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New to the site!

Hi guys, so I've decided that I am finally going to stop smoking. After months of talking about it I'm gonna finally do it. Tomorrow will be my first day as a non smoker. I'm going to go cold turkey and so I wondered if anyone had any tips to get me through my first few days? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Aup Lougru, a big warm welcome to this quit support site :) :)

I've found that you have to be prepared for your quit :) like write things down why you want to quit ! Like your health, money you would save, etc :) I wrote a post about it, I will find it for you.

I admire you for going cold turkey, I myself could never do that :( but there are quite a few members who have on here :)

Kronoskylock, is a member who has quit cold turkey for nearly 5 weeks now :) He was on site not so long ago, so maybe he will be able to give you more help :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


hey lougru, i m your mentor it seems in this journey, good luck


Thank you Martin for helping Lougru with your experience of quitting cold turkey, it was very good of you to help a fellow quitter :o :)


Hi again, I have just posted the Daily chat, it may just help you to get focused on your new quit journey eh :)

Good luck for tomorrow :)


Hi Lougru. Hmm, I know there's never a good time to quit but just before Christmas? And cold turkey too?? :o You're one very brave soldier that's all I can say. Am not trying to put a dampener on things or anything but maybe waiting til after all the festivities are over might be more of a plan for success. Perhaps like Pete says you could use the time between now and new year to plan your quit, perhaps cut down a bit first, just a thought but I dunno I think to do it now at this moment in time might be biting off more than you could chew? Unless of course you just sail through Christmas and are an incredibly laid back person who never bats and eye lid and loves and adores every minute of Christmas, who is either happy not to drink or can happily drink away without giving a second thought to smoking at the same time.


I have to echo the sentiments of Sinfree and Pete.NOT a good time to cold turkey.Why not make it your new years,resolution to quit,make plans and coping strategies between now & then,write stuff down and plan a summer him with the money you'll save.


Summer hol!!


Thank you for all your responses! Great to know there's such a support network available!

I understand the concerns about cold turkey right before Xmas, by I think I'm gonna give it a go anyway. If I do fall off the wagon then I can pick myself up at new year and will hopefully be easier from that point. It just feels like the signs are there for me to stop now - painful gums, horrible stains on teeth starting to spread, affecting my ability to push my fitness (New found fitness fan) I'm not sure I just want to sit around and wait. I'd rather try now and fail then not try, if you see what I mean. I'm just about to leave for work and usually have a cig when I arrive... Guess this is the first test! Wish me luck x


Better to have tried and failed than never have tried at all, its quite true, and it certainly won't do you any harm. I stopped smoking for the same reason as you, to save my teeth. As for the fitness thing, you do notice after a while that stopping does make a difference. I walked home from the hairdressers this afternoon which was just over 2 miles, not a long way but I wouldn't have enjoyed it much a couple of years ago as its uphill all the way, a 236 foot climb. I got bored more than anything but certainly not out of breath like I would have been when I smoked.


It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll.

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley


I made it to lunch time :) having bad cravings right now though- this afternoon is going to be tough as I usually go out 2 or 3 times on the afternoon for a smoke. Got a large bottle of water nearby that I'm gonna pick up and drink from everytime I have a craving. Not sure if it'll work- probably just make me want to pee and have a cig but really do not want to replace cigs with food. What do you guys do when you have a craving? X


Hey Lougru, welcome aboard to Quit Support :-)

So you've bounced straight in with both feet down the cold turkey route :-) This can be done just as long as you stay positive - even when you least likely feeling like trying. Know that you will have your ups and downs - stopping smoking is like the biggest fairground ride you have ever been on, so just enjoy the older coaster ride of a lifetime.

Every time you have a craving, know that it won't last. Just deal with it and see it through. Cravings are a positive sign of recovery and shows that your body is recognising that you are not feeding it with all those 4,000 (plus) chemicals that you have been as a smoker.

The more cravings you ride through, the stronger you will become.

It only takes 48 hours for nicotine to leave your system, you are already a good few hours into your journey now :-)

Breathing exercises can be used for different reasons - to calm a busy mind down, to help you sleep at night, to get you through a 'trying' 3 minutes. So have a read through our breathing exercises and start practicing them so that you know how to use them when need be.

You can do this, it sounds as though you are pretty much organised.

Stay positive, stay strong and remember that we're here if you need us :-)


Lougru, Well you are very brave going the cold turkey route. I have stopped smoking several times over the years but always with some support ie, nicotine patches or champix tablets (which I have found the best) Good luck and keep going on this not so easy journey. Lots of help on here so don't feel you are on your own.


Well I made it through day 1!! Was in a vile mood by the end of the day though! I went to the gym which helped for a while but had the worst nights sleep ever last night. Just felt "wound up". Guess this is to be expected.

I don't usually smoke a lot (about 6 a day) so thought this would be fairly easy.. Not so! I seem to be better in the morning at controlling the cravings- by the afternoon I feel like I could kill someone!


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