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Daily chat: Friday 21st June 2013

Daily chat: Friday 21st June 2013

Good morning everyone.

It's the summer solstice today. 8-)

I thought I'd get up early and go to watch the sunrise at Stonehenge but as the foreast was for cloud and/or rain I decided to stay in bed. ;-)

For all the New Year quitters, it's your 6 month anniversary coming up. Why don't all of you stand up and be counted and come and brag about it on here - we'd love to hear from you. Who knows, your story may help someone else who's really struggling and give them a light bulb moment. :)

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Good morning everyone, Yes its overcast and humid up here in Yorkshire. So not promising for a decent walk. Never mind can always do some packing. Andi that I love your invite to other quitters and the light bulb moment. Lovely way of putting it.

Catch up later. xx :)


Good morning Andi, Jilly and everyone. The weathers pretty rubbish here too, but it's warm and currently dry, so that's me happy. It's six months quit for me really as I cut down to just two ciggies a day a couple of days before New Years eve and went for the full quit on 26 Jan. It's been a rough ride but I've survived to tell the tale :) :o

Summer solstice, does that mean the days get shorter soon ???


Good morning everyone,

A lie in for me this morning, i enjoy those as there pretty rare :o :) Not good weather here and we're gonna get rain later.

Hope you all have a good day, i'm away to kick start my brain, see you later :D :D :)


Morning everyone,

Happy Mid-Summers Day. I've taken the day off work and was up as daylight struck in London. It started off quite promising but true to form it is now grey. Never mind, I'm still going to enjoy it.

Next year Andi, I may make the trip to Stonehenge myself. I bet even on a grey day it still has a magical feel.

Jilly, great news about your moving day. I hope it all goes well.

Hi Sin. Congrats on making 6 months. I'm about the same. Doesn't time fly. I have to say that yesterday for the first time since the first week or two I actually had a craving for a cigarette. I have no idea why and it was gone so quickly that I barely had time to register it. It just goes to show how on the guard one has to be and I'm still using my e-cig. But I have remained smoke free so I am not complaining one little bit.

Sue, have a good day.

Sally... :)


Hi there, Sin 6 months wow. Bet your glad your smoke-free now with your sweet little granddaughter. Sally well done to you too another 6 months. No looking back now. :)

Sue glad you managed a sleep in. makes a change for you. Take it steady. :)

Andi does that mean I have more time to pack if its the longest day today. :D


Hey Hey Hey :D

Happy Friday everyone and happy 6 month celebrations to all you 6 month quitters :-)


Sin, I know you've had a tough time with quitting, which seems really unfair but as you say you've survived it and are able to share your experiences with everyone :-) Hope you felt as positive today as yesterday and can you still see your face in your shiny sink :D :D


Andi, I agree that everyone should shout out about how well they are doing. Stopping smoking can take a great effort and by making it to 6 months is such a brilliant achievement :-) About Stonehenge... how about trying to make it for the sunset tonight? That might be nice :D


JillyGirl, at least by not having sunshine will mean that you're not missing out on it whilst you are stuck in packing :-/ Crack on and get it oot the way :D


Hey Sue, glad you had a good rest :-) Here's a nice cuppa to give you that start to your day :D


Well done to you too Sally, those pesky little cravings won't be around forever :-) You're doing fab so keep it up :-)



Hi all, glad to see there's a couple of survivors amongst us "old lags". :o Too much hard work to weaken now so keep it up. :)

Jilly, shame you've got to do all that packing - hope you can stand the pace. :)

Sue, glad you had a good sleep, hopefully your batteries a re-charged now. :)

Emjay, are you having a quiet one today - finding the time to find all those pics. :o

Went to Athletic Conditioning class this morning - a bit manic but I survived! I'm off for a sports massage this afternoon - never had one before but as I got it cheap on one of those websites I thought I'd give it a whirl. There's another one on offer at the mo so if this goes okay I think I'll buy that one too. :)


Hi Emjay, Not doing bad with the packing now. Nearly done apart from the things we may need before Tuesday. :O

Andi you don't half live it up. no wonder your worn out on an evening. :D


I'm at my desk and trying to catch myself up Andi, haven't had a chance for a good cuppa and a gab with you all this week :-)

You sound like you have everything sorted then JillyGirl :D


Yes Emjay all sorted apart from just one obstacle. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The

Hubby. I wish I could pack him in a box until Tuesday. Bless him he always gets nervous. Don't know why its me that does most of the work. :)

Handle with care. :D



Aup Jillygirl :) :)

Shall I tell you why, you '' Think '' you do most of the work, :o :P :D

We put stuff in the box's , you say, that dont go in there :o

We take stuff out the box's, you say, what you took that out for :o

We get another box to put stuff in, you say, what you putting in there and why !! there is always a why :o

We say, rite then I will leave it up to you to pack, then what do we get :o Huh us Women have to do it all :P :P :D :D :D


That's right and you wouldn't change us for the world. :D


haha, that is so true Pete.


Evening all - is anyone out there - or has Jilly packed you all away in her boxes with her hubby? :o ;-)


Hi ya Andi :)

Yep you got it to a tee gal, our lovely Jillygirl packed us all away in the boxes :( BUT we escaped :) :D :D :D



No more packing to do until Monday with the last bits and pieces. besides run out of parcel tape. :)


Good evening Pete, what you been up to today. :)


Andi how was your massage. relaxing I hope. :)


Aup Jillygirl :) :)

Erm I think I;de best get out a here, cos have just rote a comment to you :D :D :D

Hey, whats this about Andi, havin a masssssarge :o :| I wonder how much that cost her, cos I would give her a massage for nothin :) :)


Typical! Run round doing the curtains, make a drink, get more to eat, :o and when I come back the computer's gone off again just as you all wake up. :P


Well, I had the massage. It was quite nice but I think I was expecting it to be a bit more ... er ... aggressive? as it was a sports massage. I did have a little snoozette when I got home with a cuppa. :)

Jilly, hope you have a relaxing time of it over the weekend - if that's possible surrounded by boxes. :o Probably be best to go out for a drive and visit your family instead. :|


well I am getting tired now . so will say nite nite and love ya all.

see you tomorrow. Hubby just said am I packing it in on the laptop. Did he really say PACKING. Argh!!!!!!!!!!

:) ;D ;)


Nite nite Jilly - and nite nite to you too Pete.

Hope you both sleep well, sweet dreams. :) xxxxxx


Umm, everyone's gone to bed again. Tsk, have been soooo busy today this is the first chance I've had to sit down since early on this morning. Been to the park with my grandson, daughter, hubby and our little Livvy as the weather turned out to be not too bad.

After all that tennis I've been playing on the xbox and wii I decided to get a couple of real tennis racquets (is that how you spell it, it doesn't look right to me) and we played tennis at the park, umm think I'll stick with the Wii, certainly kept us fit running around after the ball every time we missed it. :D


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