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Morning Everyone

Bright to start but now a bit grey and dull with a really biting wind so it feels like -4 but at least it's dry. Forecast for weekend to get better and then downhill again so make the most of Saturday and Sunday but you never know they have been known to be wrong before.


Book started and going quite well - shame I can't say the same about the ciggies but I can't and as you know, I'm always honest. But there's always today - a fresh start and hopefully a smoke free one. Always felt for those that wavered and had a glitch so should have some sympathy for myself but haven't, just pure annoyance that I am occasionally so weak.

Glad we still have successful people though and I learn something most days from the blogs that I read and they give me the courage to try again as, after all, no-one is perfect especially me.

Takes much more guts I think, to pick yourself up and start all over again as it did to decide to quit in the first place. Will get there I'm certain but cold turkey is hard but the way I wish to go.

Anyway, no more doom and gloom, it's Friday and the weekend is calling us all so have a great stress and smoke free day everyone and may catch you later on.

Take care


Another photie from the other night but I haven't quite got the hang of zooming in yet but will get there with that as well as the quitting.

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Morning All :-)

Just got back from doc and yes the tablets were causing me to have an allergic reaction. All finished and now fine.

I love 3 day weekends. Having a lazy, pottering Sat and Sun and then Monday off to Crick for a narrowboat show....gonna be hard not to buy one :D :D :D

Kettles on and off to get some cakes. Back to join you all soon.

Have a great smoke free day!!

Sue xx


Back again. As I though John might be on and not like sharing, I bought the whole cake shop!! :D :D enjoy



Hi Bunnysue, John should be made up with all that choice. :)


I thought if I got loads there was a chance he might share!! :-) Hope you are having a good day :-)


Hi everyone,

It's a sunny day here again, a bit cold though, at least the wind has gone, it was fun watching people chasing their rubbish bins down the street though :D :D

Kath you'll get there, i know you will, your stronger than me managing to do this cold turkey, I could never do that :) :)

Sue I'm glad your feeling better now :) It sounds like your going to have a lovely weekend, hope it stays sunny for you :) thank you for the yummy cakes, just what i needed :)

Have a great smoke free day everyone :) xx


Hi Sue :-) Glad your weather has improved. :-)Going to put the kettle on again....fancy joining me..well we do have a mountain of cakes to get through:D :D :D


Oooooo! can I have a cuppa with you ? please. :) xx


Hi Sue52,

Hope your ok. So its you that's sent the wind down here. Gale force wind and rain. The sun keeps trying but then goes back in again.

Ah well its an excuse to stay in. :)

How is Nairn doing? hope he is sleeping ok.

Off for a cuppa now. :)


Hi Jillygirl,

Sorry your getting the wind and rain now, hope it goes soon :) Nairn is doing great, i can't believe he's 3 weeks old already, where has the time gone :o :D :D


Hi bunnysue,

I'll love to join you for a cuppa thanks :) i can never get too much tea :D :) xx


Good Afternoon Everybody,

Phew... I finally made it on here :-) I have had an unbelievably busy week this week. It even feels like the whole week has passed in one day!

Hopefully back to normal next week and so will be around during the day a lot more rather than just checking in during the evening to read every-ones posts and blogs :-)

It's now the weekend and I hope that we are in for a sunny Bank Holiday, that would be really nice now wouldn't it?!

I've just been having a look on the internet for something and came across a couple of short videos to remind you why it's probably better not to smoke...

I'm away home now but will pop back on later :-)


Aup Mad :)

If you highlight the links, then it will go blue :)

Right click on it, and a drop down menu will appear :)

Left click on the web site, and hay prestow :) :)

If that dont work, erm go suck your e-cig :D :D :D

Speak soon gal :)


Left click at the beginning of one of the web sites, and hold it down to the end of it, it will turn blue.

Are you using google ??


Hi All

Hope you've all had a good day and it works over for the week and we have a bank holiday to enjoy - whatever the weather.

Remember 1976 - it snowed at this time that year but it was also the long hot summer that everyone keeps talking about so here's hoping!!

Found this whilst looking on the web and thought it rather appropriate for this site with our good and bad little devils.


Wonder if they can make it our badge? :O :D :D :D

Have a good evening everyone and remember, together we are strong and together we can and will make this massive change to our lives.

Catch you all later if you're about.



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