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I have just found this forum and hope some of you can help me I just don’t know what to do anymore I’m confused. A quick history - was diagnosed with endo I n September 17 after about 2 years of gradual pain and bleeding. It got to a point where I decided it wasn’t normal so went to the gp and was eventually diagnosed with endo. Was told in my lap I had one spot of endo on my left ovary and my bowel was attached to my ovary from adhesions which had all been removed. I was pain free for about a month after surgery. I decided to go back to gynae in March this year who ended up discharging me saying there’s no way it can be the endo. I was referred to a pain specialist in September who has diagnosed me with pubic synthesis and has offered me 3 groin injections - 1st one is next Monday. I had the coil fitted at the beginning of September to try and help the pain.

Anyways I’m again in constant pain worse than before and can no longer deal with it. I went back to the gp 2 weeks ago who examined me and said it looks inflamed so prescribed antibiotics - didn’t make a difference.

My back and my pelvis is just in bits I’m 21 years old and I feel like I am 50. I really feel like there’s something else which hasn’t been found but I don’t want to go back to gynae to be fobbed off again. I’m hoping and praying that these injections will make some sort of difference as I can’t cope with the pain anymore

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