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Good morning everyone. Friday again and the weekend to look forward to.

Another week gone by for you non-smokers.

How is everyone today? Sue i hope you feel better today.

jonathan hope your on a nope day.

Bellabella hope Pete managed to fix your plumbing.

Sally hope you still have the sun down there, bit cloudy up here at the moment.

Emjay have a lovely Friday and love to Jarvo.

Sinfree and anyone else on site have a lovely day. xx

Keep focused and happy. xx


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Good morning Jillygirl and everyone, I love your pic today Jillygirl :) I have shopping then the docs today, so does hubby, he gets his staples out today, ouch, :D :D

I hope you all have a great nope day, see you later :) xx


:D :D :D i like it Jillygirl, he'll be wishing it was that easy :D :)


Good Morning Everyone :D

JillyGirl, have you been working in my garden with the help of my Gertie....?


Sue, I hope you are feeling much better and have a decent outcome at the Dr's today.

Today is a cracking day to either stay smokefree or begin a smokefree journey.

If any of you are feeling a tad apprehensive about taking the plunge;

"Don't fear the change, change the fear" :D :D


Hi Emjay, I love your pic :D :D I'm feeling a bit better today, done a little bit of shopping and now away to get ready for the docs, for more pills, I'm like a walking pharmacy :D :D

Have a fab day :) xx


Hello Emjay , that is a brill picture, now you are as daft as me. :D


Ha ha ha Emjay, just loooooooove the pic gal :D :D :D


Hello all

Just checking in - hope everyone is okay ?

Into day 7 now & it is getting better / easier + those other 20 days.

Best wishes




Hi Jonathan Nope , that's the sort of talk we want. Keep strong and happy. :)

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Hi Jonathan, I'm glad things are easier for you today :) like Jillygirl said, keep strong and happy.

Have a great nope day :)


Hi everyone, I have just joined today and looking forward to much advice as I have just completed my 5th week without which I am very pleased with.


Firstly well done on 5 weeks that is brilliant. are you using any nrt or are you going cold turkey.

Any questions just fire away Emjay our advisor will help you, or any of our friendly members.

I am signing off now but will catch up tomorrow. night night see you tomorrow. :)


Good morning all, thanks for the replies and welcome from jillygirl and monky, in reply to your question jillygirl I am using the NHS programme using patches and inhalator, so far so good.


Hi ya Antons, a big welcome to this lovely quit support site :) and thats just great that you have just completed your 5th week quit :) :)

As Jillygirl has already said, if you have any questions or just want a rant and rave :o either come on the daily chat, or post a question or a blog yourself :)

Hope to speak soon, Pete :)


Good evening everybody :)

Mind you saying that, we've just had a rite downpoor, the sky went as black as the ace of spades, 3 lots of thunder & lightning around us :o but we must have been on the edge of them all, cos it didnt last long :)

Rite off to read the chat etc, back soooooon if anybody is still awake :|


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