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Daily Chat Wednesday 7th August

Good morning all & may it be a smoke free WINsday !!

Just delighted to wake up a non smoker today and oh my God I feel soooo much better it is unbelievable !!! How positive was that .........

Dont worry I will be hit by the next wave of cravings soon and will return to feeling odd, but when it all clears the view is amazing ....

Anyone thinking of giving up then do it because to have your health come back is priceless, amazing, wonderful and you feel less stressed (NOT more stressed).

"Yes" it is so difficult but just do it however mad you get to feel.


NON Smoker Jonathan

Over positive this morning !!


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Good morning Jonathan and everyone else. So glad you feel good today Jonathan. You see it does get better the longer your quit. :)

Welcome to richtea, and salamah, sorry I missed you yesterday. If you wonder why (quit) Jonathan puts NOPE

it stands for N not O one P puff E ever.

Have a lovely day. xxxx :)


Hi jillygirl, thanks for the welcome! Haha I did wonder, may have to remember it when I want a puff. Havent smoked for one day yay, wish everyday was as easy as the first

S :)


Morning Jilly

Have I put my Post / "daily chat" in the wrong place as it is not following yesterday ??

Many thanks



Hi Jonathan no you got it right. Think this site confuses us all. :)


Well I know its early yet. but am off out soon . Child minding and rabbit feeding duties are calling me.

so have a lovely day whatever your doing. :) catch up later. Meanwhile some (not all) may enjoy looking at the following.













Like then Jillygirl it is a lovely start to the morning in Derbyshire, lets hope it continues. Good luck to all on your journey to beat Nic. Sue c x


Good Morning Everyone :D

That's a really nice opening of the day Jonathan, good too see you so positive. You are definitely doing the right thing and by recognising that the view is amazing once you overcome any challenges helps big time :D :D

JillyGirl, I love the wheels of life :D Have a nice day with babbas and bunny too :-)

Hey SimbaSue, have a lovely day :-) It's looking like it wants to be a nice day here as well :D

Pete, take it easy in that there work place of yours. I'm sorry I missed you last night - I have a houseful of little folks and so didn't make it on here until really late :-)

Andi, yep to the chicken muck, but it's not as bad as you think and is easily cleaned. Although I have decided that I'm going to make a part of the garden an area that is 'hose-down-able' :-/ The daily eggs we have from them and their funny little antics are great :D

Sue, I hope all is well with you and little Nairn is as charming as ever :-) How's the hubby recovering now?

I've just come back to a fresh cuppa on my desk, what a nice surprise :D


Happy Wednesday everyone!! No farm visits for me this week, instead it a week of paperwork catch up!! So easily distracted am I!!!

Welcome to all the newcomers...

He's to a happy smoke free afternoon... ??

Was wondering what NOPE stood for!!


Well all this positive posting today and I am now down in the dumps - I knew it would not last ....

never mind !!!

Good afternoon Bella ... would like to move into that "happy" space !!!

Best wishes



Hmmmmmm, looks like everybody has gone to bed early tonight, not bothered am not :P :P well, perhaps I am a bit, only a flippin little bit though :D :D

Jonathan, you stay flippin strong and focused pal, cos your doing just great :) try some heavy breathing, if that fails, shout your flippin head off, kick something, hey but not the missus eh :o :D get rid of that stress, craving, what ever it is, let it out :) :)


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