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DAILY CHAT/Tuesday/18/06/2013

DAILY CHAT/Tuesday/18/06/2013

Good morning everyone,

Looks like a sunny day today. Nice day for walking out in the fresh air. If your working at least the sun is shining through the windows trying to cheer you up, plus your not going outside for a smoke in the cold and rain. You can relax in the smoke-free air and feel proud of being an ex-smoker. Whatever you are doing enjoy your day.

Cuppa anyone. ?

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Good morning Jillygirl and everybody,

Hmmmm its a bit dull & grey here so far :( but that pics cheered me up Jillygirl :D :D :D

I'll be round in a bit for that cuppa gal :)


Hi. Can I join you?:-o

11 weeks today and even though things have been horrid with my friend and then my partners uncle passing I still have not smoked although the cravings have intensified.

Love the pic Jilly :-)

Sunny here Pete although it won't last 8-)

Have a good smoke free day everyone :-) :-)


Bunny I was sorry to hear your sad news. Really great that you have been managing not to smoke.



Aup BunnySue :)

Its great to have you back with us gal, and a big well done to you for keepin smoke free in that trying time :) :)

As for you havin the sun, toooooo rite it wont last gal, cos am a coming over their to nick it :P :D :D :D see you soon, Pete :)


Emjay, cockadoodledooooooooo :D :D

Good morning Emjay, I saw your Daily chat before you deleted it, mind you I had to lay down to one side to see the pic :o :| just wondering if it was your new house :D :D :D

Speak soon gal, take care now, Pete :)


Hi Bunny Sue, Glad your back with us. You are doing really well, beating those cravings.

Keep up the good work . enjoy your smoke-free day.

Pete is it M.O.T. day today. is it for your van or you? :P :D

Ok time for me to scarper. love ya really. xx :)


Hi Jillygirl,

Just took my ''VAN'' down for its MOT and not me :P :P cheeky flippin erm,erm Woman youuuuuuuu :o :D :D :D

Hmmmm I can see its goin to be one of them days today :o :)


Good morning everyone,

It's a bit cloudy here, at least we're not getting any rain so that's a plus :D :D

Love your pic Jillygirl :) :) think I'll need to get another cat, I'm missing my daughters now that he's gone back home.

Pete I hope you get some sun later :) what you up to today? shopping/garage/garden, whatever it is have a good one :)

It's lovely to have you back BunnySue :) well done on staying away from the ciggies at this trying time :) hope Pete doesn't nick your sun :D :D :D :)

Have a great smoke free day everyone :) xx


Good morning GrannySue :)

I'm not sure what i am goin to do today, am just in the thinkin stage at the moment, but am havin a job, cos i cant find my 1 brain cell :o :| anybody seen it ?? :D :D


Good morning everyone.

Nice to see you back suebun and so pleased that you've got through the last few days without sparking up bringing you up to 11 weeks. You'll be counting in months before you know it. :)

My phone rang twice at 5.30 with an unidentified mobile number. Grrr! :P Shortly after I heard a strange sound and then it grew and grew and it was a torrential downpour for about 15 minutes. :o No sign of the sun down here yet but it has turned very warm outside. Think I may do something in the garden today. :)


Yeah, sun bathe :P :D :D :D

Ermmmm Good morning Andi :) :)


:D :D :D


Morning :0)

Our Pete's in a mischievous mood i see :D Looks like we're in for another entertaining day with your antics :D

How's your packing coming along JillyGirl? You all ready for the big move? :-/

That's a rather early call Andi, could it not be from one of your friends in America, maybe got confused with the time? :-/

Hey Sue, shall try and send you some sun :-)

BunnySue, you're doing fantastic! It's around this time that you probably will notice the cravings becoming more intense. Don't worry though, it won't last. It's their last attempt at trying to hoax and coax you back. Stay strong, you're a winner :0)

I'm off work today and tomorrow, heading over to Manchester to see Robbie Williams and Ollie Murs tonight :D


Hey Emjay that sounds great. Too busy packing otherwise I would be off to Manchester. Lucky you. xx


Aup Emjay :)

Hmmmm I will have you know that I'm never mischievous :o ;) and as for you goin to Manchester tonight to see erm, them, :P :P :D :D I suppose somebody has to go :D :D now if Shania Twain was at Manchester, then thats a different story, cos she she she just does things for me :o ;) :D :D

Enjoy your day gal :) :)


Now what does she do for you , I wonder.

