure that segment was only about 2.5mph so it won't be very hard for someone to beat me. I say 23 achievements but none of them are very good ones, still never mind. Yes I was on my new bike. Overall though I am impressed as I did 11.5mph which considering how many flipping hills there were it wasn't bad going. What annoys me is it seems to be up hill going as well as coming back.

    I tell a lie, my QOM was 6.3mph. The segment was a 53ft elevation gain in just under 1/3 of a mile and was called Firestation Climb apparently. Out of all the men (21 of them) I came 20th. hahaha, the one who was below me did 0.0mph and it took him erm 11 hours :o he must have gone to sleep or something haha.

  • how is your dizzyness now, is it getting any better?

  • That's a bit like having the wind against you when you go out and come back, isn't it? :o

    Yes, still dizzy - don't know what's brought that on. I remember a couple of times in the night when I was lying down I felt dizzy and thought it was a bit strange. Went out for my walk okay - phoned a friend round the corner who came with me. We were sat by the pond on the golf links when an egret flew in and had fun fishing. I think they are such beautiful birds. :) I am hoping it'll be better in the morning.

  • Must admit I've never heard o an egret, so just looked it up on Google. I've seen those but didn't know what they were. Sounds like Vertigo. My mum had that, it just suddenly appeared from nowhere even though she'd not had it before. Maybe you've been overdoing the exercise a bit, hope you feel better tomorrow. Am going to go in a minute as I'm quite tired tonight after all that fresh air

  • Yeah, I'm off shortly too. Nite nite and sleep well, see you tomorrow. :)

  • Night andi, you sleep well too.

  • Good night all


    Very grateful

    NON Smoker


  • Good night to you too Jonathan, great you got through it, stay strong. :)

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