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chronic pain

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Hello all, first time posting. I've had chronic pain on moving for over ten years, can't remember when it started. My pain is threefold, all on walking. 1.pain with each step can be in pelvis, hip, groin, upper thigh, can vary in place and intensity with each step. 2. Low back pain like a plank of wood across my low back/pelvis that increases in intensity on walking. Doesn't happen every time I walk. 3. what I call cattle prod pains in upper thigh/s. These are short, sharp shock pains that can cause the leg to buckle and me to gasp out loud. These tend to come in bursts of time and are sporadic, so could have them for a couple of weeks, then they won't happen for months.

Been to osteo, chiropracter, and am back to Gp for more tests again. Bloods showed very little inflammation, was diagnosed with mild to moderate arthritis in both hips about 5 or 6 years ago, even though the pain I was feeling didn't register with this as was more on one side and worse than that diagnosis suggested. Have checked out chronic pain related to emotional issues and am due to have a pelvic xray today. Had an internal examination and ultrasound this week also. Should hear next week.

I should also mention I;m perimenopausal, 52years old on hrt. There are problems finding my cervix so had my last smear under general anesthetic and it was still hard to find my cervix. So wondering if my pain can be related to gynecological reasons. Had emergency c-section with first pregnancy and forceps delivery with second.

Any insight would be so, so welcome. Anyone with similar? I just want to know what's going on as am finding it hard to function now.

Thank you!

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I am so sorry to hear of your condition. Has sciatica been considered? Shooting pains in the legs sounds like a nerve problem. A back x-ray can be useful in diagnosing sciatica but minor deterioration in the spine does not necessarily cause sciatica, so it can be a red herring. There are issues with the pelvis that can cause pain and that may show up on an X-ray. Good luck. I hope your recent tests will help with a diagnosis.🙂

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artcave in reply to Granny-sitless

The xray showed sever osteoarthritis in my left hip so on waiting list for surgery. With this diagnosis, the gyneacological investigations are being put on hold. Still wonder if there's other things going on as the pain is all over the place, but in the pelvic girdle area. Just read your profile, must be awful! Hope you're ok.

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