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Lone parents and chronic pain

Are there any other single parents coping with teenagers and suffering with chronic pain?

It's hard enough coping with everything on your own when you are healthy. And it's hard enough being a teenage and dealing with all those new emotions and finding your new place in the world. Add chronic pain into the equation and things are even more difficult.

Any tips or advice to share on how to manage?

Thanks in advance for your responses. Take care.

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I'm not a single parent, but have 3 children of varying ages.... 2 of which are on the autistic spectrum. It's bloody hard to be a parent when so much of your mind and energy are spent just getting your body through another day.

I take my hat off to you .......... You must be one tough cookie.!!

The main thing I would probably do is just be very open and frank about how I felt, how much I could do, and how much I appreciate the help they give me. ( even if it's begrudged help on their behalf!!!!) and let them know that even though I can't physically do the things I used to be able to do they can always tell me anything.

It's difficult with teenagers anyway, as they seem to want as little to do with you as possible.... And the odd grunt when they come out of their pit for food is about all I can remember from my eldest 2!!!!

Hopefully some single parents can offer some helpful insight for you, and reassure you you're not alone!



Thank you. I know it's not just single parents that struggle, raising kids is not for the faint -hearted!

It's the mood swings that get me. One day all the help I need, the next I'm barely spoken to. My normal 'toughish' cookie is feeling a bit fragile at the moment. I try so hard not to make every day about what I can or can't do, but at the moment my list of can'ts is important for my recovery. Feel guilty for being selfish.

Thanks again for your support. Take care. Xx


The thing is.... You need to be selfish to get your strength back and your health back for the sake of your child..... It's a double edged sword.

Teenagers are very hurtful with their mood swings... No doubt about that. At one point I wasn't allowed to even acknowledge my son in the street if I saw him out with friends he was so embarrassed by me! How hurtful is that! Lol. It is a phase... And they do come out of it I promise. Just heap the praise on when they are helpful.... Big them up ..... And try to ignore them being so miserable.

You have just had surgery, and are facing yet more surgery, you are bound to be at your most vulnerable weakest ebb.... Just be kind to yourself .... You deserve it!!



Thank you. Xxx


Yh tel me about it mine 8 and its a nightmare I went for my pip and she was I need a carer I'm 31 and in so much desperate need


I hope you got the help you needed. Xx


How are you getting on after your op sueboooo?


It's a slow recovery, this one has really taken it out of me. But I'm getting there slowly but surely. GP recommended another couple of weeks of work with no driving, frustrating but I think I need it. Thanks for asking. Xx


How is your PN pain??

Recovery is always very frustrating.... But you sound very sensible in that you realise you need more total rest time.

I hope your teenager is being helpful and understanding xxxx


No such luck with the teenager!

My PN pain has been much better, probably due to the ketamine infusion, the increased pregabalin and all the lying down. I haven't been doing any of the things that trigger it like sitting and driving. But the last couple of days I have been getting twinges when I move in certain ways, and they take my breath away momentarily. Just reminding it's still there I think!

Take care. Xx

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