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CHC. First step over

We had the first step in our assessment journey today. My sister was with me to discuss Gerry and all his problems. Of the 10 domains, I think that's what they're called, ger scored 7 As, 2 Bs, and 1 C. I hope this is good and will move us to the nurse/social worker stage. I got a copy of the next epic form and we will get that ready before then. Thank you Kevin for all your Invaluable help. I may add that I self referred us, not the go, it or district nurses.

On another note we have a new better fitting riser recliner for ger, a standing hoist and we've received a non means tested grant for a ceiling hoist, whenever that will be fitted. Apparently harrow has just had an unexpected sum of money from central government so they need to spend it and I'm standing in line for our donation.

Hope everyone is managing with whatever evil is thrown their way. God bless. Marie

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Hi Marie

Hope you get good results

Sue x


Hi Marie

Hoping that you get a positive result asap!! X


fingers crossed, marie.

love, jean x


Marie you and Ger must bea sure to get CHC funding with those scores in my humble opinion!! They move so slowly though so when you have looked at the next form you will have to start being a nuisance! It is amazing to read the stories on here because everyone's experience applying for CHC seems to be very different. They are making it up as they go along in many places I think.

Who actually carried the Assessment out if there was no GP/Nurse/Social Worker?

Why have you no Social Worker right now? That doesn't form part of CHC funding. It comes from the Social Services Department of your local council. You need to ring them and request a Social Worker asap. Ring now!

The other Marie x


Hi Marie. I self referred myself for CHC. Took a while but I got them here. The nurse who did assessment said she expected to come back with a social worker to do proper assessment so that was good. I have a copy of the next form and my sis jo and myself will go through that one in time for visit.

I self referred us for district nurses to watch peg and gers sore bottom. I self referred us forOT for standing hoist, ceiling hoist and new riser recliner, i referred us for a wheelchair assessment and got it. I was fed up of waiting for all agencies including gp to do anything. I also got home dentist to come. It's a pain In the nether regions but I'm fed up waiting for these people to pull their finger out.

I've got visit from palliative nurse from local hospice tomorrow to talk to us both.

Also had a visit from hospice befriending people to see if they can give me a couple of hours a week. Wait and see.

I've just had my 70th bday. Tea at the Ritz one day. Bbq at home for family and close friends. My lads did it all.

Lunch and dusty springfield tribute another day and a fab whole day out in Lincolnshire at a place called downtown where I purchased 5 lovely items of clothing for myself yeah. Also went to see beautiful, the Carole king musical with oldest son. Not bad going for an old dear.

Hope you are holding on in there Marie. It's only a short while since you lost your love but please God you are getting some peace. Take care of yourself. Marie


Marie you are great for doing all that. You are right about all of the waiting. They hope people will die and then they won't have to bother! B******s as someone else on here would say! Not saying who but you might be able to guess?😊 It is all so wrong? You need to get that form sorted quickly as I read a report which said CCG's are so short of money they are not doing things they should be doing or in the time frame! Surprise surprise?

Get a social worker asap so you can go to the next phase? Ring the council and tell them you need one or nag the nurse to see if she has done it?

You have been living it up? I am really glad about that. Tell your son I like him!! I like Dusty Springfield too. Always did but people never realised how good she was I think.

As for the clothes...well you have done more than I have! I bought a T-shirt and top and a short sleeved jumper, a pair of light trousers. Oh and a long sleeved T-shirt too! That's the lot! Think I have gone off shopping to be honest.

You take care oif yourself. Love to you and Ger.

Marie x


Hi Marie. Not sure if you've seen my post but on Monday the Macmillan palliative care nurse from the hospice fast tracked our CHC. Amazing. 2 carers for 1 hour 3 times a day. Can't still believe it. Still in shock. Lovely girls and the same ones all time unless leave/day off. That's comforting.

All the best. Marie


Just replied to you Marie. I can feel your delight and amazement! I am stunned to be honest but really really glad for you both. All this and living it up too?! 😊. Seems like you have a good guardian angel.

Lots of best wishes and love to you and Ger.

Marie x


Good luck Marie. I hope all goes well. Maddy x


Thank you maddy. I hope so too but it sounds like a long rocky road. Ill be ready for them when it finally comes round.

Hope you are keeping well. Marie


Fingers and everything crossed for you Marie, I'm sure it shouldn't be such a lottery as it seems to be, not fair in any sense.

Love Kate xxx


Fingers crossed really hope you get all you need



Thank you tippyleaf. I think we need everything crossed. All the best. Marie


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