19 with prolapse, need help please :(

Hi, im only 19 and have been diagnosed with prolapse and am awaiting new to see a gynicologist.. I first realised something was wrong when it was impossiible for me to have sex due to too much pain and also splitting of the bottom of my vagina. I put this down to not producing enough lubrication so had my pill changed. A couple of months later and I've noticed a bulge in my vagina and since my doctors appointment things have got worse where it's at the opening and so so tight.. I tried sex again and it was impossible and so painful and embarrassing.. I'm only 19 I should be able to enjoy my age and sexual life! It's depressing me so much, I feel like my life is over as if I can't have sex how can I have children?? I don't want a pessary as that just won't help and won't fix the sex problem.. Is there a surgical option that won't ruin my chance of having children and not leave me with painful sex still??

Please help me :(

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  • I should add I had already had sex and never had a problem with this... Thanks

  • You don't need surgery you should try physiotherapy first.

  • Thanks for replying, I've been doing pelvic floor excersises and if anything it feels like it's making the inside tighter and less room as opposed to lifting the buldge..is this normal at the start?

  • That's a sign that your muscles may be too strong and their actually pushing your bladder out.

  • Okay, thats what I was worried about and I've just read that being able to stop urine mid flow is a sign that you have a good pelvic floor and I can do this no problem.. Do you think maybe I need to work on relaxing my muscles which should bring my prolapse up? (The buldge is very strong, like a muscle and I can feel a pulse in it too, I dont think thats normal?)

    Thanks again

  • The pulse is a sign of a compressed nerve

    Is there a chance that you have pulled something?

    Like during sex? Stretching? Heavy lifting?

    Actually stopping urine mid flow is also a sign of a too strong pelvic floor which is too short so it cannot lengthen for sex and other things. I would get in to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist since they need to show you if your doing something wrong, and if it is too strong they can loosen it.

  • This seems more relatable to what is happening during sex, but I dont ever remember pulling something. However the last time I had sex properly before these problems started I noticed that after there was an intense burning pain inside, I think maybe because I wasn't fully aroused that I wasn't as lubricated and put it down to this.. Do you think maybe that it caused some trauma down there?

    And thankyou, I will relay this to my pelvic floor physiotherapist when I get booked in for one.

    Thanks again

  • There's a chance of a pulled muscle

    When your aroused you produce lubrication and your cervix lengthens as well as your pelvic floor. Also if you haven't learnt to relax your muscles when unaroused it can also be an issue, your therapist will teach you this (its kind of hard).

    If your not properly lubricated it will result in tearing in the vaginal wall.

    Both can cause a problem since your not lengthened penetration may irritate the muscles.

    You also could've already had too strong muscles or an overactive pelvic floor before which only triggered this.

  • Sorry for the late reply but thanks again for getting back to me... This does sound very much like what I am experiencing but Im not sure why this has happened when sex has always been okay for me.. I guess it was that one time which was painful which caused some trauma and then not having sex for a while until the next time which may have led to this problem. I will definitely relay this to my doctor/ gynaecologist ...

    I do feel like I have a strong pelvic floor and the bulge Im feeling is very strong and hard and doesn't move easily, it just confuses me as everyone else describes theirs as movable which I can move to a point but its obviously making sex impossible which to me says its not moving easy at all..

    thanks again

  • Hi ,I feel so sorry to hear how you are suffering ,first let me say forget about the sex if it's hurting you so much ,a loving partner will understand ,

    There's hope ,I'm aged 70 and after suffering pneumonia and pleurisy and coughing continuously for months I ended up with a prolapse,mine was the bladder and bowel had dropped ,I saw a consultant who said I wasn't able to have a pesserey fitted ,and suggested Physio might help ,and I also inserted vagifem every night ( it's a hormone tablet that's inside what I can only describe as a pencil you insert it in the vagina and press a release button ,) and that's all there is to it ,I've now seen the physio 3 times and she agrees with me Nissan ,,,I no longer need surgary ,I do my pelvic floor exercises throughout the day ,and I insert the vagifem every other night ,she said I would need to continue to use it ,( it helps to build up the vaginal muscles so they can support the uterus etc ,) I hope this has given you some reasurance .

  • Thanks so much for replying, so sorry to hear that you too have suffered similarly 😞 I was thinking how the hormone tablet could be helpful but am I right in thinking this is estrogen hormone? I have a family history of cancer and ive read that it would be risky to use.. Also is there a cream version available?

    I'm glad to hear your symptoms have subsided and that you're living a comfortable lifestyle, I will definitely get cracking with my exercises, your post has definitely assured me.

    Thankyou so much X

  • Glad to have helped and offered some reassurance,I believe there is a cream ,and it is estrogen hormone ,I don't know about cancer ,it was never discussed with me ,if you can use the tablet I can vouch that it helps ,best wishes

  • Thats brilliant thank you so much for getting back to me, I will definitely enquire about this as it sounds like a good option..

    All the best x

  • Physio doesn't perform miracles but it might 'help'. You need to see a consultant/ surgeon who specialises in prolapse, not just any gynaecologist. But find out the reason for the prolapse before you agree to surgery.

    Do you have any other health issues?

  • Thanks for replying, I will keep doing the exercises then as hopefully they wont do harm.. I am trying to book a gynaecologist but the waiting list is so long. Im at university currently so when I go home this weekend for christmas my mum will help me to try and get a specialist.. I dont have any other health issues but I was successfully treated for HPV/ genital warts a little before this happened.. I don't know if that may have impacted? Also I think combined things may have caused it over the year such as lifting/ piggybacking and throwing about my little cousins, doing a job which involved standing for 8 hours and lifting heavy things..

    Thanks x

  • I would agree that physio is the place to start. Kegel exercises alone may not help, specialist help is needed. Make sure you see a urogynaecologist that specialises in prolapse, do some research and try to find out why this has happened at such a young age. Surgery may be the answer, but explore more conservative options first. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Take care.

  • Thanks for the reply.. I will keep doing the exercises but again I don't feel like they will help much.. and I will try and get a specialist to help me as I'm so young I don't think I could bare to go through this for the rest of my life.

    I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how I get on, I notice with other help pages and posts that people just disappear and after reading their journeys I never get to find out if things helped them..

    Thanks x

  • A pelvic physio will advise you what exactly the problem is and what exercises will help and what will make it worse. Oestrogen cream/pessary is mainly used post menopause, so I wouldn't worry about that for the moment. The first step is just to establish what is going on (i.e. what is prolapsing). Don't panic, I would think there is lots that can be done to help. Xx

  • Thankyou, I am soon to get booked in for an appointment as soon as my doctors referral comes through. Yeah the doctor didn't even tell me what kind of prolapse she thought I had but from my own research I believe it may be my uterus as I don't have any incontinence issues.

    Thanks so much for replying, I am feeling much better about things now :) xx

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