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Chronic PID after major childbirth related infection

Hi, i had a baby may12, to cut a long story, had retained placeķnta, two infections, they left the placenta six weeks, decided i needed d&c under general (after doing one ten days aFter i'd had baby awake!), tore my cervix in the d&c, took swabs ten days later discovered i had pseudomonas(major hosp acquired infection) in womb, needed i.v in hosp for eight days, problrms re pain around mid month and period really bad now.ovaries and tubes painful. Periods been all over place. Consultant tried provera, not worked , did laparoscopy, showed chronic inflamed tubes, womb , peritoneum and my pelvic area all opaque and white(??no idea why?) and now have calcifications on cervix from trauma. I never ever had problems before all this and hate the fact that pid is related to std's esp when i've been with my husb for 16years and got from postpartum infection.i see gynae cons again in five wks he wants to speak to other consultants but sugg a hysterectomy....i'm 31!but then he said it may not solve the pain as the infection went further up tgan just womb!no way do i want a hyst, not even sure finished having family yet!sorry for rant, just the problems keep flaring up and mirena has not helped at all, spotting, bleeding, back pain, tube pain stomach pain, cervix pain on bowel movemnt and pain sometimes during 'u know what', anyone anything similar..?thanks if u read this far x

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You poor thing, you've really been through it. I really think you should get a second opinion. If I had my time again I definitely would.

Please let me know how you get on. This site is wonderful. Only us women going through stuff really know what it's like and can support each other.

Sending hugs x


Thank you pauline and judy , is bice to have support, i feel as if shoyld just get on with things and i mostly do ad havibg two girls under five and doing. Full time midwifery degree means kind of have to. Just when it's bad i realise how awful it is if you know what i mean..i feel a bit at a loss as hysterectony is a no go but i'm sure mirena made it worse , will wait and see what consultant days again after speaking with the other cons, i just wirry they think is all in my really isn't, i had such short goodpainless periods and never noticed ovulation pre the pdoblens, thznku v much xxx


Lara,my heartbreaks for's horrible....I know pain,I just had pudendal entrapment surgery . How many children do you have ? Obviously, you can't go on like this...first, I would Go to the nearest and most reputable pelvic pain center...we had to fight ins.and cover so much expense.....but,I couldn't live....Next, I had horrendous periods since 13,vomiting cramps ,flooding and clots...the best gift of my life was when my gyne said. Enough.... I pray something of this CHRISTmas will be a joy to you .......judyr


Judy, tgNks for replying, how did thdy discover nerve damage? Hiw do you feel now?,did u have endo too?xxx


Lara,I never had endo,just nightmare periods..DrAntolak acted like there was a connection in his questions for's not normal to have such awful pain now is just lower pressure in each butt..I gota monster hemmoroid ,which I think was blood drainage .got Drs. Suppositories.thes are the only reasons I take the ocycodein. Only early morning...insomnia....prayers,patience and solutions for you....judyr


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