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Please can someone help, suffering with chronic pelvis nerve pain!!


Please someone help :( ive been suffering with chronic nerve pain for about 12 weeks now, all across my pelvis at the front, ive got severe burning and prickling all over pubic area/ inner thigh and groin constantly also groin pain.. i also have a lot of pain in my left bum cheek, i cant push on a certain point without it making me feel sick! Ive been Pregablin, gabapentin, and now duluxotine (nerve blocking meds) and nothing has helped!! i can only assume i have trapped a nerve somewhere, i have had MRIs and nothing is showing :(. Anyone else suffered with this? even the doctors are baffled.

Thank you!


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Sorry to hear of your pain. I have been there. 12 weeks is just the starting of “ chronic”. These type of things are usually gone within a year. The medications you are taking are helpful. You can’t fight the pain or you just magnify it. Try to get by for a while and give time a chance to solve your problem. The body can resolve a lot. Maybe try massage therapy ( non-medical). It can be like natural duloxedine. Good luck!

Nerve1234 in reply to Sturat

Thanks Sturat, i'm so scared i'm going to be like this forever, its making me incredibly depressed. Did you ever find out what was causing yours? have you made a full recovery now? Ill give it a go! Thank you

Sturat in reply to Nerve1234

Don’t despair!! I have had nerve pain in the past from herniated lumbar disc. Then many years later pelvic pain. Nerve pains vary but think of a bad tooth ache for months nonstop.

Not all pelvic stuff is that painful or nonstop everyday. When I reached the point after 9 months that I had constant intolerable pain and no possible relief in sight I got depressed and scared. I couldn’t see how I could live for years or forever like that. I thought about suicide but never seriously. I thought a day without pain was possible in the future. Anyway saw all the doctors with no real help. Had pelvic PT some help. I had an MRI -very detailed but no apparent pathology. I was sure I at least had Cancer. I suggested duloxedine which a urologist had told me about. I took it for six months with rapid improvement all along. I have ceased that now 2 weeks and am hopefully over this chapter. So I suffered a year or so and seem to be over it. When at my worse I never felt I would have a minute of freedom from pain again. Well time changed and things are different now. I still am not sure of the cause-but definitive answers are not always available. I think things will resolve for you. Just do it day by day -whatever is best for your wellbeing that day do it- you will look back at this some time in the future and you will have learned from being tested like this. Regards Stuart

Bestill in reply to Sturat

Thanks so much for all your positive and insight in this horrible pain as I am suffering currently as well for 10 months with burning left side mostly anal and vulvar pain. It’s very disturbing and life altering. Hearing you speak so positively is what we all need and faith that GOD will heal us. Being in a valley like this can cause much disparity and feelings of hopelessness. I am taking Pregabalin 300mg daily and Fluoxetine. Holding on to that day of pain free. All in GOD’s timing!

Nerve1234 in reply to Sturat

Thank you so much Sturat for your positive words on this, it really makes a difference when you speak to other people that have gone through the same thing and come out the other side of it, I believe I’m suffering from alldynia, ( extremely sensitive burning skin) as well due to the nerve being compressed, I’m hoping the Duloxetine will start to help soon, I’ve been on it a week.. I will be calling a PT tomorrow too to enquire,

I really hope you remain pain free! And thanks again!

Bestill in reply to Nerve1234

I’ve been like this also for 10 months. It came on very quickly and it’s burning pain in the left side of the vulva and anal. We have to try to stay as calm as we can and take our medicine. I am currently taking Pregabalin at 300 mg a day and fluoxetine. Stress will cause it to be much much worse. Fluoxetine has helped so much with the depression. It’s really hard to not focus on our pain but we need to try and put our minds on something else to calm the pain. I will be praying for you and all of us as I know with faith GOD will heal us. If you need to talk don’t hesitate to message me.

I am in it now 10 months and have been on muscle relaxer cyclobenzaprine which has helped enormously but pain doc added gabapentin at night ...I also do once a week pt where she does pudental nerve glides and mobilization which has been extremely helpful...I ave now had some weeks pain free but it will flare up especially with stress ...another thing to try is cbd oil....I will also try that soon..,as Sturat says it takes at least a year...home stretching and diaphramic breathing ...and massage therapy can takes a little bit of all of these and remember nerves take a long time to heal

Hi. That sure sounds like a trapped/pinched/injured nerve to me. The nerves that enervate those areas are in your low back. I’ve been there — don’t despair! I finally got some relief from radiofrequency nerve ablation and cortisone epidurals in my low back, but I still feel that bum pain you describe. Does heat or ice help?

That’s what I’m thinking because I’ve never suffered with anything like this before, I think im suffering with Allodynia too, because my skin is extremely sensitive and burns like crazy, I can’t even shave or wear underwear and it’s soooo sore and uncomfortable on my groin and pubis triangle !! the pain in my bum cheek gets really bad, Ice pack helps temporarily with that but doesnt ease the symptoms across the front of my pelvis at all, I think it’s either pudendal or my gentioformal nerve that’s compressed but I have no idea how !! I had an injection into my left sacroiliac joint last week but hasn’t made any difference at all. What part of your back do they inject ? For the gentioformal nerve it seems to be the sides of ur abdomen they inject, so maybe that’s what I need next, hoping the Duloxetine will work soon, I can’t take it anymore 😞

nicetry in reply to Nerve1234

For me they inject both sides at lumbar vertebrae 4 & 5 and sacral 1. The skin thing is weird, I don’t have that although bc I have Sjogrens my skin is extremely dry anyway.

My pubic bone/abdominal pain started after a bout of endometritis. After the infection cleared the pain remained. A very smart Osteopath discovered a rotated vertebrae leading to MRI discovery of an extruded disc at L1-L2. This back injury happened at least 18 months prior. My Dr. gave an explanation that the disc material from torn disc, leaking into the spinal canal, was irritating the Ilioinguinal Nerve. It's worth having your back imaged. There may be referred pain along the course of the nerve even if there's no symptoms with your back. In my case there was a right extrusion with symptoms mostly on the left. Ones body does strange things dealing with trauma!

Good luck to pubic pain never went away.

Were you really athletic? Did you cycle? Were or are you a gardener ?

Did you do a job that required a lot of bending over your hips and groin to lift items off of a floor?

Have you had a tubal ligation with metal Filshie clips? These clips can migrate to our bladder, levator ani, behind the bladder, into the bladder, and even into the rectum and intestinal tract? If you’ve had this, get an X-ray of your pelvis. Doctors aren’t reporting that these clips migrate and can cause chronic pelvic pain. It happened to me.

What do you believe caused this pain in the first place? I know a colonoscopy caused my pudendal nerve entrapment. The scope moved a clip that was on my rectum and thus that metal clip stretched the rear section of my pudendal nerve and it got stuck on ligaments and fascia in my right buttock.

Keep in touch. Curcumin pills may help for pain along with magnesium bisglycinate for muscle spasms. Long term pill use is not good for the liver, kidneys, heart, brain or lymphatic system.

Please check into Pudendal Neuralgia....that specific injection ..via pain management....could be a simple diagnosis to having it fixed.

Hi Nerve1234, I also have nerve pain @ inner upper thigh and left buttocks. There's a spot on my butt cheek, I think it's the greater sciatic foramen that really hurts (right next to the tailbone). I'm scheduled to have a nerve block in 2 weeks so we'll see what happens. Good luck to you, keep us posted.

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