Changes to the site

Changes to the site

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to make you aware that Health Unlocked are carrying out some improvements on the site. This will mean some changes to the way our Quit Support Forum appears. The site will be unavailable on Tuesday morning, 9th July (tomorrow). However, it is hoped that everything will be back up and running by 1pm.

We hope you find the changes make the site easier to use. Do let us know of any problems.

Cheers :-)

6 Replies

  • oooh, exciting, I like change, a change is as good as a rest, as they say.

  • I second that. :)

  • Can't wait. :)

  • I third that :D :D

  • I'm not sure why nothing has happened as of yet. Looks like we've been able to access the site all day. Just in case you can't though, you'll know why :-/ :-/

  • found my answer

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