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Daily Chat: Friday 21st December 2012

Daily Chat:  Friday 21st December 2012

Good morning everyone

It's my last day in work today then off for 2 weeks so I'm really feeling in the Christmas spirit, sat her with my Christmas glasses on, Iook a bit like Elton John :)

I hope you all have a great craving free day, well done again Mad for your 8 months of not smoking, that is excellent. Meant to say, I love your picture :)

I will speak to you later, just off to get my 2nd coffee of the day.

xxx :)

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Good Morning Kazz, love your picture :)

I'm just picturing you sitting there looking like elton john :D :D :D

are you all ready for xmas then, i've just got food shopping to do today, then i'm going over to my daughters with her pressies so i won't be on here for a while

have a great day, will chat later :) xx


Hi Sue

Almost ready for Christmas, I haven't wrapped any presents yet and I still have food shopping to do all of which I will do this weekend.

Thanks for putting the picture of your little grandson on here yesterday, he is so clear to see, some scan pictures aren't very clear. You must be even more excited now you know it is a little boy and at least you can buy things in blue now or knit something :) Now your daughter knows it is going to be a boy, does she have a name for him?

Thanks for the cake you sent to me Pete, I can't believe you tried to blame Johnny Cakeface for the missing slice :) Funny how it's never you but there is always a piece missing out of the cakes you send :) At least you didn't blame Monkey this time.

I have at last sorted my computer out so all is good now and I will be able to get online during the evenings and weekends. I was having a bit of a problem doing a PC to PC transfer but I've managed to do it now and it's plugged in and I know how to switch in on :P

The only problem with my Elton John Christmas glasses is that they have tinted lenses which makes me feel like I am sitting in the dark :) I just hope I don't fall asleep at my desk :)



Hi all, will I have time to finish this before the end of the world? hope you all have a lovely day and a good weekend :)


PHEW we are all still alive lol that's a relief, looks like I am going to have to clean up after all :(


Thats what I was thinking, now I,ll have to go out and buy some food, yuk, dont mind eating it but I hate the shops at this time of the year. Never mind i,ll go tinight when it,s a bit better not so many pushers and shovers around.


If it consumes me John, it wont get much, it,ll still be hungry.


I wasn't even sure exactly when today the world was meant to be ending, but someone just told me it was 11:11, I nearly didn't come into work today, I told my boss I wasn't spending my last day on earth in this office :) I also told him that if I didn't turn in and the world didn't end then I shouldn't get a verbal warning because I believed it was the end of the world and that is exceptional circumstances :)

Enjoy your cleaning delina :)

I just noticed that you were expecting the world to end but then you said have a good weekend, were you just playing it safe just in case? :D


Haha Didn't think it would for one minute :) my mum was telling me when we were all little the world was meant to end so she kept us home from school :) there is nine of us, not sure how many were at school at the time but she said we was all scared :(


Hi everyone, just back from shopping, asda was mental lol, off soon to see my daughter :)

If you think that scan was clear Kazz you should see the other one, you can see the brain, the optic nerve, it's amazing :) i'm getting excited now mo:)

I'm glad you got your computer sorted out :) we can chat later now :)

enjoy your cleaning delina, don't world too hard though :D :) i forgot about the end of the world thing, would have waited later to shop, instead i've spent a fortune, hubbys wallet is crying :D :D

have a great day everyone see ya later :) xx


I have to go to Asda later tonight, I hope its not mental like yours. Sometimes the amount of food in peoples trollys make you wonder is there going to be a famine or what!!


Been shopping Sue, Asda was not to bad, in and out in 45 mins, hurray. Thats me done till next week. Relaxation time now, walks in the park and my beloved Kindle to keep me happy, at least I don,t have to keep going into the garden for my smoke, I can read the night away in my fleecy jim jams, Heavennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Hello all, See your all getting ready for christmas now. Sorry not been on line a lot yet as I tend to feel a bit cream crackered after about 15 minutes. ( sure they removed my brain cell at the same time). plus still got visitors coming which can be tiring too. Well done Mad on reaching your 8 months. thats fantastic. :) Sue hope you managed to get you shopping done. I hate shopping at christmas. :) Kazz hope youv`e not nodded off with your glasses on. John here you are love a whole cake for you.


