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Daily chat, Friday 7th June

Daily chat, Friday 7th June

Good morning everyone!

It's another lovely day here, I hope you've all got it too.

This is my 2nd attempt to start the blog, because I am trying to put up a picture of my daughter's kitties - they have grow and are turning into monstercats :) - but last time an old but wonderful picture of a plate of jilly's cakes came up ??!!

And I thought it is too. Early for cakes :)

Can't linger, off for a hospital appointment.

Tea's brewed, so just time for a quick cuppav

Have a great smokefree day, and thanks all for your tremendous support, today and every day


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Good morning Betts. Super picky. they are so huggable. :) Hope hospital goes ok for you.

I also hope better than mine yesterday. All check up fine in the morning. Then got a call to go back for another blood test yesterday evening. so I was there from 5.45 to 10.55pm so needless to say it was a long day. turned out to be an incorrect reading. Thank goodness or I would have had to stay in.

Hope everyone enjoys there smokefree Friday. xxx :)


Hi jilly

What a horrible evening and night you had :( - So worrying and so long!

I am so glad it all turned out well though, so enjoy some r and r today, with a good measure of relief, if you can with all your busy goings on. Are you doing the supermarket, garden, grandma duties, solicitor..... Whatever you do, have a good one

Must go!


Morning Betts - I want one!

Well, it started off sunny before I got up but we're now in the middle of a thunderstorm and torrential rain. Should clear up this morning so I'd better go and do some ironing - don't seem to have done any for yonks! :o :D

Good luck at the hospital today Betts. :)


Morning Everyone,

Betts, they are like a pair of book ends :D :D I hope all goes well for you at the hospital and you are donning your patch with a big positive outlook :-)

Andi, the sun is shining here, I hope we haven't got any rain on it's way. I only iron as I go along :-/

JillyGirl, I can't believe the hanging around that you had to do :-( However, at least it was good news :-)

Mad, that's a nice little twirl :-)

Have a lovely day everyone :-)


Good morning everybody :)

Betts, love the pic gal :) :) and I hope all goes well at the hospital :)

Speak to you all soon :)


Hey Pete, (Mr Oddie the birdman) lovely to catch you on here :-) Hows it going?


Hi all and hope the day will be enjoyable.


Afternoon All :-)

I've just come across this short clip that you may like to watch;


That's brilliant. and frightening.


Hi all

Got my patch on and going the right way, Emjay, thank you.

Back safe and fairly sound from my appointment. Got a bit of a telling off for not looking after myself rigorously enough - I can't be doing with putting cream all over me everyday, but must!! Something else to be cracking on with on the way to self improvement :) :)

I haven't watched the video just yet jilly, but will later. Had enough of a health bashing for one day :) and my appointment was really late, not so bad as yours, but I have missed a lot of sun already (and have to remember to put on the factor 50!! Ye gods, I am going to have to pull my socks up!

Mr Oddie, please, I would like an update on titch and family. What did you do??


Hi everyone,

Just back from the hospital, I had to sit around for hours but at least that's the bone scan tiched off, wonder what he'll have in store for me next :o :D :D

I love your pic Betts, i want one :D :) I'm glad things were not too bad at the hospital for you:) I know what you mran about the cream, i have to put some on my hands and arms and i can't be bothered doing that :o :D

I'm glad things were okay for you Jillygirl, typical hospital, getting things wrong abd causing you worry.

Hope your weather has improved Andi and you got some sun today, at least you caught up with your ironing, i still have a mountain to do :D :D

I love your twirl Mad :D :D

Pete how did it go with the birds? I hope things are going good for you today :)

I've not watched your clip yet Emjay, waiting on my tablets working first, hope your having an easy day today :)

Kettles on if anyone wants a cuppa :) xx


Thanks Sue, I might have a late tea but I guess it's gone cold now. I'll put the kettle on again for one last one. Hope you had a good day Pete, and everyone.

Had a BBQ making most of a long summer's evening. Now time to watch some TV and maybe chew on my inhalator, it helps before bedtime.

Night night all, wishing for another summer's day tomorrow.



nite nite Betts, sweet dreams :)


Nite nite everyone. sweet drams. XX :)


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