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Upside down !!

Upside down !!

Hi everybody its only me again :o

If you look under Jillygirls Daily chat, on the left you will see -- Responsers, if you just look to the right of that, you will see 2 small arrows, if you click one, it will show the latest comments at the top :) and if you click the other, it will show the latest comments at the bottom :)

Its entirely your preference, to whether you like the new or old comments at the top :) but saying that, I have found that if you reply to a comment, ( using latest at the top ) they seem to go down the bottom :o :P until you refresh the page by clicking on Posts again, then it appearers at the top :)

jillygirl, when you have highlighted the erm, offending pic that hasnt turned out, then left click on -- GO TO -- and not copy !! then the pic should appear :) :)

I dont know whether I have helped or hinded :o am sure you will let me know :) :(

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Just another quicky, :o

When you go to copy a pic using URL - dont copy the newest pics at the top, cos they dont seem to turn out for some reason :o :P

If you need any more quickies, cos am getting on a bit now, then see our Emjay, cos she's faster, brainier, fitter, prettier, younger, plus she's a Lady :) :)


Thanks for the tips Pete, will try them out later. I did notice the upside down bit though. xx :)


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