Nice day :)

Nice day :)

It is a beautiful day to be smokefree!

Lovely smells of cut grass and blossoms (sorry you hayfever sufferers)

This is a bit of an experiment to see if the picture of the sun shining through the branches of my cherry tree, which I can see from my hammock, works. If not, hope you. Get the idea :)it's lovely.

Hope you are all having enjoyable smoke free days, whatever you are up to :)


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  • Hiya Betts it works and the view looks wonderful. :-) :-) I'm a hayfever sufferer but if I want to garden I just pop a pill and away I go. :-o

    I have a cherry tree in my garden too. :-) I love the colour they add.

    Off outside again but thank you for sharing the pic :-)

    Sue xx 8-) 8-)

  • Hi bunnysue

    Best place to be if you can on a day like this - though I keep wishing I could be in Edinburgh seeing my son--in law finishing his first marathon! Just being greedy! Here's fine.

    Fetchng an afternoon cuppa then back to the hammock to finish my book. This is the life :)


  • Nice picture Betts. :)

  • Thanks, Cleopetra! 'Uploaded from my mobile'. Handy dandy thing this is :)

    Have a lovely fresh air evening ;)

  • Love the picture Betts. As for hayfever, I never suffered with it up to me having the chemotherapy. But now apparently I am prone to it. Ah well like bunnySue just pop in a pill.


  • Thanks jillygirl and all

    That hayfever's a shame, thank goodness for pills. Worth the hayfever to be well again, breathing in that warm summer evening air, nice as wine :)

    Hope you are doing really fine, and having a good day, now evening :)

    Time for me to get cooking :) yummmm :)


  • Betts, hmmmmmm I can smell your cookin from here gal, :P yum :P yum, erm am just wondering, if you have a spare room at your place :o ;)

    Your pic by the way, is lovely :) :) creep creep :o :D :D

  • Oh monky!

    We have the spare room, you are very welcome :) but you might change your mind, cos we have no food, terrible news! So I won't be surprised if you change your mind ;) . ! It was my daughter, blame her, she came back late a little while ago, and polished off the lot :( :)

    Glad you like the pic, me too, on my desktop now as a reminder of a nice day :)


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