Another glorious day πŸ˜„

Another glorious day πŸ˜„

Beautiful sunny day and I'm grateful for being able to fully enjoy the smells of late spring without ruining it by smoking. 

Hubby and I are finishing off some bits in the garden, helped (hindered) by our lovely chickens who are very interested in the poor juicy worms being uncovered. Despite having a frozen sweet corn icepop they  still want to get in our way πŸ˜‚

Hope everyone is having a lovely smoke free day πŸ˜„

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  • Aup LilyMay, its just flippin glorious here toooo 8-) 8-) I'm loving the pic of the girls :) :) 

    Ha ha ha what do you expect Lily :o there flippin females :o sooooo, they will be nosey just like my flippin cat, errrrr gets er nose into everything am doing :o not sure whether she is being nosey or inspecting my workmanship :P :P :D :D :D 

    Hmmmm, on saying that, me thinks its time to flippin scarperrrrrrr cos I want ta keep living  :D :D :D 

    Have a lovely smokefree day yourself :) :) 

  • Glad you're enjoying the lovely weather Lily and by the looks of it, so are your feathered babiesπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Ž great pic of them, looking healthy and happy, thanks to youπŸ˜‰

  • precious visual of you and hubby and cute of the chickens--Thanks Lily  MmeT

  • Id love to have a pet chicken wandering around are they easy to keep? Can they fly over the fence? Do you need a little chicken house? How much mess do they make? πŸ˜€

  • Hi Andrew, chickens are really easy to keep but you do need a coop for them to roost and lay eggs in. Only one of mine has flown a fence but it's really easy to clip a wing so they can't do that. They do make a bit of a mess, dig up all your plants and poop everywhere but they also give you lovely fresh eggs every day πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi LilyMay, thanks for the answers! Sorry I just though you've just posted a load of questions. I'd love a few chickens not sure if I'd like them digging up the plants tho. I thought it would be nice and get free eggs too. πŸ˜€

  • we can have up to 3 chickens right here in town--but no roosters--coz wake people up--I love that sound in the morning--Few people are taking advantage of this opportunity because to many people are saying they are messy--but you have to have an area for them--I think it would be so nice to have fresh eggs---I eat them everyday--lovem---MmeT

  • We're just creating a fenced area for ours but I love seeing them scratching about. We rescue ex battery hens, they don't live massively long but they get a nice life while they can 😊 x

  • oh I love that Lily--wish I could do that--what does ex-battery mean--Batery means to beat up someone here in legal system--Hope they weren't abused--I will cry * MmeT*

  • It's quite sad unfortunately, they are chickens who are kept in barns where they are subjected to a false 'daylight' so that they work on 18 hour days and as such lay more. They are only kept until 18 months old as they are not considered viable for egg laying after that. If they aren't rescued they are sold for slaughter without ever knowing the feeling of grass beneath their feet or smelling fresh air 😭

  • Oh Ive seen documentaries on that--Isnt that pitiful sad?? I just cannot tolerate cruelty to animals--Just makes me ill..In this docu they showed thousands of baby chicks on conveyer belts going into huge blades with vats beneath them--They are chicken nuggets and pressed chicken type meats(patties etc)..Im trying to think of name of that documentary--I rented it-- I wish I was in a position to do more--Thank goodness for people like you--*MmeT* oh it is Food Inc--you can get it on Netflix if you have that-maybe you don't want to see it--its enuff knowing

  • Dont let our friend Emjay  see  your chickens.  She will be  wanting to pinch them.  :D

  • what a fab photo !! , my sister used to keep chickens ,they're just gorgeous , and how wonderful to rescue them , xx

  • Thank you 😊 we've recently rescued two more lovely girlies who are busy settling in 😊

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