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Jonathan (alias Quit)

Good morning all

Okay day 4 will start at 12 noon - this could / should mean things will get less intense (mad!!), might even manage to do some work today - rather than just sitting there half zombiefied (spelling rubbish!!).

Got to read a book (No.1 on list) last night and found breathing exercises on blog this morning (THANK YOU so much).

Maths sum:

20 a day for 34 years = 245,000 (ish) cigs with asthma ...

have stopped before for short amount of time - but all the same this is serious self harm !!

Not sure my brain has been working that well last few years either ..... I need to do this and so does everyone else need to stop and stay stopped. Some of those pics on internet of people slowly dying from smoking related diseases ... oh my God & then all the dangerous stuff being added to the tobacco to keep you more addicted & make the smoke such a pleasing experience ... oh my God. My father in law (great guy) died from lung cancer a few years back ... you would think I might have registered !!!!

Must not get too carried away ... sense of smell coming back which is most odd as did not know what the rooms in the house smelt like (or if I did know had forgotten), sorry if getting carried away this morning ..... getting / got another rush to the head as I write this .... had better stop and go for walk (No. 4).

Day 4

Not sure how this blog works anymore - was happy just adding to everyone comments ??

Anyway let me try this and day 4 is underway.

Been feeling better and managed to do a little work - haze lifted for longer periods of time.

Whatever happens I will NOT smoke. Bring on day 5 ......

Best wishes


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Keep going Jonathan you are doing so well and I know you can do this. I'm on day 100 today and never thought I could even do 1 week

Keep strong :-)

Sue xx


Thanks Sue

Clever this - not feeling isolated in ones attack on a deadly habit / addiction - well done for day 100 and I look forward to day 100 and beyond !!

Have you seen the clips of all these people dying from smoking (well if nothing else they would demand that we stopped).


Jonathan if you go into the tags and search for jillys story that will show you how much it means to me to have stopped. But now more importantly to support and help other people . Stay strong. p.s. don't read all my story if you don't want it is a bit of a long blog. xx


Thank you so much for this - I have read your story and think what suffering / pain you have been through and how wonderfully strong you have been & continue to be (God Bless you).

My father-in-law went through this - a heavy smoker for years ..... very sadly he did not make it but he was so brave - never once did he complain about anything.

Maybe we feel responsible because we have been addicted and so can not complain ??

I think I still have a few health issues and will not be walking away from this Scott free - not sure I am brave enough though !!

God Bless



Jonathan you are brave don't think otherwise. just the fact your on here and trying to quit makes you a strong and brave person.

Do it in respect of your father in law. he would be so proud of you. :) xx


Thanks so much - "yes" he would.



Hi Jonathan , You will soon be reaching your first week. before long you will be reaching your first month, then first year.

I see you managed to find your way round the site, and posted your blog on ok. You will soon be telling us what to do. have a lovely evening. xx


Your doing great Jonathan, keep strong, you can do this, i never thought i'd get past 3 days, so if i can do it so can you.


Hi Jonathan, a big well done to you pal :) you sound very positive and focused on your quit, which is a very good sign :) and I wish you good luck on this rocky road that we are on :)

Pete :)


Morning Pete

Thanks for your message. I think this support is great - have a fab day and glad to join you as a NON smoker (ex nicotine addict).



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