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Prolapse surgery

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Hi trying to decide whether to have surgery for a vaginal prolspse. Would welcome any advice

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From what I've read, surgery doesn't cure a prolapse. You might find the Whole Woman website helpful.

Please dont agree to any mesh , if in doubt see sling the mesh information. I think there are other alternatives that can be offered

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I think mesh is no longer used because of issues it caused.

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Frobisher in reply to NiamhP

No it's still used just not reported

Hi. I had a vaginal wall repair 2 years ago at the age of 68. They also put bladder back in place. I have not had any problems since operation and they did not use mesh. I had very little pain after the procedure. Hope this helps you.

Hi l am wondering about ops for prolaspe. Waiting for appointment still!! Please can l ask what was used in your op for your repair? I understand they dont use mesh nowadays but l have read tension free tape is mesh by a different name.

Do you know what material if any was used? Are you much better now? It's so difficult to decide as l dont want to be worse. Its encouraging to hear you feel better after your surgery.

They never used any mesh or tension free tape. They only used dissolvable stitches. I think the tension free tape is to hold the urethra back for incontinence. I have not had any problems 🤞. I have also had a prolapse bowel repair and 5 weeks ago had a gall bladder removel and a umbilical hernia repair. These were not related to the vaginal wall operation. I had these other problems before the op. Hope this helps. Regards Sue

Yes it does help thankyou. I have bowel issues in that l have prolaspe of something or all!! still waiting to see gynecologist. I had lump dragging feelings in vaginal and difficulties with bowels. I take vagifem twice a week.I now have a ring pessary and take cosmocol one sachet a day makes pooping easy. Are you ok pooping now? Sorry to ask but l think if no op will have to take sachets forever. I have bloating alot did you? Is it gone after op? I'm 59 had one daughter. Late menopause at 57 was ok before menopause now in a right state. I also have a small hernia between my belly button and below breasts. Think my stomach muscles separated with pushing having daughter. Only noticed hernia lump recently it's not showing externally only when l press tummy in. Doctor didnt seem bothered when l told him and he felt it.Kind Regards.

That's what I had a lump in the entrance of the vagina. It had been there since my last daughter born in 1976 and wasnt a problem until a few years ago age of 67 kept getting a uti and soreness. I opted for the op because I couldnt be bothered with the pessary ring. A year later was offered op. My umbilical hernia was right hand side of belly button. Didnt know I had it until it showed on scan. I had a bowel op Sep 2020. Was being treated for piles and when referred was told it was a prolapse near the anus, which they cut a part away and put back in place. That was the most painful thing I ever experienced as you have to go to the loo. I dont have any problems with my bowels or waterworks now 🤞 it stays that way. If you need to know anything please ask. I wish you well. Let me know how you get on. Regards Sue

I have a ring pessary for prolapse bladder but also have a prolapse bowel which causes leaking periodically. I am interested in getting these treated and was pleased to hear you had a good outcome. Was your procedure to address both done together or separately?

Hi there. I had a anul prolapse that stayed outside my anus and wouldn't go back in. This was operated on through the anus 1st. A year later I had the vaginal wall repair for cystocele from the vagina. If both your problems are showing in the vagina I think you will find they will repair both at the same time. This couldnt be done for me as my bowel prolapse was outside my anus. Hope this helps you.

Thank you. Very helpful.

Good to hear your was successful. Do you mind me asking where you had the op?

I had both ops done in Princess Alexandra hospital Harlow

Yes tend to agree prolapsed bladders tend to drop again, low long term success rate.If you can go for a pessary. I was advised 10 years ago to have surgery in NL. Moved to GB where they suggested the ring pessary. Depends too on degree of prolapse of course.

Am a very active 70 yr old,

Hello I am 39 I had a uterine prolapse after the birth of my daughter. I spent 2 years trying Pessarys Physio etc nothing helped. 1 week ago today I had a vaginal hysterectomy with repair. I am recovering well and from What I can feel my “lady balls” have gone! I am taking it very easy, resting with some walking and pelvic floor exercises. I hoping by doing the above and eating well I will be fine! It was my only option I really felt paranoid about the bulge I had! X

Hope your recovering well Dannim81. Just take things nice and easy. It is a lovely feeling when the bulge is repaired. Wish you well soon x

Thank you so much! 16 days post op now and still feeling good. I am being very good and resting as much as possible though! As Long as I don’t get my lower lady lumps back I will be very happy! Xx

Good on you. Keep it up and the lady lumps 😂 I'm still happy after my op still no lady lumps 🤞. please let me know how you get on x

I will. Thank you. It so upsetting and annoying that this isn’t spoken about more. Nor is there enough literature online. As women, we go through so much, it’s so nice to chat to others in a similar situation! Sending you big hugs! Xx

If you are not experiencing any discomfort don't have it done. If you do decide to have it done do your homework into your surgeon. I had this done aged 70 five years ago and the surgeon caused nerve damage (which she admits. She just said " well we can't see these things"). I have had discomfort and pain ever since and on pain killers for it. There was no pain prior to the surgery.

I agree with Notawomam don’t be too hasty do you’re homework. I’ve posted before on a self help programme as have others. 6mths ago I at the age of 66 as I thought fit and very active was struck down with severe pain, bleed and prolapse bladder. With natural sea sponges, CBD oil and coconut oil pessaries and pelvic floor exercises I’m a new woman, well as close as what you’ll ever get to it at over 60 ! It is what it is, it’s a physical and mental nightmare but be open and aware of options before surgery, it’s a gamble but it’s worth trying, good lucky on this horrible journey that can hit us in the ‘ Golden Years ‘ ! x

Thanks would be really interested in how you’ve achieved this

Are sea sponges recommended for prolapse? I’d be worried about toxic shock with having something like that inserted in the vagina?

Hello Powerwash, firstly I’m no expert on this subject, who is ? What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another, it’s trial and error and just a journey of finding a resolution to a reasonably pain free comfortable day to day life. I had no idea that something so debilitating in the lady bits would cause so much mental destruction. I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago after Menapouse , fibroids etc with a low grade bladder/ vaginal prolapse.With somewhat ignorance and arrogance I continued with a normal very active life. At the age of 66 I still can’t accept I’m old and I have a prolapsed bladder however I realise I reluctantly have limitations , yes with the lady bits, seriously did they ever do us any favours, other than maybe giving us some great off springs. So for some of us, why ? everything suddenly goes south our muscle tone is knackered are oestrogen levels are nil, but hey ho we’re fighters we’re not quitters we sink or swim, we surface, we research, we find this amazing supportive site and we sift through the support, the advice and heartache and decide what might work for us. Seriously there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be focused and patient and somehow learn to live with your ‘ lady bits’ in a different way. For me surgery is not an option, I’m anti any medical intervention, it has to be mind over matter and I’m dealing with it and moving forwards. Good luck and please contact me again for a self help journey. X

I had the repair surgery I had stage 3 bladder and uterual prolapse no mesh they used a gortex type stitches 4 years ago now I would have it again if needed I can now walk with out the feeling that my insides are falling out with each step make sure you go to a uro gyn and get a second opinion I did end up with nerve damage but I blame the dr. Good luck

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