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Home to family

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Ive just spent 11 days in northwick park hospital with hubby ger. He had aspiràtion pneumonia which didnt respond to 3 different types of antibiotic, the third being the strongest they had for that particular type of infection. After a phonecall at 6am yesterday from NPH saying ger had a distressing night with high doses of oxygen and temperature spikes, the whole family came in and after discussions with consultant and palliative care nurse who said they could do no more as ger wasnt responding to anything, we elected to bring him home. Within 5 hours there was oxygen in the house, we had all his meds and transport, and came home. CHC carers reinstated and his care started. We can do oramorph, ibuprofen, paracetamols but not meds for secretions. We call the DN to do that. No syringe driver yet. It will go in when ger becomes more agitated.

Family all here and taking turns to sit with ger while I rest. God bless us all and give us the strength to give ger the care and attention that he needs. Also God bless each and every one of you currently doing this job and those of you who have already gone through what we are going through now.


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I'm sorry to hear your story, but pleased to hear that ger is at home, which is always good. You make sure you look after yourself, but also make sure you spend as much time as you can with ger.

Lots of love and hugs...

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Duffers in reply to Ratcliffe

Ive got lots of time and no time if you know what I mean.


Marie, I've just been through it, as you know. It feels better to allow him to go rather than have more suffering. Its hard and my thoughts are with you all.

much love, Jean xx

Marie so happy ger is home best place for him to be with loved ones around him. Think of you Jean xxxxx. Marie look after yourself xxxx

The. Glad we decided to bring him home.


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Duffers in reply to doglington

Thank you Jean. Marie

Oh Marie... You are doing everything you can . It's so beautiful that the whole family came in to help you with the decisions inevitable to this disease. Ger is a lucky man and obviously a good dad to have his children wiht him at this time in his life.

Saying a prayer for you and your family....


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Duffers in reply to abirke

Thank you for your prayers CAB. Always welcome. Marie

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Duffers in reply to Duffers

Lol it shouLd have said AVB.

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abirke in reply to Duffers

;) actually all those letters, would work....ACB...C for Carol

Hope you are doing ok


Marie I am so sorry that another of us has to face this. I am glad that Ger is there with you though. There is nothing that can make this easy for you. Sadly we all go through it but I know you wouldn't want Ger to suffer. He can have something for secretions if he is distressed. Certainly G did. It was called Glycoperonate. I think they had to get it via the Hospice though.

Take care of yourself and just be there as you always have been. Thinking of you and sending you hugs and much love.

Marie x (the other one).

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Duffers in reply to Marie_14

Thank you marie. Yes they have given us something, via DN for secretions. Glycopyrronium. I imagine they're all similar. We just call when we think he needs it.


It's good he can be home with you. My thoughts are with you both. Rest as you can. Music helps. Peace and love, Sarah

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Duffers in reply to easterncedar

Thank you sarah. Got elvis on in his room. A fave of his. Helps us too.


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easterncedar in reply to Duffers

Nice. Love and peace and hugs, Sarah

So pleased that ger is home with you and family with full care in place. Thinking of you both on this journey. Take care of yourself. Love to you all. Jxx

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Duffers in reply to Zeberdee

Thank you J. It is good to be all together. Marie


I'm so sadden to hear that you and all your love one's are having to endure this final but hopefully peaceful journey.

Hugs to all.


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Duffers in reply to

Thank you Dee. We're together. Marie

Hold him tight x

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Duffers in reply to Julieandrog

Thank you. Marie

Dear Marie, thinking of you all and sending much love at this most distressing time x

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Duffers in reply to Satt2015

Thank you. Marie

No place like home, so much better than a hospital setting when they aren't able to help his situation. You are lucky to have a loving family around you and Ger. sending love to you all.

Kate xxx

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Duffers in reply to Katiebow

Thank you Kate. You're right. There is no place like home. Marie

Hi Marie, make the most of this precious time. Let's others do the caring for Ger, you just concentrate on being his wife again. It's all he needs now. Hold him tight and tell him you love him. Hope everything is peaceful and calm.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


Thank you anne. We're all doing the best we can for him. I've told all family and friends that the door is open if they wish to see him. I'm a firm believer in visiting people before they die if possible rather than regrets after.


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Heady in reply to Duffers

Just make sure there is plenty of "you time" with Ger and you get plenty of rest.

Lots of love


So sorry to hear about Ger, but pleased that you got him home and he has his loved ones around him. Thinking of you all at this difficult time. CJx

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Duffers in reply to Cjhorseygirl

Thank you CJ. Marie

I have not been through those moments and I can not bring anything practical.

I am sorry.

A big hug on these hard moments.


Hello luis. Just kind thoughts and good wishes go a long way.


I'm thinking of you Marie and sending my very best wishes at this very sad time


Thank you martina. Marie

Thinking of you and your family. Your story is so much like my Mum's. Wishing the end comes peacefully and you all take comfort in supporting Ger to the very end. Amanda.

Thank you amanda. Marie

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