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Post recovery sex problems in women from hemorrhoidectomy


Hello I am a 46 yo female who had PFD about 15 years ago. Debilitating pain with and after intercourse, crippling rectal spasms. Went through pelvic floor therapy with a PT, used electric stim and physical manipulation. I do not suffer from this problem any longer though I have occasional urinary issues in that I simply cannot void. I have a supply of catheters when this happens inconveniently, like on airplanes. I think it is psychological. I also need to create some pressure with my hand on my perineum to pass stool on occasion. I am scheduled for a traditional scalpel hemorrhoidectomy in 10 days and I am terrified. I have 3 external, never had kids. I am wondering if any women here can share stories of how this surgery impacted their sex life? I can find nothing online except anal sex questions and 1 study done which resulted in findings that there is a giant increase in sex dysfunction amongst women who undergo traditional hemorrhoidetomy, Thanks so much- I am contemplating backing out I am so scared!

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I'm a man but felt the need to respond to your post. I had the same thing PFD with urinary pain and trouble voiding, pain with intercourse. I made great progress with my PF therapist and had a history of hemorrhoids so my doc said it might help with the rectal spasms to do the surgery. Well he was way to aggressive and now my rectum is in constant spasm and pain, I can't even sit without a cushion and I have chronic constipation not to mention it was the most painful recovery I'd ever experienced. Do plenty of research before you commit to it I regret it so much because I don't see me getting back to where I was before surgery. If I could go back in time I would absolutely not do it. This is just my opinion and my experience so take it for what it's worth other people may have had better outcomes but I haven't found them to be in the majority. Good luck.

ohnoman in reply to clancemandoo

clancemandoo thanks so much for sharing. My heart breaks for you- I know that pain you talk about. It's amazing that the very surgery we have to help us, just makes everything worse. I had a lap for pelvic adhesions, my belly looked like a haunted house covered in spider webs! That's when I started to have the spasms! I went for a second look years later and they said the adhesions were gone! Weak pelvic floor, Ok. So here you go to minimize your problem and now you cannot even sit? Unbelievable! But what do you do? Blame the doctor? Blame your body? God? It's frustrating because there's nothing that can be done beyond what? nerve blocks? Pain meds? I am so sorry to hear your surgery made things worse. I pray you find some relief. How long has it been?

clancemandoo in reply to ohnoman

I had the surgery in April of 2015 and I know what you mean about what are we supposed to do, I haven't found anything to help with the pain that lasts more than an hour or so and I've developed chronic anxiety because of it. Life sure can turn on a dime I used to be very active, outgoing, funny, engaging now I spend most of my time sitting on ice bags watching tv.

i had a hemmoridechtomy years ago, it was the most painful thing !! I would not recommend having it. but im sure surgereons are better than they were 30 years ago

ohnoman in reply to pieper

Hi Pieper. I know the recovery is insanely painful. I am so sorry for the emotional scarring you must feel. I see that most people regret the surgery! Every time I get a flare, I wish I would just go do the surgery! I am so close to backing out. Do you have residual problems? Is your sex life normal?

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