Advice re supplements - feel like I am rattling!

Hi All. Please could someone kindly give me advice about supplements. I seem to have ended up taking a lot because every time I have read about something that might help my body cope with PMR or the side-effects of the Pred I have bought it as am feeling pretty low. I would like to know which if any of them I should continue to take and which I could chuck away - and if there any others that would be recommended. I have put the makes because I know some are better than others.

This is everything I am taking daily at the moment (and Pred 15 mg):

Nutravita - Omega 3 fish oils 2000 mg

Together - combined Curcumin 400 g / Turmeric 600 g

Nature's Garden - Sea Kelp 30 mg (Iodine 300 mcg)

Solgar - Vit B12 1000 mcg

Solgar - Folate 800 mcg

Solgar - Bromelain 1000 mg

Puritan's Pride - combined Absorbable Calcium 1200 mg / Vit D3 1000 iu

H&B - Zinc 25 mg

Better You - Magnesium oil spray at bedtime

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you and warm wishes,


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  • I, also, use supplements...not everyone on this site would agree. I have very poor eating habits.....always have. At age 70, there are only some changes I'll make. Living in the US is, also, a big influence .I think you're missing some of the most needed. How about Vit C, Calcium, Vit.D3, Vit K, I don't have my list in front of me....I use garlic, cinnamon, and several others. Have you had labs done to see if you're deficient in anything. ? Oh yes, Biotin is another you might want to add. These are just suggestions...let us know how you're doing.


  • Thanks for your reply, CJ - much appreciated.

    I forgot about Vit C - I do take it in fizzy tablet form. Calcium is on my list already but not D3 or K - will have a look at those and their benefits, thank you. I do eat pretty healthily, to be honest - mainly vegetarian, so lots of fruit and veg, with the occasional piece of salmon or tuna for extra protein. I use a lot of herbs and spices in my cooking and use rapeseed oil or coconut oil. Make smoothies with kale/spring greens, berries, apples, seeds and coconut water. Eat a lot of soups and stir-fries. Not much dairy - cottage cheese, buffalo mozzarella or goat's cheese - but only occasionally. No pasta or rice - don't like them.

    I just wish there was one supplement I could take that would cover everything!

    Thanks again and warm wishes, Susy

  • You have got D3 - with your calcium.

  • Brain fog - of course I have, thank you for spotting that, PMRpro. Actually I was tested for Vit D deficiency by Dr Hughes and was OK. What do you think about Vit K?

  • Heron is the person to ask about vit K2 - you're getting plenty of K1 in your kale and stuff. Too much would thin your blood too much.

    I suspect if you spoke to DrH he'd say much the same as I have in my other reply!

  • This is a very good introduction to the importance of Vitamin K2.

  • Very interesting, thank you, Heron. I should have added that I have a glass of kefir every morning too. I hope that would help with K2 as it is fermented.

  • If you are eating a reasonably good diet with plenty of vegetables of all colours you don't really need supplements at all unless you have symptoms or a blood test and they find a deficiency. Excess vit C is pointless - you just pee it out! In trained athletes it shortens a viral infection - but in ordinary mortals it does nothing. Nor does it protect you.

    You should be taking calcium and vit D supplements - it is normal practice to give them alongside pred. The diet you describe is good - I think that apart from possibly vit D your diet covers everything, vit D isn't to be found in many foods - but you have a supplement. You have calcium to replace you low intake of dairy.

    The truth is that having too much of many vitamins and trace elements is as bad as not enough. None of what you mention is likely to help with PMR. Magnesium may help if you have muscle cramps - but you can use it then, no need all the time. Trace elements are what they say - you need very very little. The supplements industry sees people coming - and tell your this that and the other with cure you/stop you getting everything. There is no proof at all for most of their claims.

    I think you could save yourself a fortune if you stopped most of those!

  • Thanks, PMRPro - I had a feeling I was overdoing it - that's why I thought I would ask on here because I knew I would get sensible advice. I will use up this stash and then continue with the Calcium/Vit D, I think.

  • Why not spread them out a bit - take them 2x a week for example - best of both worlds there!

  • That's a good idea, thank you!

  • Hi Suzy,

    I've taken some supplements, the usual suspects like Vit C, Omega 3 fish oils, glucosamine, for a number of years, certainly pre GCA.

    Sometimes I think we can get carried away by taking a supplement for everything, I did for a while, and yes you do feel as if you are rattling.

    I suppose we all hope that one day we will find the miracle one that actually does what it says on the pack!

    Although, some traditional doctors are sceptical about supplements, there are some that do agree that sometimes an extra boost is required, and helpful at times. However, I think most would say that provided you eat a nutritious and varied diet you should be able to get most of what you need that way.

    Please check those you do take are compatible with your medicines - and you probably don't need all that you do take.

  • Thanks, DorsetLady. I will check to see if any of this lot are incompatible and cut back when I've finished them. I don't feel they are doing me any good anyway! I did buy some Ashwagandha too before I was diagnosed because I was feeling exhausted and thought it would give me a boost - but I know I mustn't take that with Pred so that's in a cupboard.

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