Problems with site

I cannot go to the site from my email as I get a message saying cannot open page due to too many redirects?

Anyway still here hardly ever think about cigarettes these days and I think that may be one of the reasons I don't check in here very often.

Everyone is doing so well keep up the good work it is so worth it. I have just printed my itinerary for Paris in June. Wanted to go to Moulin Rouge but it is extremely expensive so may give that a miss but have booked a skip the line ticket for Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and a cruise on The Seine.

Haven't booked anything specific for Barcelona in April as we are there a bit longer and its outside the busiest tourist time. Will play it by ear a bit and be a bit more relaxed.

Started the diet 15th January and lost 13 lbs, hopefully a stone by Monday which is when I weigh myself. Another stone to go and then I will be happy and healthier.

Well that's it for now NOPE

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  • By the way, when do I get my next piece of bling?

  • Congrats KC losing 13 pounds!!! That is just fabulous!

    I cannot open up this site from my e-mail on my ipad either so I`m on my desktop which is fine..................Glad you still check in as you are an inspiration to us who have not reached 2 years....Hope your day is a good one xx

  • Good to hear from you!

  • Wow KC 2 years smoke free and a great weight loss 😀

    Paris is lovely.... Look up and see if there are any flea markets on as you can pick up some bargains😀

    Barcelona is also lovely but please watch out for pick pockets as its really rife there and they also use a lot of distraction strategy to get your stuff too ! I took my nephew to a Barcelona game and we had a great time 😀😀

  • Hey KC, lovely to hear from you. Enjoy your trips in Paris, and Barcelona.

    Well done with the slimming. :)

  • Hi KC, yep I'm having problems the same as you, think HU must be changing things a bit😳

    Well done on losing weight and 2 years smokefree, awesome💐👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    I went to Barcelona and Paris with my daughter a few years back and absolutely loved them both. You'll have a great time and planning it all is lots of fun👍🏼

    Life really is better as a non smoker🚭🚭😊

  • It's hearing from non smokers like you KC which keeps me determined to keep saying NOPE and that there is light at the end of the smokers tunnel when I too will be able to say 'hardly ever think about cigarettes these days' Yea! :) bring it on - pleaseeeeeeee :)

    Well done on the weight lose I know how hard that one can be too, (trying not to think about the weight lose I'll have to tackle once I'm able and ready - but hey ho, my weight has always fluctuated over the years regardless of if I was smoking or not so this time it's health first then dress size/s! :) :( :)

    Have a brilliant holiday and PLEASE do pop onto this site when that rare thought of smoking occurs just so you can tell the rest of us here and those to come - that they too, one day will hardly think about cigarettes - I am sooooooooo looking forward to that day and hearing from folks like you that have stopped smoking and rarely if ever think about it, is such an inspiration - thank you :)

  • Thank for all your kind words.

  • Hi KC--sounds like a wonderful trip--Lucky you--I was on a hi protein low carb diet before I quit smoking and lost qo lbs--stopped smoking and Ive gained that back plus--what kind of diet are you on?? I get so hungry it is hard for me to not lose control--seems I crave all the stuff I was going without before my quit--thanks and nice meeting you MmeT

  • I am following Slimming World but doing it at home and not going to group. I did it a few years ago and it does work well.

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