Will try and get back later. xxxxxxx


Hi Jillygirl, it's good to see you :) There is no wonder you are getting tired quickly after all you have been through recently. No I've not nodded off yet, I had to take my glasses off as they were too dark and I couldn't see :)

John, you can have all my cake from 2nd January onwards when I start my diet. Pete can send me a lettuce instead and I bet there wont be a big chunk of that missing !! :D

I am going to sign off now as I need to sort a few things out before I leave the office and then it is our works Christmas party tonight at a nice hotel so I will go home and get glammed up for the evening.


Have a good evening everyone and I will speak to you during the weekend when I have gotten over the hangover :)



Nice outfit Kazza, see you,ve been to Primark. Have a great night.



You'll be getting a spear, erm somewhere if you dont watch it gal :D :D


Hi everyone, just back from visiting my daughter, found her sitting on the floor surrounded by presents, wrapping paper, scissors, celatape and gift tags, she was in a right pickle trying to sort it all out :D :D so gave her a hand, we had a right laugh

i should have gone shopping when you did mad, i was there for over an hour :o :D at least i can relax now, the same as you :)

I think i'll have to try and lose weight as well, it will be hard though, especially with all this talk of cake :D :D i might need to go eat some now :D :D

i hope your having a great time Andi :) i would love to have all that snow at Christmas to build a snowman :)

It was good to hear from you again Jillygirl :) just make sure you get plenty rest, and tell visitors you need a rest day if your tired, it will take a while to get your strength back, they should be okay with that :)

Have a great night Kazz :), hope you don't get too hung over on cakes :D :D :D

will chat later :) xx


Hi Sue :)

Its sounds like you've had a busy day gal, and a happy one toooooo :) :)


Hiya Pete, Yeh it's been both of these, just glad i've nothing to do tomorrow :) when do you finish work for xmas?


Got to work tomorrow :P :( then got to work Monday :P :( but have got Tuesday & Wednesday Offffffffffffffffffff yippeeeee dippeeeeee dooooooooooooo :D :D


Yeeeesssss you need time off the way they work you :) my hubby is working Christmas day, off boxing day, at least i'll get one day of telly to myself :D :D


Hi ya Jillygirl :)

Hey gal you just take it easyyyyyyyyy, cos that was a big opp you had and it is bound to have knocked the stuffin out of you for a bit :( but times a great healer, and rest & sleep are toooooo :) :) so it wont be long before your skipping & scootering around again :D :D

Speak soon and try to get a good nights sleep eh :) :)

I aint half missin ya gal, but you take your time :) :) luvs ya loads gal xxxx :) :)


Aup Kaz :)

Enjoy your works Christmas party gal :) :) but dont you get up on the table and start dancing again will you :D :D


I've got some more tabs if you need them tomorrow morning :P :D

You enjoy gal :) :) :) :)


Sorry Sue :( i've bin reading some of the posts

I've just got food shoppin to do when i finish work tomorrow :P :( and then i will put my feet up :) oooooo yearrrrrr :) :) cos i aint doin no jobs on Sunday :) :)


That's okay Pete, you need to catch up with everything :)

Yep, after shopping do nothing else till your back at work, you need the rest :) that's what i'm doin, so they'll get no xmas dinner then :D :D i better cook that at least :D :)


Yeah me too gal, if they didnt get any dins i would soooooooon know about it gal :D

Mind you i have got my knew comp to play with :) I must remember to switch it on though :o :D :D


:D :D :D and plug it in :D :D


Yeah :D at least i wont have to wind it up :D :D or kick it :o :|


True, and it will be super fffaaaaaassssssttt :D :D you'll love it :)

Sorry Pete i'll have to go to bed now, see you tomorrow :)

Nite nite, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


Nite nite Sue, a luvs ya gal xxxx :)

Hopefully speak a bit earlier tomorrow eh :) :)

Good night Sue and sweet dreams to you too :) :)


Did you get a better nights sleep last night Sue ??


Delina :) I can remember when i was at school :o :D when the World was going to end :( I think it was about 1975, but alass am still here :D :D

Hey my Mam didnt keep me off school then huh :( :D :D

Take care gal :) :)


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