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At the end of my tether! - not sure what my options are now!!

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I have had pain in my pelvic area (mainly right, but also left side) for 7 years now. They thought Endo or PCOS was the cause of my pain but after MRI's, laparoscopies and ultrasounds, they could not find anything 'medically' wrong with me.

I have now been diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain and was on Gabapentin however now on Pregabalin. I also take Tramadol and was on the Mefenamic Acid but now get an injection every 3 months to stop me from ovulating. I am now going through medical menopause.

I was discharged from Gynae and advised that I will be invited to a group to speak about my pain. Gynae say there is nothing medically wrong with me. I have been discharged from the bowel and stomach department too. :(

The pain was manageable for 6 months out of the 7 years but never went away, and that was only recently.

The past 3 weeks have got a lot worse - Was unable to move my leg for 45 minutes, no matter how hard i tried and today, I crashed the car because of the stabbing pain catching me off guard (luckily no-one else was involved or in the car with me).

I am at the end of my tether and don't know what to do now!!

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Stacey, have you been to a women's health/pelvic physical therapist so she can check for unusually tight pelvic floor muscles or trigger points internally?

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Stacey28 in reply to Cardinal

Hi I have been with the pelvic pain clinic for over a year now and they say everything is okay.

I would also suggest there may be pudendal nerve related issues. I have very similar problem with constant pelvic pain then severe stabbing pain radiating down my right leg. I have difficulty driving as moving the pedal for gas and brake exacerbates the pain. Review this with your doctor, although there are very few if any doctors who understand or can effectively treat pudendal nerve entrapment if this is the cause of your pain.

There is a web site called Pudendal Hope that may give you insight. Also look up Dr Marc Possover, Zurich Switzerland. He has perfected a laparoscopic method for releasing compressed pudendal nerves.

I trust Dr Possover has the answer as tomorrow he will operate on me.

Good luck to you.

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Mrsward2012 in reply to GUMG

Usually pain radiating down legs is associated with the sciatic nerve. X not sure if you know this.x

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Stacey28 in reply to Mrsward2012

I thought that as well however it was confirmed that my scaiatic nerve is fine. Thanks :)

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Mrsward2012 in reply to GUMG

Good luck with your operation can you let me know how you get on I have fingers and toes crossed for you. Beat of luck.x

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Stacey28 in reply to GUMG

I am thinking it is nerve related which causes the pains in ovary area an also down my leg. I am also starting to struggle with my driving, I crashed my car yesterday the central reservation and when I got the pain I pulled the steering wheel. The car and I are okay.

Good luck with your operation!!

Thank you, I am going to look up Pudendal Hope this evening


Hi I would go back go your gp and demand to be re referred to gynaecology/ urology they can test your nerves they send an electrical impulse to test the nerve. It doesn't hurt but it sounds like you have pudendal nerve trouble do you have children if so was it a natural childbirth? What dosage of pregabalin are you on ? Try asking go for dihydrocodine and diazepam , diazepam is a muscle relaxer so should stop spasms in leg and back . don't give up you know your body better than anyone else so if ur not satisfied with your gp get another gp and another until someone listens to you. I completely empathise I have had excruciating pain consistently for last 3 years and the pain killers now have no effect I think im going to end up with diamorphine injections. Here if you need to chat and keep us informed. X

I could email you?? my email address is

I stay in Scotland :( :)

Did you do an MRI with contrast could to have a hip labral tear? These are very common also have your coccyx bone checked to be sure it's in place

hi stacey

can so relate to you.undiagnosed pelvic pain and swelling-my left leg feels "hard"-muscle?-gp finally acknowledged it 2 years ago and began to investigate but nothing since,all the gp said was !how do i know its swollen?"

im at my wits end too and my dog is really worried.

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Get a 2nd opinion. Your GP should be taking u seriously!! Don't give in until they listen to you. Xxxx

i have asked to see my previous gp or the other senior partner -both who know me.i want to speak to the practice manager and confront her about their negligence,her contradictoriness(know thats not a proper word)and the way the woman dr spoke to me.failing to address why i attended surgery.i ve been battling/arguing for 4 years and they still dont admit to being to blame.

Hi Stacey I'm sorry to hear u have been suffering for so long. Can I ask please where do u exactly get the pain ?

I have the same thing. I had chronic endometriosis for many years and adhesions from numerous surgery causes me extreme pelvic pain. I have had pain block injections into my spine but just made my left hand and foot go numb. My bowel has become infected with adhesions and now stopped working as stuck and stretched on adhesions

The pain in my pelvis is agony. Constant grinding pain with sharp shooting pain in pelvis and down legs. Nothing can be done to improved as more surgery causes more adhesions

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