Good morning everyone. Mid week . and i hope we dont have any mid-week crisis on our hands.

It seems some of us had an argument with Mr Nic yesterday. Sorry i was too tired , otherwise i would have sent Nora out to get rid of him.


Can i just say no one on this site is a failure, Just to admit you have had a slip up, takes a lot of guts to admit. Emjay you have always said regard it as a practice run. So Pete you must be ready for the championship league now. Go show em all. :)


Anyway whatever your doing today. Have a lovely smoke-free NOPE day. xxx :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone.

    Hopefully Pete's feeling the muscles in his shoulders today - all that weight of having you, me, Emjay and probably Sue sitting on them, keeping him on the right track. :o You can just hear him now - "Aaaarrrgghhh!!!!" :D :D :D

    Lovely morning here and I'm feeling really good. I went out to try my new trainers and managed to do the 5k so hopefully, (fingers and everything else crossed :o ) no more blisters. :)

    I've got a busy day today as I've got to clean the house cos my sister arrives this evening. I always did work well under pressure. ;-)

    I've still got the dizzies so off to the doc's shortly. See you later. :)

  • Good luck at the docs Andi. Well done on 5k trainers sound as if they worked. Happy cleaning . :)

  • Just got back - good news - only blocked with earwax. Got to put stuff in then get syringed next week (ish). :o

    Love your poem for today - another one that's right up there. :)

  • Glad it was something simple. just have to shout a bit louder to you now. :D xx

  • That's good. Mind you, surprised you're getting your ears syringed, thought they didn't do it any more. You sure they're not vacuuming it out, that's what they use now :o

  • Hi Sin, yeah, figure of speech. I had it done once before. Doc asked me and I remembered having to sign my life away giving consent to have it done. :o

  • Hello & good afternoon (just)

    Hope we all have a calmer day today and it is all about getting back on track.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jonathan, good afternoon. I hope your having a good nope day. No madness around. :D :D

    stay positive. :)

  • Hello & good evening all

    I am pleased to say it has been a calmer day - nothing above force 6 !!

    We are all wishing Pete well today and look forward to his return // we are all allowed to do what we want but the aim has to be to quit and Pete you have been so helpful ...

    All is well that ends well.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jonathan, glad it wasn't toooooo windy for you today. ;-)

  • Hey Jonathan, am so so glad its been a bit calmer for you today pal :) :)

    I thank you so so much for your helpfull comments, we WILL BEAT nic, together !! we CAN do it :) :) and we WILL do it eh :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Andi

    & glad to hear all is well with you - so you are up and I am okay today .... what more could we ask for !!!

    Have a good evening what is left of it.


  • Hi everybody :)

    Although I have had a stressful day at work today :P I thought when I get home, it will be like last night, but no !! I came in the house, smelt THE smell, you know what ?? it didnt bother me :) :) ok, I had a little demon in my head, but soon got rid of him :)

    It must be the fraim of mind I'm in :o as in being positive and definitely focussed on my quit :)

    I hope you all have had a good day :) :)

  • Hi Pete, glad you did well when you got in. Well done. :) Bet you're soooo glad you didn't succumb after catching up with today's goss. :o ;-) :D :D

  • Thanks so much Andi, for helping me gal :) :) and yes just catching up with the goss :)

  • Got to go and get sis now so I'll say nite nite to all of you and see you when I get a chance over the next week or so. :) Hope you all behave yourselves in the meantime. ;-)

  • I think your Sis is older than you isnt she !! hmmmmm does that mean she's more bossy than you are then ? ? no chance, she cant be, can she :o :| :D :D

  • Nite nite everybody, and sweet dreams to you allllllllllllll cos I know there's a lot of you out thier :) :) :)

    Nic comes unpronounced and fast !! so you all be careful and dont make the same mistakes as I did eh :o

    See you soon :) xxxxx

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