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Chronic Pelvic Pain And Stress

Good evening, everyone.

First time poster here. 51 Male, 5'10" 185 lbs.

I believe the issue I am having is similar to what many here are suffering from: Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

I suppose my experience is not extraordinary in any way ( Classic symptoms; Unexplained pain in pelvis, sexual dysfunction, pain after ejaculation, depression, anxiety,exhaustion, digestive issues, etc)

However, as time moves on, I'm growing increasingly confident that my particular issue is caused by stress. Perhaps this isn't news to anyone either as I've read quite a few studies that suggest CPPS can be triggered by stress.

But perhaps my experience can shed some light and help others facing a similar situation.

Originally, I injured myself at work where I herniated two discs ( L3-L4) I also heard something pop in my groin the same instant my back was injured. It felt like something detached deep in my groin.

The next morning, I awoke to feel as if my whole body was on fire-especially my fingers and toes. What is remarkable is that the pain on my right side mimicked what I call "hunger pain" where it feels as if, no matter how much I eat, there's an extreme pain as if I haven't eaten in a month. The pain radiates out from the right side just interior to my hip bone, down my right leg and up to the middle of my back. Often, both legs, to the knee are numb with little to no sensation. I also have developed the habit of grinding my teeth at night.

Waves of overwhelming despair and depression run from my right groin to my brain. Often, these feelings are accompanied by thoughts of suicide. It's becoming more and more difficult to combat the thoughts even with prescribed anti-depressants.

After years of being examined ( X-rays, MRI's etc) and dismissed by countless doctors, I was given a diagnosis by a neurologist: Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

At least I have a name to it now. I rushed home and read about CPPS and was amazed that the symptoms that I thought were uniquely my own, were textbook for CPPS.

I was prescribed Gapapentin, which does help to make the pain tolerable at times. But there's a very short "sweet spot" where I'm not in pain or hazy from the medication. I realize this can be tuned in by experimenting with the dosage and timing and I've been able to take it as necessary and still be able to function for a few hours a day. ( Oddly enough, I'm also finding that chai tea takes some of the edge off of the pain. Perhaps this is related to the recent study suggesting that caffeine reduces inflammation)

I'm also in the process of reading "A Headache in the Pelvis" by Drs Wise and Anderson.

I am also doing physical therapy ( pelvic floor trigger point stimulation) which hasn't yet helped. When it does help, the relief doesn't last very long. Having said that, I do use the TheraWand device on myself and have found that finding the particular area deep in my pelvic floor will alleviate the pain. Hot baths also provide some temporary comfort.

But here is where my story may or may not be different from other people dealing with CPPS: I had a life-changing serious (criminal) incident happen in 2010. To say it was life changing would be an understatement.

Ever since then, the pain has intensified and become more focused on my groin rather than a back pain issue. My whole pelvic region is tight and the hip flexor (psosas muscle) is rock solid on the right side.

These past few years, it feels as if there's a faucet dispensing acid throughout my bladders, reproductive organs, stomach etc. Maybe its just adrenaline (?) from the anxiety and stress leaking into my stomach? I don't know but that's what it feels like.

The bottom line is that I'm desperate for any suggestions other than what I've mentioned above. This has taken years and quality off of my life and I am stubbornly committed to the idea of beating this and returning back to normal health-both physically and mentally.

I know there's no magic bullet with something as complex as CPPS.

But I'm wondering out loud if counseling would help to get to the cause of the stress that is responsible for the pain.

Has anyone else had to seek psychiatric help to get to the root of what may be the root cause of this physiological mind/body cycle of pain?

Are there a mental health specialist that treats CPPS and pain related issues?

Are there any support groups in my area? ( Chicago suburbs)

Is yoga helpful? Meditation? Acupuncture?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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welcome to our community,i am sorry you have had to come here but we will always help where we can.

i personally dont have experience with cpps as my condition is pne, but i would say always make sure you have good pain relief on board and also read up as much as you can about your condition, in my opinion you really have to try whatever is offered to you but always think before invasive procedures are given and the more you read up on your condition the more knowledge you get to be able to make the right decision for you. i am sure someone will reply who has more info for and good luck



i too hade pn, allot of the same sympomts and stress definately intensified the pain. went to many many doctors and phycologists and even went the holistic route. The only thing that finally helped me was pudenal decompression surgery. There are several doctors that do this surgery, if you want more information, pm me. Best of luck


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