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Daily chat, Wednesday 3rd July

Daily chat, Wednesday 3rd July

Good morning everyone

Already Wednesday, the week half over already!

It is a bit grey just yet, but the sun may be out later to herald this lovely weather predicted for the weekend.

Keep well, and if you can, smoke free. I am still struggling, and still hoping. Can you show me that ladder again Emjay? I want to get up a few more rungs soon :)

I have to get on with some work soon, but have a half hour to get the kettle on for any tea or coffee takers, and maybe a bacon butty later?


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Good morning Betts and everyone.

How about this to jump start your Wednesday Betts?


Bacon butty sounds lovely, but I'm cutting back for the time being - Weetabix for me today. ;-) Have a good day and see you later. :)


Morning Andi

Love the picture, the greatest glory is in getting up and trying again! Well, bring on the glory :)

Wishing you all a glorious day :) , it's set to be a goodun, stay positive and busy, busy, or chilled out, depending what you need.

I hope jillygirl is settling in to her lovely new home, getting it all straight. And sinfree, you getting any cooing and cuddling today? That sounded nice. Pete's out busy working, and Andi, you got to be getting some (more) exercise today :) and all you other winners (or triers), I would love to here if the day is kind to you all.

When I can get this latest presentation challenge done, I will be free! Hope to be sorted by early afternoon and take some walk time out.

Make it a good one, catch the day :)


Good afternoon everyone

Thanks for your comment Pete. Your right, it's my birthday tomorrow. How are you doing?

I hope everything's going ok for our Jillygirl with her move.

How's everyone doing today? Betts I will try and find the ladder for you, I'm not too sure what it is but ill have a little look and get back to you later.

Speak soon


Hi there Claire. I thought you'd left or moved on as we hadn't heard from you for so long. :)


Good evening Betts and anyone else. :o

Betts, did you manage to complete your presentation challenge and get a nice walk in?


Aup Andi :)

What you bin up to today then ?? I should hope you havent had any more chocy cake :o :)


Hi Andi and all

Lovely evening here, on the road 'down South'!

Presentation all done, and a quick change of plan means I've just set off for a Surrey family visit. That's good. No smoking there, so a lovely smoke-free day in prospect tomorrow :)

It means I was getting things ready instead of walkking, but tomorrow I think we'll be out and about. I am sure exercise helps a lot with stopping smoking. You quickly feek the benefits, well I did before.

Have a nice, relaxed evening everyone.


Aup Betts, I wont say tooooo much gal, cos your driving, but am glad you got your presentation done and going to have a few days with your family :) and being a smoke free visit too :) It will perhaps get you in the right frame of mind to set a quit date eh :)

Yep your right about that Betts, exercise does help you with quitting, well it helps me too :) :)


Hiya Pete. Well, I was going to do some digging today but got told I should have a rest day by my pt. :) Did that hot yoga this morning. :X Decided I'm not going to do it again, my friend too. She got a stonking headache last week and said it as even worse this week. My problem really is that all the more static stuff I find a bit boring and I'm not really very bendy so can't do it very well. I can't be arsed to persevere with it either - there's loads of other stuff I can do that I enjoy a whole lot more :o :)


Shame about the diggin gal :P :P :D :D :D

Hmmmm exercise !!!! Andi, you do the exercises you like to do gal, that way you will keep up with it eh :) :)


Hey Andi, have you heard from Jillygirl or Sue :o


Is your rower getting it's ass kicked lately? :o :D :D


Yes, lastnight, but not tonight cos its toooo late now, and was busy earlier, so I will give it another bashin tomorrow night :o :) :)


Does that mean you've started shrinking then? :o :) :)


:P :P huh, I would like to be a fly on the wall when you are doin some of your erm, exercises ;o :D :D :D



I'm still here Andi, I work in the community again now so I'm out and about a lot. How are you doing?

Betts I hope you have a lovely time. You're doing really well, it'll be nice for you to relax instead of planning you'd next cigarette. The weather is meant to be nice so enjoy your walk.

Have a lovely evening ;-)


Aup Claire, its so nice to see you again gal :) :)

I suspect that you cant nodd as much now then, cos your out and about :o I expect there keepin you busy :)

Enjoy your evening too, and have a wonderful day tomorrow :) :) xxxx


I've got the munchies but can't find anything to eat. :(


Now, if you had a veg garden, you could just nip out there and pick a few peas or carrots etc and munch on them :) :|


Hi Monky, Claire and all

Quick pitstop, 2 hours away now, I guess.

You are so right Claire. The stress of smoking is terrible. It will be so good to stop. I don't want this horrible addiction! I have my inhalator to help, it does.

Working up to a quit date. Fear and joy in equal measure at the thought.

Best get my foot down again :) On my way!


"The Stress of smoking is terrible"! :o I'll swap places with you - the stress of quitting ain't so hot either :D I did have cuddles and cooing today but my poor daughter was more in need of some cuddles. Baby giving her a hard time, and has decided sleep is for the weak :D Have a great break or where ever it is you're going and please send some sun our way if you happen to see it, it seems to be lost at the moment.


Nite nite everybody, I bid you a lovely nights sleep, so that you stay focused and positive on your quit tomorrow :) :)

Luvs ya all :) xxxxx


Nite nite Pete, sleep well. :) xxx


Oh well I came on here too late. I need to go now and iron my clotheses for the fun factory tomorrow. Hope I feel a little more awake this week at work - last week I could happily have snoozed rather than have to answer silly little phone calls all day long - hey ho. Night Andi, Pete and Betts.


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