Ah yes ! makes you blush. saying nowt about the trousers. :P



:P :P :D :D :D


Is that pic titled "Ever-ready Pete"? ;-)

Whoops - better zzzzzooooooommmmmm!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D


You can flippin keep out a it anall :P :P :D :D :D

Yeah you'd best get a move on gal, cos am a comin to pick you up in my erm, go-fast wheelbarrow see :o :D :D :D



Looks like a builder's barrow - does that mean you've also got a builder's bum? :o :D :D :D

Jilly, is your fridge empty now? :o :|


:D :D :D :D :D


Oh boy I seem to be deleting comments all afternoon. I did put one on saying I was moving on Friday. You guessed it. I`m not. It is now Tuesday as my buyers removal people cant do Friday. Ah well more time to waste. :)


Hey Jillygirl, I hope you aint packed that kettle away yet gal :o :|

Cant you move into your new flat, before your buyers move into your house then ??


Andi fridge is nearly empty. but will cope.

Pete I cant move in until everyones money gets transferred. Not legal. Shame. :O


Hi Jilly,

Really pleased to hear that you are finally going to move. Hope it all goes well for you.



Thanks Sally. It seems to have taken forever. :)


Good evening all,

I hope you all have a great evening and continue your smoke free/attempting to be smoke free journey's successfully.

Sally... :)


Aup Sally :)

Its lovely to see you gal :) am just wonderin, how you are doin on your quit :o

Cos am on 2 weeks, 12 hours, 48 minutes and 6,7,8,9,seconds :) but hey, who's countin :o :D :D :D

Speak soon, Pete :)


Hi Pete,

It's going quite well, thanks. Glad to see yours is too.

Sally :)


Yoo Hoo everyone!

Gosh, what glorious weather we're having. My plants (all home grown from seed) are thriving! We've put 400 or so bedding plants in, that took some time! Deffo worth it though!

I hope that everyone is keeping well! Great to hear that your move is happening soon Jilly!

Can't believe I've nearly been stopped smoking for 10 months! Time flies when you're having fun :)

Am very busy at work and socially too. Weight is still coming off, so am well happy!

Am away to water mi plants and have a cool shower!

Laters all

Jan xx


Aup Pam :)

I'd thought you'd emigrated gal, :o

A massive well done to you for reachin 10 months quit gal, that is my dream :) :) cos then I will know that I have done it :) :) Ace Jan, just Ace gal :) :)

I bet your garden will look spectacular in a couple of weeks :) I've still got about 160 geraniums to plant out yet, but now my van has passed its MOT, I can get on with it :)

Laters to you tooooooooo Jan, Pete :)


Off you go then Pete. :P



Hello Jan, lovely to see you back on site. I cant believe you`ve been stopped for 10 months now. That's fantastic. And losing weight too. how jammy is that. says me green with envy.


Keep up the good work. :)



Hiya Chuckles, long time no see. Glad to see you've got to 10 months and keeping as busy as ever. Are you going to enter Britain in Bloom with all those bedding plants? I think Pete's in competition with you. :o Keep up the good work. :)

Andi xx


Evening all, just got back and myself sorted after going to running group. :)

Pete, I did manage about 2 hours in the garden today - mainly weeding. :P

It finally took til about 6 this evening for the sun to come out - ready for the mini heatwave tomorrow. :)


Aup Andi, :)

Erm just wonderin about this weedin lark, were you weedin while you lay on your sunbed :o :D :D :D

Jillygirl, I know that your fridge aint got much in it, at the mow, so you open that door ready for me a comin, cos I think I need a hiddin place, pretty smartish tooooo :o :D:D :D


Can't you read? I said the sun didn't come out til 6 and that's when I went out running. :P


Read :o :|

I will have to look that one up Andi :o I will get back to you as soon as :P :D :D :D


Flippin eck. tried to replys to Pete and didn't work. this is the last time. :O



:D :D :D :D


Night night everyone, tired now so signing off. see you all tomorrow.

Sweet dreams. xx :)


Nite nite Jilly, sleep well. :) xxx


Jillygirl, dont you worry about replyin to me gal :)

Anyway, ave got to go now, cos her-in-doors is shoutin :o :|

I wish you all a lovely and peaceful nights sleep, and if you do dream, then let it be nice :) :)

Nite nite everybody, :) xxxxx


Nite nite Pete - and everyone else, sleep well. :) xxxxxxx


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